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Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

4.3 160
Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley


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Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns to the screen for another round of supernatural adventures on the high seas in this spirited sequel to the 2003 Disney hit, which re-teams original director Gore Verbinski with original screenwriters Ted Elliott and


Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns to the screen for another round of supernatural adventures on the high seas in this spirited sequel to the 2003 Disney hit, which re-teams original director Gore Verbinski with original screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. As Will (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) prepare to exchange vows at the altar, their wedding plans hit rough waters with the arrival of sea-bound scallywag Jack Sparrow. It seems that Sparrow owes a substantial blood debt to half-octopus sea captain Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), and that the only way for the flamboyant sea rover to elude the wrath of his otherworldly pursuer is to seek the aid of mysterious and powerful voodoo priestess Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris), whose ability to resurrect the dead and gaze into the future may provide just the advantage needed to avoid a waterlogged fate in the locker of his legendary nemesis.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
Everybody's favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, is back for another rip-roaring adventure that is bigger, wilder, and louder than the original. Trying to describe the insanely dense plot of Dead Man's Chest would take nearly as long as watching the film, but it involves a long-standing debt Sparrow (Johnny Depp, still deliciously over-the-top) owes to the legendary Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), one that must be paid in eternal servitude aboard his ghost ship. Meanwhile, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) is charged with treason before he can marry Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightly), and his only way to escape the noose is to find Sparrow and bring back his compass -- a device that can point to more than true north. There's also a voodoo queen who can resurrect the dead; Turner's father, Bootstrap Bill (Stellan Skarsgård), who is imprisoned aboard Davy Jones's ship; a giant, very scary sea monster; and that little matter of a certain dead man's chest. Nearly every minor character who remained alive after the first film is back for Chest, figuring into convolutions that may have some scrambling to revisit the original just to remember who these people are. Even if you're scratching your head trying to figure it all out, nothing should stop you from enjoying the film's many action set-pieces -- the most spectacular of which involves cannibals, improvised pole-vaulting, and a swordfight atop a giant water wheel set free from its moorings. The film's most impressive special effect, however, is Davy Jones, whose squidlike head is entirely computer-generated -- yet Nighy's personality and sad eyes shine through. Filmed simultaneously with the next sequel, Dead Man's Chest at times conveys the feeling that it's merely the setup to the upcoming At World's End, but the charms of the original -- playfully morbid humor, swashbuckling action, and Depp's giddy performance -- still enthrall.
All Movie Guide
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest delivers everything you'd want from it and more -- more than you'd want from any movie. It's a funny, sexy, epic, and exciting sequel; the only problem is that it doesn't really need to be two and a half hours long. You'll only notice this occasionally, however, as most of the film will have you wide-eyed and entertained, happily taking in rollicking pirate mythos, truly believable special effects, and thoroughly fleshed-out characters. Female lead Keira Knghtley is given the much-needed chance to express real sexual chemistry in this film, both with Orlando Bloom and the unspeakably hot Johnny Depp. This second installment isn't quite as child-friendly and silly as the original, but the sheer number of stories, characters, locations, and implications presented is the only thing that might leave you scratching your head and saying, "I thought this movie was based on a theme park ride...." A fantastic subplot with returning character Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport) is a cool idea and a well-played twist; with simple changes, this character could have been employed as the root of the film's entire overarching plot. Instead, a somewhat contrived powdered-wig corporate villain is thrown in to do the job. This bad guy is not to be confused with the other bad guy, fish-man Davy Jones (the delightful Bill Nighy), who sends a monster bad guy (a mythological beast called the Kraken, which is the oceanic equivalent of the Star Wars Sarlaac) after the Black Pearl. If you think all these bad guys sound like a bad idea, you might find yourself occasionally losing patience with the movie. If you're a die-hard lover of the adventure genre and relish all the twists, turns, witty quips, and grandiose action sequences (such as a three-man sword fight on, within, and around a giant water-wheel sent rolling uncontrollably through a jungle), you won't even notice.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Walt Disney Video
Region Code:
[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Games & Activities Liar's Dice: Interact with Real Pirates from the movie in this High Definition game; ; Movie Showcase - Instant access to select movie scens that showcase the ultimate in high definition picture and sound; ; Backstage; Seamless menus; Captain Jack: From head to toe secrets and legends revealed by Johnny Depp and others; ; Meet Davy Jones: Discover the Creation, Mystery and mythology of the Sea's ghostly ruler; ; Bloopers of the Caribbean

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow
Orlando Bloom Will Turner
Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport Norrington
Bill Nighy Davy Jones
Jonathan Pryce Governor Weatherby Swann
Geoffrey Rush Captain Barbossa
Lee Arenberg Pintel
Mackenzie Crook Ragetti
Kevin McNally Gibbs
David Bailie Cotton
Stellan Skarsgård Bootstrap Bill
Tom Hollander Cutler Beckett
Naomie Harris Tia Dalma
Martin Klebba Marty
David Schofield Mercer
Alex Norton Captain Bellamy
Lauren Maher Scarlett
Nej Adamson Short Sailor
Jimmy Roussounis Large Sailor
Moray Treadwell Sunburned Sailor
San Shella Leech
Jim Cody Williams Fisherman (Montage)
Michael Miranda Cannibal Warrior
Luke de Woolfson Frightened Sailor
Derrick O'Connor Very Old Man
Georges Trillat Skinny Man
Israel Adurama Crippled Man
Gerry O'Brien Irish Man
Dermot Keaney Maccus/Dutchman
Clive Ashborn Koleniko/Dutchman
Robbie Gee Shrimper (Montage)
Neil Panlasigui Cannibal Boy
Matthew Bowyer Sailor/Edinburgh
Max Baker Burser/Edinburgh
Steven Speirs Quartermaster/Edinburgh
John Boswall Wyven
Winston Ellis Palafico/Dutchman
Christopher Adamson Jimmy Legs/Dutchman
Andy Beckwith Clacker/Dutchman
Jonathan Linsley Ogilvey/Dutchman
Brett Sylver Shrimper's Brother
Simon Meacock Chaplain
Natsuko Ohama Cannibal Woman
Josie Dapar Cannibal Woman
Vanessa Branch Giselle
David Sterne Edinburgh Cook
David Keyes Scuttled Ship Helmsman
Anthony Patricio Cannibal
Barry McEvoy Carruthers Guard
Michael Enright Deckhand/Edinburgh
Hernando "Sweepy" Molina Sweepy
John Mackey Turkish Prisoner
Spider Madison Turkish Prison
Bud Mathis Turkis Prisoner
Marco Kahn Turkish Guard
David Zahedian Turkish Guard
Faouzi Brahimi Turkish Guard
Jonathan Limbo Torch Native
Alex Cong Native Bridge Guard
Ho-Kwan Nse Ho-Kwan
Reggie Lee Headless
Lejon O. Stewart Lejon
Christopher S. Capp Parrot Voice
Felix Castro Moises
Mike Haberecht Kursar
Rudolph McCollum Matelot
Gerardo Reyes Tearlach
M. Scott Shields Duncan
Chris Sullivan Ladbroc
Craig Thomson Crimp
Fred Toft Quartetto

Technical Credits
Gore Verbinski Director
Ismail Acar Animator
George Aleco-Sima Animator
Charles Alleneck Animator
Robert Alonzo Stunts
Joey Anaya Stunts
Tony Angelotti Stunts
Noby Arden Stunts
Bob Badami Musical Direction/Supervision
Sala Baker Stunts
Robin Beauchesne Makeup
Brian Bennett Stunts
Scott Benza Animator
Michael Berenstein Animator
Richard L. Blackwell Stunts
John Blake Makeup
Josh Bleibtreu Camera Operator
Samati Boonchitsitsak Animator
Christopher Boyes Sound Mixer
Jerry Bruckheimer Producer
Martha Callender Makeup
Keith Campbell Stunts
Jay Caputo Stunts
Derrick Carlin Animator
Denise Chamian Casting
Alex Chansky Stunts
Mickael Coedel Animator
Creative Makeup Concepts Makeup Special Effects
Brycen Counts Stunts
Craig Wood Editor
Bruce Crone Art Director
Phil Culotta Stunts
Sean Curran Animator
Peter Daulton Animator
Augie Davis Stunts
Mark de Alessandro Stunts
Leslie Devlin Makeup
J. Mark Donaldson Stunts
John Donohue Stunts
Brian Duffy Stunts
Jayson Dumenigo Stunts
Andy Dylan Stunts
Michael Easton Animator
Kiante Elam Stunts
Kofi W. Elam Stunts
Greg W. Elam Stunts
Paul Eliopolus Stunts
Ted Elliott Screenwriter
Jenn Emberly Animator
Roel Failma Stunts
Dane Farwell Stunts
Robert Fechtman Set Decoration/Design
Cameron David Folds Animator
Clay Donahue Fontenot Stunts
Kelcey Fry Makeup
Jeremy Fry Stunts
Leslie Fulton Animator
Jane Galli Makeup
Julia Gaudette Production Manager
Mickey Giacomazzi Stunts
Dean Grimes Stunts
Sam Hargrave Stunts
Gene Hartline Stunts
William Hawkins Art Director
Timothy Heath Animator
Rick Heinrichs Production Designer
Geoff Hemphill Animator
Bruce Hendricks Executive Producer
Mark Hitchler Set Decoration/Design
Elizabeth Hoel Makeup
A. Todd Holland Set Decoration/Design
Stacy Howell Stunts
Lisa Hoyle Stunts
Lois G. Hoyos Set Decoration/Design
Zach Hudson Stunts
Ann-Marie Hurley Makeup
Yoshio Iizuka Stunts
Garrett Immel Makeup
Industrial Light & Magic Animator,Special Effects
Priscilla John Casting
Keith Johnson Animator
Dean Jones Makeup
Paul Kavanagh Animator
Maia Kayser Animator
Peter Kelly Animator
Ronnie Kim Animator
Henry Kingi Stunts
Peter Kohn Asst. Director
Heather Koontz Makeup
Makota Koyama Animator
Anthony Kramme Stunts
Patricia Krause Animator
Scott Kravitz Animator
Theo Kypri Stunts
Nadine Lavoie Animator
Donald Lee Stunts
Christopher Leps Stunts
Corinna Liebel Makeup
Kurt Lott Stunts
David Luckenbach Camera Operator
Jonathan Lyons Animator
Rob Mars Stunts
Kevin Martel Animator
Paul Massey Sound Mixer
Robert D. Maverick Makeup
Sonia Izzolena McDancer Stunts
Eric McLeod Executive Producer
Derek Mears Stunts
Alan Meyerson Sound Mixer
Tom Morga Stunts
Marilyn Morgan Set Decoration/Design
Caryn Mower Stunts
Rob Murray Stunts
Carol Ann Napier Set Decoration/Design
Ve Neill Makeup Special Effects
Lesa Neilson Makeup
Thai Nguyen Animator
Steve Nichols Animator
Ken Niederbaumer Makeup
Mark Norby Stunts
Hugh A. O'Brien Stunts
Rick O'Connor Animator
Casey O'Neill Stunts
Chad Oman Executive Producer
Lee Orloff Sound Mixer
Jim Palmer Stunts
Missy Papageorge Producer
Brian Penikas Makeup
Norbert Phillips Stunts
Denney Pierce Stunts
Jakub Pistecky Animator
Heather Plott Makeup
Lauren Polizzi Set Decoration/Design
Stephen Pope Stunts
Mark Powers Animator
Alex Proctor Makeup
Steve Prouty Makeup
Victor Quintero Stunts
Richard Reynolds Set Decoration/Design
Stephen E. Rivkin Editor
Elliot Roberts Animator
John Robotham Stunts
Jim Rohland Makeup
J.P. Romano Stunts
Thomas Rosales Stunts
Penny Rose Costumes/Costume Designer
Terry Rossio Screenwriter
Tom Roth Animator
Kirstin Ryals Makeup
Pat Sandston Associate Producer
Martin Schaer Camera Operator
Andrew Schneider Animator
Marc Shaffer Stunts
Maya Shimoguchi Set Decoration/Design
David Shirk Animator
Dave Sidley Animator
Craig Silva Stunts
Lincoln Simonds Stunts
Nikoletta Skarlatos Makeup
William Ladd Skinner Art Director
John David Snyder Makeup
Stefan Sonnenfeld Executive Producer
Joseph Sosthand Stunts
Gray Stearns Stunts
Andrew Stehlin Stunts
Mike Stenson Executive Producer
Jim Stephan Stunts
Bill Taliaferro Set Decoration/Design
Philip Tan Stunts
Trampas Thompson Stunts
Aaron Toney Stunts
Russell Towery Stunts
Greg Towner Animator
Delio Tramontozzi Animator
Chi Chung Tse Animator
Xuyen T. Valdivia Stunts
Jonathan Valera Stunts
David H. Venghaus Asst. Director
Tim Waddy Animator
David Wald Stunts
Clint Wallace Set Decoration/Design
Christopher Walsh Animator
Andrew Weder Set Decoration/Design
Jay Wejebe Makeup
Jack West Stunts
Jack Wheless Animator
Webster Whinery Stunts
Brian J. Williams Stunts
Huck Wirtz Screenwriter
Jeff Wolfe Stunts
Dariusz Wolski Cinematographer
Andy Wong Animator
Sylvia Wong Animator
Stephen Wong Animator
Roland Yepez Animator
Kofi Yiadom Stunts
John Zdankiewicz Animator
Hans Zimmer Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Pirates of Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
1. Introduction
2. "And a Bottle of Rum"
3. "Left Our Marks"
4. "Time Is Running Out"
5. "I Have Faith in You"
6. "Save Me"
7. Salvaging the Ship
8. "About Six Will Do"
9. "This Way, Lads"
10. The Ship Is Haunted
11. Touch of Destiny
12. The Flying Dutchman
13. Davy Jones
14. Tortuga
15. Mr. Turner
16. "Hide the Rum"
17. Game of Deception
18. Persuade Me
19. The Kraken
20. "Very Much Alike"
21. "Can't Let You Do That"
22. Fight for the Key
23. Beating Heart
24. "I Got a Jar of Dirt"
25. Load the Rum
26. Abandon Ship
27. "Something to Trade"
28. Credits

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