Pocoyo: Season 1 Volume 2

Pocoyo: Season 1 Volume 2


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Release Date: 03/10/2015
UPC: 0843501009130
Source: Ncircle
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Pocoyo: Season 1 Volume 2 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Kidsfirst More than 1 year ago
Pocoyo is a unique show for kids. It has cool, clay-like characters and takes place in an entirely empty world. The bright, colorful characters stand out against the plain, white background. The animation style is very clear and calming which fits the personalities of the characters quite well. I like the decision to use very normal toys such as trains and blocks along with unusual characters. It creates a nice contrast. This is a DVD set with 50 episodes. Each episode follows Pocoyo and his friends Elly, Pato, Loula, Baby Bird, Sleepy Bird and Caterpillar who find something or make something new and then, they all use the item. I like how many possibilities this format provides. My favorite episode is Guess What? In this episode, Pocoyo and his friends play a game with the narrator. In the game, Pocoyo makes a shape with the things around him. Then, the narrator must guess what the object is. Another episode I really like is Mr. Big Duck. In this episode, Pato finds a pair of sunglasses. The narrator says they make him look like an adult, so he refuses to play with his friends because they’re too childish. Eventually, they convince him that being a kid is more fun, so he plays with them. This episode is really funny. I like how his friends react. I really enjoy how the whole show is shot in first person, from the perspective of the narrator. This makes the viewer feel very involved in Pocoyo’s world. The show is very repetitive, which is perfect for its target audience. I really like how the characters move. They move their limbs as if they are actually made of clay. They stretch and move in impossible ways and it’s very cute and hilarious. Each episode has a good moral such as sharing, being kind, cleaning up after yourself and not taking other people’s things without permission. The music also fits the show quite well. It sounds fun and almost as if it is being played by a child. I really like Pocoyo’s voice. It really fits his character, even though he doesn’t speak much. I give this DVD 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to kids ages 2 through 7. Reviewed by Rohan F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.