Point Pleasant: Complete Series

Point Pleasant: Complete Series

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Release Date: 10/25/2005
UPC: 0024543206316
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Time: 9:45:00

Special Features

All 13 episodes, including 5 unaired episodes ; Making of featurette

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Point Pleasant
1. From the Sea
2. Let There Be Light
3. Only a Child
4. Everyone's Business
5. Weird Day
6. Birthmark
7. Fate
8. Secrets
9. The Beach Thing
10. Bonfire
11. Name of the Father
12. Good Heart/End Titles
1. Recap/Bad Dog
2. The Power/Main Titles
3. Golden Boy
4. Curse or Coincidence?
5. Superstition
6. A Cop Thing
7. By the Numbers
8. Immaculate Conception
9. Something's Wrong
10. The Prophecy
11. Sinking Low
12. On Fire/End Titles
1. Recap/Rise and Shine
2. White Knight
3. Walking Tour/Main Titles
4. Just a Girl
5. Red Light, Green Light
6. True Stories
7. Breathless
8. To Serve the Beast
9. Disowned
10. Saint Jesse
11. Protecting the Children
12. Close to God/End Titles
1. Recap/A Sign/Main Titles
2. Party Planner
3. Good People
4. A Family Thing
5. Over
6. Meteor Parties
7. Town Lore
8. The Show
9. Feeling Normal
10. The Devil's Work
11. Monster
12. Real Demons/End Titles
1. Recap/New Wondow
2. Too Friendly/Main Titles
3. Clearing the Air
4. For Love or Money
5. Sickness and Death
6. Pairing Up
7. Dance 'Til You Drop
8. Competition
9. Too Weird
10. Sore Losers
11. Catching On
12. No Safe Place/End Titles
Disc #2 -- Point Pleasant
1. Recap/Child of Darkness
2. Confused/Main Titles
3. Fatal Flaw
4. Snooping
5. First Words
6. Manic
7. Oakwood Baby
8. The Records Room
9. Opening Up
10. Unforgivable
11. Fathers and Sons
12. Baggage/End Titles
1. Recap/Running
2. Departure/Main Titles
3. A Little Jumpy
4. Falling Apart
5. Crazy
6. Twisted
7. Severe Weather
8. Finding a Flaw
9. Religion Is In
10. Message From Isabelle
11. Friendly Advice
12. Grand Plan/End Titles
1. Recap/Hope
2. Bad Reaction/Main Titles
3. Crashing With a Friend
4. Ready to Kill
5. Purpose of Life
6. On the Same Team
7. Invisible
8. Lucifer's Child
9. Seen and Unseen
10. Expensive Lesson
11. By the Grace of God
12. Just One/End Titles
1. Recap/The One
2. Rage/Main Titles
3. Too Much Brimstone
4. Missing Tape
5. The Wake
6. Unlocked
7. Daddy Issues
8. Mortality Loophole
9. Low-Rent Rendezvous
10. Burning Up
11. Something Great
12. Back Again/End Titles
Disc #3 -- Point Pleasant
1. Recap/Invincible
2. Mistaken/Main Titles
3. Getting the Information
4. Who or What?
5. Let's Shop
6. Confidant
7. Fly in the Ointment
8. Golden Child
9. Under Control
10. Facing Reality
11. Tortured
12. Chosen/End Titles
1. Recap/Insomnia
2. Anti-Christ/Main Titles
3. Team of Believers
4. Stay Away
5. Taking a Risk
6. Drive, She Said
7. Missing Persons
8. Either/Or
9. Out of Bed
10. Vision of Hell
11. Something in Common
12. Taken Away/End Titles
1. Recap/Protection
2. Out of Time/Main Titles
3. Good Company
4. On the Verge
5. Mom?
6. The Only Connection
7. Blind
8. The Undead
9. Drugged
10. The Big Gun
11. A Part to Play
12. A Family Thing/End Titles
1. Recap/The Trap
2. Say Grace/Main Titles
3. Tied Up
4. Thou Shalt Not Kill
5. SOS
6. Homecoming
7. Inner Sanctum
8. Finished
9. The Confrontation
10. Seven
11. Love Conquers What?
12. A New Dawn/End Titles

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Point Pleasant: Complete Series 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this series. It was great until the last episode. I wish they had wrapped it up better instead of kind of leaving it hanging. With only 15 minutes left they had the opportunity to make a great ending to the series, but it went opposite and I was left wanting more--wanting all the loose ends to be tied. I guess they were hoping for a second season when they last episode was taped.
Catherin3 More than 1 year ago
I began watching this show while it was being aired and longed for the ending after it was cancelled. Unfortunately, the ending seemed rushed to finish the series in an acceptable way to keep us (the fans who ended up buying the DVD to watch the unaired episodes) satisfied. Of course, if people would resepect the ideaology of the bible and things like this more often, then shows with such information wouldn't be cancelled.
If you're interested in apocalypse, bible, devil/angel genre, this show is spectacular--just don't expect it to end the way you think it should ahve.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I watched this show faithfully when it was on Fox and was extremely disappointed when it was cancelled. I couldn't wait to get the DVD to see how the story ended. I was disappointed. The writing and story when it was on TV was, in my opinion, exceptional. The last, unaired episodes were disappointing. It's obvious that they just wanted to bring closure to the story and didn't keep up the quality. I thought the first episodes were eerie, but plausible. The final episodes were, to me, far-fetched and the characters turned into stock characters. I wish they'd maintained the quality throughout the final episode.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago