Prisoner: Set 2

Prisoner: Set 2

Director: Don Chaffey, Pat Jackson, Peter Graham Scott Cast: George Coulouris
5.0 1

DVD (Dolby 5.1 / Mono)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
The Prisoner is an allogorical wonderland, which challenges veiwers to reconsider their place as individuals in society. The plot can be summed as follows. There is a place where people with sensetive and valueable information disappear to, where their secrets are extracted and their individuality crushed. This place is known only as ''The Village''. Our hero, once a top level spy, is kidnapped from his home shortly after he angrily resigns from his job. In the Village his only designation is No.6, and over seventeen episodes he struggles to retain his individuality and escape the Village. Though almost thirty years old, The Prisoner still maintains almost cult following. It is probably my all time favorite TV show. The dialogue is full of British wit, the conception ''artsy'', and the plot and symbology intellectually challenging.