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Queer As Folk

Queer As Folk

5.0 20
Director: Alex Chapple, Michael De Carlo

Cast: Alex Poch-Goldin, Lynne Deragon

The first season of Showtime's gay-themed drama Queer as Folk comes to DVD on this set. The 22 episodes on these discs are "Premiere, "Queer, There, and Everywhere, "No Bris, No Shirts, No Service, "Ted's Not Dead, "Now Approaching...The Line, "The Art of Desperation, "Smells Like Codependence, "Babylon


The first season of Showtime's gay-themed drama Queer as Folk comes to DVD on this set. The 22 episodes on these discs are "Premiere, "Queer, There, and Everywhere, "No Bris, No Shirts, No Service, "Ted's Not Dead, "Now Approaching...The Line, "The Art of Desperation, "Smells Like Codependence, "Babylon Boomerang, "Daddy Dearest, "Queens of the Road, "Surprise!, "Move It or Lose It, "Very Stupid People, "A Change of Heart, "The Ties That Bind, "French Fried, "How TLFKAM Got Her Name Back, "Surprise Kill, "Good Grief!, "The King of Babylon, "Running to Stand Still, and "Full Circle." Each episode is presented in an anamorphic widescreen transfer that preserves the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Closed-captioned English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Surround, while Spanish soundtracks have been recorded in Dolby Digital Mono. Supplemental materials include deleted scenes introduced by cast member Hal Sparks, outtakes, trailers, a photo gallery, a preview of season two, and biographies and interviews with both the performers and the characters. This is a superb set from Showtime Entertainment.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Stuart Gazzo
Based on the smash-hit U.K. series of the same name, Showtime's provocative and proud Queer as Folk follows the romantic trials and tribulations of five gay men and a lesbian couple in Pittsburgh, steaming and sexing up TV in a way that only premium cable channels can. In this complete first-season set, we're introduced to the ensemble: Brian Kinney (Gale Harold) is a successful man who is always on the prowl, while Michael Novotny (Hal Sparks) is his more levelheaded best friend; Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison) is a 17-year-old boy whose life is changed when he is introduced to sex -- and what he thinks is love -- in the show's debut episode; Emmett Honeycutt (Peter Paige) is the most vocal one; Ted Schmidt (Scott Lowell) is an accountant with a taste for tragic romance; Debbie Novotny (Sharon Gless) is Michael's eccentric, supportive mother; and Dr. David Cameron (Chris Potter) is the dreamboat chiropractor who makes Michael forget all about Brian, at least for a while. Art teacher Lindsay Peterson (Thea Gill) and attorney Melanie Marcus (Michelle Clunie) are the loving lesbian couple who decide to have a child sired by Brian, not realizing exactly how complicated and entwined their lives will become. Developing story lines such as this keep viewers engrossed over the course of these 22 episodes, too, as these characters laugh and suffer together, tackling with maturity such hot-button issues as underage sex and AIDS. The title is derived from a British idiom that roughly translates, "people are strange," and it's meant to suggest universality rather than an attribute of sexual orientation. Indeed, it represents a giant leap forward for American television, from tolerance to inclusion.
New York Post
Like a gay Sex and the City, Showtime's very graphic new series Queer As Folk may leave you speechless.... It is very well acted, it's got plot twists that rival the best soaps, and the writing improves with each episode. Linda Stasi

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Showtime Ent.
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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. It's All About Sex [6:27]
2. New Kid In Town [5:52]
3. Phonus Interruptus [7:02]
4. First Night On Earth [9:12]
5. Two Babies [8:20]
6. Wild Ride [7:44]
7. Forbidden Fruit [9:37]
8. The Big Q [7:35]
9. Two Kinds of People [6:52]
10. Liberty Diner [5:51]
11. Fantasy & Reality [4:38]
12. Don't Believe In Love [7:29]
1. East Meets West [7:22]
2. Breaking With Tradition [5:37]
3. Domestic Dispute [8:57]
4. Membership Required [7:35]
5. Young & the Reckless [6:50]
6. Cutting In [8:27]
1. We're Doing This [6:27]
2. Setting the Tone [5:52]
3. First Times [7:02]
4. Relationships [9:12]
5. Being Truthful [8:20]
6. Audience Response [9:45]
Disc #2 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. Sons & Mothers [6:39]
2. Class Mates [7:09]
3. Common Past [7:14]
4. Incriminating Evidence [7:56]
5. Home Away From Home [8:18]
6. A Sort of Homecoming [11:28]
1. Come Clean [6:07]
2. Isn't Anyone Straight Anymore? [7:48]
3. It's Business [5:38]
4. Hurts Like Hell [8:39]
5. A little White Jacket [8:08]
6. Sexy Boy [8:04]
1. Another Chance [7:48]
2. Take It Slow [6:16]
3. Tug of War [9:18]
4. Exposure [9:32]
5. Sex Isn't Appropriate [8:48]
6. The Games Continue [8:19]
1. A Boyfriend? [8:51]
2. All I Want [8:58]
3. Dinner at Mom's [8:36]
4. Country Air [4:33]
5. Studs In Suds [5:19]
6. Let Him Go [12:41]
Disc #3 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. Never Again [7:35]
2. A Friend In Need [6:48]
3. Lady Luck [8:57]
4. My Hero [6:12]
5. Jambalaya [8:32]
6. Mr. Manager [10:21]
1. Surf's Up [6:11]
2. The Parent Trap [8:50]
3. Online Education [8:49]
4. When World's Collide [8:38]
5. Like Father, Like Son [6:51]
6. The Big One [6:32]
1. Domestic Bliss [8:09]
2. A Costly Mistake [4:19]
3. Past, Present & Future [6:56]
4. Road Trip [4:26]
5. The Big Apple [4:32]
6. The Answer Is... [8:56]
1. Acting Your Age [6:36]
2. The Doc Is In [5:59]
3. Negative People [8:13]
4. Birthday Surprises [6:21]
5. A Promise [12:10]
6. The Morning After [10:21]
1. Boys to Men [6:36]
2. Debbie [5:59]
3. Life & Death [8:12]
4. Weaving Storylines [6:24]
5. Understanding Fear [12:18]
6. The Moral Code [10:10]
Disc #4 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. It's Your Move [8:18]
2. The Replacement [8:14]
3. Intervention [8:55]
4. Back In the Closet [8:11]
5. Symbiosis [7:51]
6. Exception to the Rule [8:26]
1. Picture Perfect [8:25]
2. In With the New [8:20]
3. Temptations [7:16]
4. Rude Awakening [6:01]
5. Confrontations [4:38]
6. Severing Ties [10:00]
1. New Beginning [8:13]
2. Secrets & Lies [8:02]
3. A Sour Note [8:12]
4. Success Story? [9:54]
5. Final Plea [10:05]
6. Seeing the Light [5:30]
1. Mr. Reliability [6:53]
2. The Son Also Rises [9:09]
3. The Leather Ball [7:48]
4. On Thin Ice [7:30]
5. Breakthrough [6:38]
6. Passing the Torch [11:52]
Disc #5 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. Dyke Night [10:09]
2. Unexpected Guest [8:08]
3. A Foreign Exchange [7:22]
4. World According to Babs [6:32]
5. School Daze [9:45]
6. Friends & Enemies [5:54]
1. Slideshow [11:08]
2. A New Life [6:54]
3. "You're Boring!" [6:50]
4. Party Crashers [5:13]
5. Protest [4:51]
6. Family Matters [8:03]
1. What's Up Doc? [5:31]
2. Tweaked Out Twinkle [5:56]
3. David's Secret [6:01]
4. Payback [10:25]
5. Lost & Found [6:43]
6. No Turning Back... [9:52]
1. Death In the Family [11:33]
2. Sorting Through the Past [4:17]
3. Telling Stories [5:39]
4. Separation Anxiety [7:44]
5. Men & Women [10:19]
6. Letting Go [9:26]
1. Going Too Far? [11:15]
2. Surrogate Families [6:48]
3. Don't Ask, Don't Tell [6:50]
4. Because We're Men [10:04]
5. Put to the Test [8:04]
6. Being True to Yourself [10:13]
Disc #6 -- Queer as Folk: The Complete First Season
1. King of Babylon [10:14]
2. Perfect Match [6:52]
3. A Question of Trust [11:05]
4. Uncivil Servant [8:00]
5. A New King [6:34]
6. Bail Out [8:42]
1. Big Time [6:36]
2. What's In a Name? [5:53]
3. Moving On [9:12]
4. Stand By Your Man [8:13]
5. Don't Look Back [8:56]
6. Old Habits [9:20]
1. Deathday Party [9:12]
2. Last Call at Babylon [8:35]
3. Flannel & Cold Feet [10:00]
4. Brian's Powers [7:05]
5. Goodbyes [5:19]
6. Save the Last Dance [11:41]

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Queer As Folk 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a gay guy from Russian Federation i found this movie to be a revelation for me. I can't even imagine such kind of show on Russian TV. Not in the nearest 50 years at least. That's why i am so happy to be living here in the USA now. Must have dvd set!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
i love this show. Let me tell you, after one episode you will be hooked...at least i was! As a 17 year old, this has opened up my eyes to many this since i have started watching. I talk to my friends about queer as folk like i actually know the characters personally (i wish i did!) but serioulsy, if you are looking for something different, exciting, funny, dramatic...then Queer as Folk is the show for you...gay or straight, you will LOVE it!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I don't have Showtime, but I have seen clips of the show due to some previews at the clubs I hang out at. I wasn't prepared for the way the show pulls you in. After each few episodes I watch, I feel like I just left some of my best friends. I can really relate to Ted in the way he feels that he gets ignored/overlooked when he's at Babylon. 2 thumbs way up for the writers and creators!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's about time that the gay and lesbian community have a good show to watch on sunday nights on showtime. I loved the first seasson and now I can own it. :-)
Guest More than 1 year ago
it's real,loving and real
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best shows I have EVER watched! The writing is brilliant and the acting is wonderful! Finally some intelligent television viewing. It hooks you from the very first episode and you can't wait to see the next! A friend loaned me his copy of the first season and I watched it all in about 48 hours. you actually develop a relationship with the characters on ''Queer As Folk'' Thank you showtime!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My friends and I picked this up at the movie rental place for a change of pace. Never did we think that we would come to love this series as much as we now do. It's now a must have for our movie collections. Enjoy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I started watching this show because there wasn't anything better on and got hooked after the first one. At first I thought that it was a little too explicit, but the more I watch the more hooked I got. I even got my husband and friends at work watching it because I would go into work every Monday and tell them about what happened next. It shows real friendship between these people who love you no matter who or what you are. I really love Gale Herald as Brian and couldn't imagine any other actor in that role. I tried to get into the British version of it, but to me it just isn't the same. I can't wait until season three starts on Showtime and season two comes out on dvd. It will be another set I add to my collection
Guest More than 1 year ago
im only 13, and this show is amazing, watching this show makes me feel like im hanging out with my friends! if you wanna a show thats totally out there and differient from the usual lame soaps, this is it!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this show. Granted I've started with season Four instead of the first season, it's really good! Everything about it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The cast, the writing, the camera work - all are simply amazing. If you haven't gotten on board with Queer As Folk, buy this DVD set and join the fun. Whether you are gay or straight, you will be able to relate to these characters; Michael, Brian, Justin, Ted, Emmett, Melanie, Lindsay, Debbie, and even Uncle Vic are people that you know and love. Buy the DVD set, you won't be sorry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was quite surprised when I first saw an episode of Queer As Folk (2nd season) at a friend's house. It wasn't the sexuality of the characters that shocked me, but how honest and realistic the relationships between the very different people were. I recently watched a copy of the first season, and I found that at times I was hysterically laughing (and crying) during this incredible drama. I think that this series is more groundbreaking than the original creators had hoped it would be, and that whatever your sexual orientation may be, you can relate to what the people are going through. The acting is superb, something that we've seen rarely in a television drama. And the frenetic pace of the writing and the scenes is engaging.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is by far one of the best shows on TV, one that I never miss. The direction and all of the performances are wonderful. I really feel like these people are my friends, and everything that they go through, I also go through. The show is funny, sad, loving and honestly passionate. I was very impressed by the final episode of the first season and in particular the relationship between Brian and Justin. During the last moments of that show you could actually feel and see the agony on Brian's face not knowing if Justin will live or die. This is one of the best relationships of the show, and as hard as Brian tries to be you know that he's in love with Justin. Congradulations to all involved in this groundbreaking excellent endeavor!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am so glad the the U.S. has made this British show over, we all need to understand that no matter what race or age, or sexuality we believe in that we are all human beings and that I am just so glad to see that the cable network Shotime has accepted this and has been blunt about it. With this series out on dvd and vhs I am very pleased that I cam mow watch it when ever I please, I especially love the candid conversations with each actor and the other creators of why they do this show. I also love to watch the hilarious bloopers, all of it is just simply Brilliant.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago