Radar Men from the Moon 1 & 2

Radar Men from the Moon 1 & 2


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Release Date: 11/27/2007
UPC: 0089218954398
Rating: NR
Source: Alpha Video
Region Code: 0
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 2:48:00

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Radar Men from the Moon, Vol. 1
1. Chapter 1 [20:02]
2. Chapter 2 [13:23]
3. Chapter 3 [13:22]
4. Chapter 4 [13:21]
5. Chapter 5 [13:22]
6. Chapter 6 [13:21]
Disc #2 -- Radar Men from the Moon, Vol. 2
1. Chapter 7 [13:23]
2. Chapter 8 [13:23]
3. Chapter 9 [13:21]
4. Chapter 10 [13:21]
5. Chapter 11 [13:21]
6. Chapter 12 [13:23]

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Radar Men from the Moon 1 & 2 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining, and for two reasons. The first is the concept. A rocket suit wearing scientist, Commander Cody, zooms through the skies, fighting mugs in fedoras who are firing atomic blasts from the back of their truck at trains, power lines, buildings, etc. Those mugs are employed by Krog, an advance agent of the evil Moon people. He, in turn, is under the orders of Retik, the villainous leader of the Moon people. This coincides with the planned first flight to that same Moon by Commander Cody and his associates in a rocket, in order to explore and discover the source of atomic power detected there. Once there, our intrepid hero is lured into a trap set by the evil Retik, where the Moon lord's nefarious machinations are revealed - the Earth is to be conquered, as the Moon is no longer capable of sustaining crops. The rest of the serial chronicles Commander Cody's heroic fight against this incursion. The concept now illuminated for the casual review reader, here begins the second element of entertainment. It's a question. Why? Why are the imperious forces from the Moon employing two former bank robbers as their agents of unrest and disruption? Granted, it's possible that the Moon people didn't want to risk exposing themselves early on through overt action, but couldn't they have picked someone a little bit better than two palookas more suited to cracking safes or holding up armored cars? They gave these mugs an atomic blaster gun! Maybe some sort of pre-existing, anarchic paramilitary organization of Earth could've served as a better vanguard for their invasion. Why is Commander Cody a commander? Commander of what? Of his space expedition, or was he some sort of R&amp D guy with the military? Why is his female assistant allowed on the perilous and dangerous innaugural journey into the void of space when she apparently has no clear set of skills for the voyage? By her own words, we learn that the boon she provides to the ship and crew is cooking hot meals. And why are the only people in attendance for this historic and grand mission to our sattelite two beat police cops in an unmarked police car? Why is our national space project operating out of Southern California and apparently totally unaided by the government, which in turn seems remarkably uninformed of the proceedings? Why does space look distractingly like regular ol' sky? Is Commander Cody's identity as the Rocketeer (for lack of a better term) public, secret, or what? Why is the test facility and lab that Cody employs (home to the rocket suit, assumedly the rocket-to-the-moon project, and for a time the purloined atomic ray gun) so poorly guarded that the above-mentioned Moon-sponsored ruffians can effect ingress so casually? Why does Commander Cody look like a high school football coach? Let's face it, he doesn't seem to cut it as your standard issue hero. Why is it that Commander Cody can survive the Lunar environment in the same leather jacket and steel helmet he wears when cruising the skies of Earth? Why, why, why? The easy answer to all of these things is that it was just the times it was made in. The fun answer is no answer at all. It really is enjoyable! And the flying effects are actually pretty cool! Whether it was forced perspective or large scale models on a detailed background, it looks good. If you can surrender yourself to the melodrama of this serial, you can really immerse yourself in the action. The cliffhangers can be really nailbiting, and don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering our hero on against the dastardly Radar Men from the Moon!