Director: Mark Jones Cast: Kim Johnston-Ulrich, Tommy Blaze, Allyce Beasley

DVD (Pan & Scan / Stereo)

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This groan-inducing would-be camp from the director of Leprechaun boasts some good makeup by Kevin Yagher but is still easily the worst of the '90s crop of fairy-tale horrors. Kim Johnston Ulrich plays a widowed mother who buys a jade rock at an antique store. When she cries on it, she releases Rumpelstiltskin (Max Grodenchik), a soulless hunchbacked gnome who grants wishes, demanding newborn babies as his price. He also spews a lot of bogus Freddie Krueger wisecracks, dons sunglasses to ride a motorcycle, and pulls off his own head to bite a cop's neck. Most of the film follows Ulrich and an obnoxious talk-show host (Tommy Blaze) as they flee from the little goon with Ulrich's baby. There are chases by motorcycle, 18-wheeler, dune buggy, bulldozer, and police car, as well as several crowd-pleasing explosions. At one point, Ulrich runs over the gnome and his severed hand gives her the finger. That should give an indication of the level of entertainment contained herein.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/21/2001
UPC: 0017153100259
Original Release: 1995
Rating: R
Source: Republic Pictures
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Sound: [stereo]
Time: 1:31:00

Special Features

Full-screen version ; 2.0 Stereo ; Digitally mastered; Scene access; Interactive menus

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Scene Index
1. Rumpelstiltskin [5:12]
2. L.A. - The Present [4:47]
3. Russ's Death [1:30]
4. A New Baby [2:24]
5. Matilda's Antique Store [4:30]
6. The Ancient Talisman [3:06]
7. A Wish Comes True [3:04]
8. The Curse Undone [4:24]
9. Unanswerable Questions [1:45]
10. A Miller's Daughter [3:45]
11. The Fairy Tale [3:59]
12. The Chase [5:03]
13. Broken Down [3:16]
14. "Satan in a Mack Truck" [5:26]
15. A Decoy [3:13]
16. Not Dead [3:13]
17. A Plan [5:15]
18. The Police Station [3:55]
19. Snatched [3:14]
20. Fire and Chaff [2:38]
21. The Graveyard [3:07]
22. "Firebreathing Dragon" [4:50]
23. The Chant [1:35]
24. Happy Ending [2:17]
25. 3 Years Later [1:19]
26. End Credits [3:56]

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