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Scorsese Collection

Scorsese Collection

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Cast: Martin Scorsese, Ellen Burstyn, Griffin Dunne, Robert De Niro

Martin Scorsese is recognized as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. This box set from Warner Bros. collects five of his films, including his gangland masterpiece Goodfellas; his Cannes award-winning black comedy, After Hours; his very first feature-length film, Who's That Knocking at My Door?; his breakthrough 1973 effort, Mean Streets


Martin Scorsese is recognized as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. This box set from Warner Bros. collects five of his films, including his gangland masterpiece Goodfellas; his Cannes award-winning black comedy, After Hours; his very first feature-length film, Who's That Knocking at My Door?; his breakthrough 1973 effort, Mean Streets; and his unexpected follow-up to that film, 1974's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Few contemporary American filmmakers have as distinctive an oeuvre as Martin Scorsese, the native New Yorker whose movies reflect not only his cosmopolitan tastes in cinema but also his constant and irrepressible urge to experiment with the medium to which he’s devoted his life. This new set from Warner Home Video collects five of Scorsese’s most remarkable films, beginning with his semi-autobiographical debut feature, Who’s That Knocking at My Door? (1968), which features Harvey Keitel (making his debut as well) as a jobless Italian youth who falls for a sophisticated college graduate. Mean Streets (1973), the first of Scorsese’s classic urban-based melodramas, features Keitel as an aspiring mobster and Robert De Niro -- an actor with whom Scorsese forged an artistically rewarding alliance -- as a small-time gambler. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) unfolds in the semi-rural Southwest, far away from “Scorsese country,” but the director does a masterful job on this touching slice-of-life drama featuring Ellen Burstyn’s Oscar-winning portrayal of a plucky single mom working as a waitress while trying to raise a young son. Scorsese turned New York City into a bizarre, Reagan-era Wonderland in After Hours (1985), a darkly comic fairy tale starring Griffin Dunne as a buttoned-down corporate drone exposed to a variety of eccentric characters during a fateful late-night excursion downtown. Goodfellas (1990), habitually listed among the director’s finest films, is a Mob movie that crackles with energy; De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci all deliver bravura performances as veteran wiseguys plying their trade during the ‘70s. Newly remastered and accompanied with myriad supplemental features, these five movies aren’t just good representative samples of one director’s output; they are must-have titles for anyone seriously interested in American cinema from the closing decades of the 20th century.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Commentary by Scorsese on each movie; New/vintage documentaries on each movie

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ellen Burstyn Alice Hyatt
Griffin Dunne Paul Hackett
Robert De Niro Actor,James Conway,Johnny Boy
Zina Bethune Young Girl
Harvey Keitel Actor,Charlie,J.R.
Kris Kristofferson David
Ray Liotta Henry Hill
Rosanna Arquette Marcy
Billy Green Bush Donald Hyatt
David Proval Tony
Joe Pesci Tommy DeVito
Lennard Kuras Joey
Verna Bloom June
Alfred Lutter Alice's Son Tommy
Amy Robinson Teresa
Ann Colette Young Girl in Dream
Lorraine Bracco Karen Hill
Tommy Chong Pepe
Diane Ladd Flo
Linda Fiorentino Kiki
Michael Scala Sally
Paul Sorvino Paul Cicero
Richard Romanus Michael
Lelia Goldoni Neighbor Bea
Teri Garr Julie

Technical Credits
Martin Scorsese Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Goodfellas
1. Prologue and Credits [2:41]
2. The Cab Stand [3:06]
3. No More Letters [1:47]
4. Paulie's Business [1:31]
5. Like a Gangster [1:40]
6. Jimmy the Gent [2:39]
7. Henry's First Pinch [1:33]
8. The Idlewild Connection [1:36]
9. Cast of Characters [3:04]
10. Funny Guy [4:03]
11. The Bamboo lounge [4:53]
12. First Date, First Fight [2:52]
13. The Copacabana [3:03]
14. Airport Heist [1:07]
15. Animal Attraction [1:37]
16. Morrie and Bruce... [4:06]
17. The Wedding [2:58]
18. The Wives [4:29]
19. Togetherness [3:08]
20. Billy Bats [5:02]
21. Mrs. DeVito's House [4:02]
22. Fridays [2:35]
23. Digging Expedition [2:36]
24. Janice [1:20]
25. Spider [4:48]
26. At Gunpoint [2:26]
27. Trip to Tampa [:44]
28. Trip to Jail [:36]
29. Life in Stir [2:19]
30. On Our Own [1:23]
31. Homecoming; Paulie's [3:02]
32. New Business, New Home [2:32]
33. The Lufthansa Heist [2:36]
34. Payoffs [2:15]
35. Covering Stacks' Tracks [2:51]
36. Tommy's Good Fortune [4:06]
37. Morrie's Bad Fortune [:24]
38. Bodies All Over [2:09]
39. The Day Tommy is Made [2:49]
40. Sunday, May 11th 1980 [3:42]
41. Aftermath: The Bad Time [2:40]
42. Henry and Paulie [4:07]
43. Karen and Jimmy [10:33]
44. Smiling Murderers [3:22]
45. Leaving the Life [2:10]
46. A Schnook; Coda [2:31]
47. End Credits [3:01]
Side #3 -- After Hours
1. Credits [1:10]
2. Marcy and Miller [4:51]
3. Rendezvous Plan [2:38]
4. Out the Window [2:07]
5. Sculpting With Kiki [3:08]
6. Relaxing Massage [3:05]
7. Mercurial Marcy [4:23]
8. True Confessions [4:07]
9. Different Rules Apply [3:34]
10. His Paperweight Need [3:49]
11. Too Much for a Token [1:46]
12. Slow Night at the Terminal Bar [6:07]
13. Burglary Suspects [2:18]
14. The Undisciplined and the Dead [:52]
15. "Like the Monkees?" [4:59]
16. Jittery Julie [2:57]
17. Terminal News [3:20]
18. The Perfect Gift [:44]
19. Stop, Thief [2:24]
20. Mohawk Night [1:01]
21. Gail's Numbing Numbers [1:22]
22. "You're Dead, Pal" [2:57]
23. Recap Rant [3:03]
24. Desperation in the Diner [6:02]
25. Is That All There Is? [2:12]
26. Getting Plastered [4:19]
27. "Art is Forever" [2:45]
28. End Credits [:14]
Side #4 -- Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
1. Credits [1:43]
2. If They Don't Like It... [2:01]
3. Lack of Respect [3:44]
4. With and Without [:39]
5. Tragedy [4:47]
6. Where or When [2:40]
7. Parting Gifts [3:03]
8. On Each Other's Nerves [3:17]
9. Sexy for Phoenix [3:02]
10. No Singer Wanted [4:34]
11. Scotch and Sympathy [2:59]
12. Audition [3:21]
13. I've got a Crush on You [3:36]
14. Ben Eberhart [3:17]
15. Noises in the Night [2:57]
16. Rita Eberhart [3:35]
17. Ben Messes Around [3:05]
18. She Doesn't get It [:30]
19. New Job [3:19]
20. First Day: No Grabass [2:25]
21. A Wet Hellhole [3:03]
22. The Weird Capital [3:06]
23. Where Does He get It? [:43]
24. A Real Good Time [1:33]
25. Someone to Talk to [1:02]
26. Drawing Close [3:01]
27. Her Show-Biz Saga [:34]
28. Birthday Bashing [3:17]
29. Ripple-Rousers [2:20]
30. Embalmed Jailbird [:09]
31. Losing It [4:33]
32. Who's Stopping You? [2:27]
33. End Credits [3:23]
Side #5 -- Mean Streets
1. Home Movie Credits [3:05]
2. Four Neighborhood Guys [4:06]
3. Tony's Bar [4:02]
4. Johnny Boy and Friends [3:23]
5. Back Room Business [5:59]
6. Patient With Oscar [2:38]
7. Firecracker Comedians [3:48]
8. Poolroom Mook Rumble [7:03]
9. Tiger, Tiger [2:04]
10. Same Story [2:10]
11. Hanging Out [2:31]
12. Baby-Faced Killer [3:01]
13. Too Many Passengers [2:13]
14. Bedmates at Dawn [2:21]
15. Secret Lovers [:02]
16. "St. Francis Didn't Run Numbers" [3:04]
17. Giovanni's Advice [:11]
18. "What do You Want From Me?" [4:03]
19. Lost Patience [4:27]
20. Private Party [5:32]
21. Michael's Warning [:24]
22. Out of Control [2:42]
23. On the Roof With a .38 [2:46]
24. Tough Talk Among the Tombstones [5:32]
25. Some Mouth [2:14]
26. A Situation Named Johnny [2:08]
27. Teresa's Seizure [:31]
28. For Johnny and Joyce [1:50]
29. $10 on a $2000 Debt [3:32]
30. Night Riders [1:28]
31. Gunplay [5:07]
32. Dead-End Montage [1:45]
33. End Credits [3:17]
Side #6 -- Who's That Knocking at My Door
1. Two Gangs [2:37]
2. No Absolution Given [2:19]
3. The Girl and the Searchers [8:22]
4. Doesn't Feel like It [2:48]
5. In Between Positions [3:17]
6. Bothered [2:34]
7. On the Roof [2:26]
8. The $35 Tryst [2:00]
9. I've Had It [1:52]
10. Just Not Now [:40]
11. Guys, Guns and the Rio Bravo [5:21]
12. Fantasy Girls [1:25]
13. Copake [5:16]
14. The Rape [:46]
15. No Sense to J.R. [4:44]
16. Don't You Wanna Love Me? [:43]
17. Two Broads [6:42]
18. The Party Gets Wild [5:24]
19. Returning to Her [2:51]
20. Forgive - and Forget [4:19]
21. Act of Contrition [3:58]
22. End Credits [3:30]

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Scorsese Collection 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The greatest living director of our generation, Martin Scorsese, finally gets a much overdue tribute, thanks to Warner Home Video. ¿The Martin Scorsese Collection¿ features five outstanding examples of a master director indulging in his craft; Who¿s That Knocking At My Door (1968), Mean Streets (1973), Alice Doesn¿t Live Here Anymore (1974), After Hours (1985) and Goodfellas (1990). Scorsese, who became a producer, writer, actor and finally director, grew up in New York¿s Little Italy - the inspiration for his best films. Many of his masterworks have long been available on DVD, including Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Last Waltz, The Last Temptation Of Christ, The Age Of Innocence, Casino and Gangs Of New York. There is so much to talk about that we might as well get started. ¿Who¿s That Knocking At My Door¿ is the story of J.R. (Harvey Keitel), a young man of no ambition who, quite by accident, finds himself sitting next to `the girl¿ (Zina Bethune) on the Staten Island ferry. The girl is impressed by J.R¿s knowledge of classic movies. But the pair develop a problematic relationship that is, sadly, doomed nearly from the start. This is the only B&W film in this box set. Contrast levels appear a bit weak with whites slightly on the gray side. Image detail is also unstable, some scenes appearing quite detailed and others just so-so to extremely blurry. These shortcomings appear to be inherent in the original film negative and are not a flaw of DVD mastering. Film grain is present but hey, it¿s a Scorsese film: he generally likes a gritty image and this film is certainly a fine example of that. ¿Mean Streets¿ is the first teaming of Scorsese and DeNiro on film. Harvey Keitel is Charlie, a thug who collects debts and runs a numbers game. One of his friends, Johnny Boy (Robert De Niro) owes money to Michael Longo (Richard Romanus). But Johnny is a loose canon and, as the plot progresses, we learn just how unstable a person he can be. Tensions mount after Charlie becomes enamored with, Teresa (Amy Robinson). By no means a watershed production, in hindsight ¿Mean Streets¿ heralds the coming of ¿Goodfellas.¿ This is a very dark film ¿ literally. But Warner¿s DVD mastering is bang on with colors that are vibrant. Flesh tones are very accurately rendered. Contrast levels reveal a significant amount of fine detail. Overall the image is very sharp. There is a slight amount of film grain and some light shimmering present. No edge enhancement though, for an image that is basically smooth. Next up is Scorsese¿s first important masterwork, ¿Alice Doesn¿t Live Here Anymore.¿ Departing from his formulaic atmosphere of dark brooding unscrupulous characters, ¿Alice¿¿ tells the story of Alice Hyatt (Ellen Burstyn) an abused housewife on the verge of a nervous breakdown when her husband, Donald (Billy Green Bush) is suddenly killed in a truck accident. Determined to exploit the tragedy as her new lease on life, Alice packs up her station wagon with son, Tommy (Alfred Lutter) in tow. Alice¿s dreams of becoming a singer are short lived but a second chance at romance might be in the stars when Alice lands a job as a waitress at Mel & Ruby¿s Café where a frequent customer, David (Kris Kristofferson) recognizes Alice¿s innate value as a soul mate. Burstyn¿s tour de force performance won her the 1974 Academy Award as Best Actress and the film spawned the long running, highly successful television series, ¿Alice.¿ Warner¿s DVD certainly delivers with vibrant colors. Contrast and fine details are nicely realized with only a hint of film grain. During the opening shots there is some very distracting artifacting going on but this vanishes after the opening credits for a picture that will surely NOT disappoint. ¿After Hours¿ is the out of control spiraling saga of mild mannered Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), whose chance meeting with the seemingly harmless, Marcy (Rosanna Arquette) leads to an increasingly perilous adventure. Marcy is full of inter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago