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Sesame Street - Old School Vol. 1 (1969-1974)

Sesame Street - Old School Vol. 1 (1969-1974)

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Sesame Street was a revolution in children's programming, a groundbreaking experiment in which elements of commercial television were employed to motivate children to absorb curriculum content. This series, a flagship for PBS since November 10, 1969, has been a safe haven for generations of children. Think of it: Richard Nixon was president and the Beatles had not yet broken up when that first episode aired. This Grade-A box set contains the opening episodes from each of Sesame Street's first five seasons, including the very first words spoken by Gordon: "You've never seen a street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it." "Everything" included baseball legend Jackie Robinson reciting the alphabet; Carol Burnett speaking in praise of the nose; a gold medallion-wearing, mutton-chopped Jesse Jackson leading a chorus of children in his stirring and inspiring free-verse poem, "I Am Somebody"; and Johnny Cash serenading Oscar the Grouch with the whimsical "Nasty Dan." A couple of surprises in the first episode: Oscar was orange, and Big Bird, initially Sesame Street's breakout character, was portrayed as "a very nervous bird." But for the most part, Sesame Street arrived fully formed, from its urban setting to its multiethnic, multigenerational, and multi-Muppet ensemble. It is a testament to the show's creative team that these five episodes (and the generous sampling of bonus classic clips) are just as entertaining and educational as when they first aired. Through repetition and reinforcement, preschoolers learn about letters, numbers, body parts, and days of the week. They also get reinforcement on how to act like good friends, family members, and neighbors -- all in captivating bursts of live-action film, animation, songs, and silly comic vignettes. Each episode is briskly paced to hold (or, as some critics of the series contend, form) short attention spans. But some of the most memorable moments are the charming, low-key, and seemingly spontaneous segments in which a Muppet character interacts with a child. Sesame Street gets extra credit for its songs, many of which are children's standards. Included in this set are the original versions of Ernie's novelty hit, "Rubber Duckie," Kermit's lovely ode to self-esteem, "Bein' Green," and the rollicking count-to-12 ditty, "Ladybug Picnic." Old School illustrates why Sesame Street is in a class by itself.

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Sesame Street
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Special Features

Celebrity appearances; by Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Jackie Robinson, James Earl Jones, Lena Horne, Johnny Cash, and more!; The premiere episode; from each of the first 5 seasons, completely restored!; 45 bonus segments; Original sales pitch film from 1969!; 16-page booklet filled with fun facts and photos; Exclusive 8-page activity pullout for kids!; Over 7 hours of classic Sesame Street material

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1 1969-1974
2. Animals Wash Off [3:16]
3. Henson #3 [8:54]
4. Meeting Oscar [1:32]
5. Beginnings [9:25]
6. Gordon Dresses Anythings [7:37]
7. Jazz #2 [3:59]
8. Picture Hanging [6:47]
9. Wanda the Witch [1:14]
10. Walking With W [9:32]
Disc #2 -- Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1 1969-1974
2. Henson Dollhouse #2 [1:32]
3. Everybody Makes Mistakes [4:44]
4. Alphabet With Bill Cosby [23:57]
5. Exit: Hubley Animation [:44]
6. Noisy Bedroom [4:46]
7. Carol Burnette: Nose [1:02]
8. What's My Part? [8:52]
9. Whistle a Happy Tune [2:37]
10. Curse of the Sandwich [7:00]
2. Welcome to Sesame Street [19:50]
3. Oscar's Traveling Can [2:59]
4. Grover's Restaurant [8:38]
5. Big Bird Meets Snuffleupagus [5:29]
6. Great Cookie Thief [4:18]
7. Sorting Song [5:34]
8. People in Your Neighborhood [2:17]
9. Ernie Counts Sheep [5:02]
10. Short / Long Ladders [3:39]
1. King of Eight [1:10]
2. Over Under Around & Through [2:14]
3. S - Superman [1:04]
4. Astronaut Drawing [2:30]
5. Counting: Listen My Brother [3:04]
6. I Love Being a Pig [1:01]
7. Season 2 Credit Crawl [1:28]
1. C Is for Cookie [1:30]
2. Ladybug Picnic [1:00]
3. Martian's Telephone [2:59]
4. Mumford's Magic Trick [2:16]
5. Alligator King [2:01]
6. J Friends [1:50]
7. A Special Day [1:13]
8. I Am Somebody [1:24]
9. Would You Like to Buy an O? [1:43]
10. Harvey Kneeslapper [1:02]
11. Breathing Song [1:12]
12. I in the Sky [:56]
13. My Favorite Letter: P [1:25]
14. My Martian Beauty [:59]
15. Mad Painter [1:47]
16. Season 3 Credit Crawl [1:33]
Disc #3 -- Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1 1969-1974
2. Greeting: Alphabet [3:08]
3. D Alphabet [6:15]
4. Simon's Song [9:04]
5. Job Interview: Teeth [4:15]
6. Count Counts Blocks [13:00]
7. Heavy / Light [8:08]
8. Here Is Your Life: Oak Tree [7:55]
9. Enter and Exit [:56]
10. Grover's Restaurant [4:51]
2. Fat Cat [2:56]
3. Kermit & Joey [9:43]
4. At the Movies [1:50]
5. Bird on Me [2:34]
6. How Do You Do? [5:32]
7. Chin-Ups With Grover [3:30]
8. Beat the Time [15:59]
9. Handclapping Number [2:26]
10. Doin' the Pigeon [9:26]
1. Kermit News: Rapunzel [3:43]
2. Bread, Milk and Butter [1:13]
3. Lost Paperclips [1:25]
4. Witches Cooperate [2:57]
5. Song of the Count [2:07]
6. Bert's Bust [1:47]
7. First / Last With Beetle Baily [1:09]
8. Season 4 Credit Crawl [1:38]
1. At the Movies [2:38]
2. Nasty Dan & Johnny Cash [2:14]
3. Prairie Dawns Pageant [5:24]
4. Going to the Zoo [4:04]
5. Jazz Alphabet [1:23]
6. Hamburger Bun Factory [1:17]
7. Madrigal Alphabet [1:33]
8. Three Wishes [6:49]
9. Telephone Booth [2:47]
10. Season 5 Credit Crawl [1:36]

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Sesame Street - Old School Vol. 1 (1969-1974) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This three-disc set brings together the first episodes from each of the first five seasons of educational television mainstay "Sesame Street," along with memorable bits and celebrity appearances. The set is a wonderful time-warp back to a more innocent time when Oscar was a grouchy S.O.B., Mr. Hooper was still alive, and Elmo didn't even exist. The only criticism I have is that they didn't put MORE stuff on these DVDs!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It doesn't get any better than this!!! This is Sesame Street when it was done right. Matt Robinson was Gordon, Bert and Ernie were funny, Kermit the Frog was part of the show and Elmo, Baby Bear and Abby Cadabby didn't exist! My only complaint is that Roosevelt Franklin is not present in any of the episodes. Out side of Kermit, Roosevelt (voiced by the late great Matt Robinson) was THE best Muppet ever created!! He was cool, hip and the first rapper. That's right, Matt Robinson created rap music way back in 1969!!!! The guy was a genius. He was the head writer and producer as well. He arguably had more influence on the creation of Sesame Street than Joan Ganz Cooney!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to find these DVDs. I miss the old format of Sesame Street, when you saw more interaction between all the characters, and not just all Elmo, all the time. The "I am Somebody" scene with a young, afroed Jesse Jackson is CLASSIC. I hope they put out more of these....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This show used to be about something-that was the good old days before so-called authorities assumed that it was not fit for today's children (read-that affluent children had to be protected from the experiences of broke children.) That was the good old days when one could shot black was beautiful and you could say it out loud and be proud. This show then was so relevant and had soul-now since some parents got offended by what used to be an un-apologetically urban sensibility; it has become one large advertisement for that evil crack addict doll Elmo. I wish this show would still be like this. By the way, kids did not get hurt knowing about what they supposedly need to be protected from now-they became more empathetic and better than the generations that came later.