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She Hate Me

She Hate Me

4.0 4
Director: Spike Lee

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Ellen Barkin

Directed by Spike Lee, She Hate Me follows John Henry "Jack" Armstrong (Anthony Mackie), who is fired from a posh job in biotechnology after informing the proper authorities of some sketchy business dealings from within the company. Unemployed and desperate for some quick cash, Jack accepts a strange offer -- his ex-girlfriend Fatima (Kerry Washington) says she


Directed by Spike Lee, She Hate Me follows John Henry "Jack" Armstrong (Anthony Mackie), who is fired from a posh job in biotechnology after informing the proper authorities of some sketchy business dealings from within the company. Unemployed and desperate for some quick cash, Jack accepts a strange offer -- his ex-girlfriend Fatima (Kerry Washington) says she will pay him generously if he successfully impregnates her. Once word gets out among the lesbian community, Jack is inundated with requests, and is initially quite happy with his new direction in life. However, things -- as they are wont to do -- get complicated. There's his former employer, who is actively trying to pin the blame for their wrongdoings on his shoulders, for one thing, and it isn't long before the moral implications of his life as a sperm donor come to the forefront. The film co-stars John Turturro, Ellen Barkin, Woody Harrelson, Monica Bellucci, and Q-Tip. ~ Tracie Cooper

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
Following Mo' Better Blues and He Got Game in Spike Lee's string of Ebonics-themed titles, She Hate Me is an unwieldy mess of a movie that, at the time of its release, was the director's worst-received film. It starts out promisingly enough. The bracing opening 20 minutes include a violent suicide, corporate malfeasance, and the beginnings of an ethical quandary about whistle-blowing. What a red herring. From this point, the film shifts abruptly into a broad and uncomfortable comedy, in which a blackballed executive begins impregnating New York's entire lesbian community, represented through a rainbow of ugly stereotypes. Mashed in with all this is a jumbled criticism of Republicans, namely Nixon circa the Watergate scandal, and what Lee thinks are illuminating dialogues about homosexuality and surrogate parenting, which actually feature some of his most ham-fisted writing. The over-stretching may be trademark Lee, but the total lack of perceptiveness is not. Nor are the miniature faces of star Anthony Mackie affixed to the heads of sperm swimming through these lesbians' Fallopian tubes, a visual gag better fitting a film like Look Who's Talking than one directed by a giant of his generation. As bizarre as it sometimes is, She Hate Me is also dispiritingly conventional -- it closes with a hackneyed courtroom scene complete with 11th hour vindicating evidence and a righteous speech. But the film's worst blunders are reserved for its casting, and not just Woody Harrelson playing the Saturday Night Live version of a crooked CEO. Lee indulges his nearly pathological need to cast John Turturro, but offers no better fit than the Mafia boss father of the character played by Monica Bellucci -- an actress only seven years his junior.

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Sony Pictures
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Special Features

Closed Caption; 7 deleted scenes; Behind the scenes featurette; Spike Lee commentary

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Anthony Mackie John Henry "Jack" Armstrong
Kerry Washington Fatima Goodrich
Ellen Barkin Margo Chadwick
Monica Bellucci Simona Bonasera
Jim Brown Geronimo Armstrong
Ossie Davis Judge Buchanan
Jamel Debbouze Doak
Brian Dennehy Chairman Church
Woody Harrelson Leland Powell
Bai Ling Oni
Lonette McKee Lottie Armstrong
Paula Jai Parker Evelyn
Q-Tip Vada Huff
Dania Ramirez Alex Guerrero
John Turturro Don Angelo Bonasera
Chiwetel Ejiofor Frank Willis
David Bennent Dr. Herman Schiller
Isiah Whitlock Agent Flood
Michole Briana White Nadiyah
Sarita Choudhury Song
Savannah Haske Rachel
Joie Lee Gloria Reid
Michael Genet Jamal Armstrong
Rick Aiello Rocco Bonasera
Chris Tardio Franco Bonasera
Roslyn Tate Lucy Armstrong
Christine Pepe Gia
Kym Hampton Stacey
Pauline Tautu Leilani
Angela Forrest Ruby
Martha Williams Fifi
Aura Grimolyte Ticha
Chris Magna Nino Bonasera
Samrat Chakrabarti Ahmad
Kandiss Edmundson Millie
Kristina Klebe Ruth Lacey
Jamilah Rutherford Terri
Marion McCorry Senator Jacobs
Hal Sherman Detective Boyd
Reynaldo Rosales Jimmy
James McCaffrey Bob
Kim Director Grace
T.V. Carpio Gail
Gerald Anthony Mr. Jennings
Peter Michael Marino John Dean
Don Harvey G. Gordon Liddy
Gary Evans H.R. Haldeman
Murphy Guyer John Erlichman
Keith Jochim Richard Nixon
Brian Simons Jeb Stuart Magruder
Jeff Hughes Oliver North
Richard Kelly Klansman
Wynne Anders Nurse
Jade Wu Midwife
P.J. Brown Sgt. Leper
Paul Albe James Mccord
Wass Stevens Frank Sturgis
Aynsley Lemon Eugenio Martinez
Carlos Leon Virgilio Gonzalez
Christopher Wynkoop Bernard Baker
Kendra Day Karen
Laura Jane Goodwin Norma
Kisha Batista Jo
Sope Phang Michelle
Alison Folland Doris
Tristan Taormino Olga
Muriel Hurtado Herrera Lorna
Jim Ward Detective Sholler
Lars Hanson Detective Barret
Tim Miller Bank President
Albert Zihenni Flood's Partner
Sandra Endo NY 1 Field Reporter
Martin Murphy Officer #1
Wynn Hall Doris' Girlfriend
Peter Kybart German Pastor
Patrick Reale Bodyguard
Rodney "Bear" Jackson Federal Correction Officer #1
Bradley C. Williams Federal Correction Officer #2
Charles Santy Police Officer
Alice Liu Oni's Girlfriend
Naja Hill Nadiyah's Girlfriend
Shakara Singh Evelyn's Girlfriend
Zakiya Ruby's Girlfriend
Poorna Song's Girlfriend
Sarah Desage Fifi's Girlfriend
Neisha Butler Stacey's Girlfriend
Catherine Rogers Jo's Girlfriend
Natasha Carabello Michelle's Girlfriend
Connie Freestone Karen's Girlfriend
Piper Corbett Norma's Girlfriend
Shira Bocar Rachel's Girlfriend
Terence Blanchard Conductor

Technical Credits
Spike Lee Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Carole Barone Makeup
Matthew Berkoski Stunts
Donna Berwick Costumes/Costume Designer
Terence Blanchard Score Composer
Todd Bozung Musical Direction/Supervision
Brigitte Broch Production Designer
Barry Alexander Brown Editor
Kim Coleman Casting
Howard Drossin Musical Arrangement
Mike Ellis Asst. Director
Peter Epstein Stunts
Sarah Frank Art Director
Michael Genet Original Story,Screenwriter
Cort Hessler Stunts
Preston Holmes Producer
Ken Ishii Sound Mixer
Matthew J. Libatique Cinematographer
Steve Mack Stunts
Jack McLaughlin Stunts
Jodi Michelle Pynn Stunts
Diego Quemada-Diaz Camera Operator
Tania Ribalow Makeup
Ricardo Sarmiento Camera Operator
Manny Siverio Stunts
Jim Spieler Animator
Craig Spitzer Co-producer
Fernando Sulichin Producer
Linda Williams Editor

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Start [:09]
2. Dr. Schiller [4:38]
3. Destroying Evidence [5:58]
4. Whistle Blower [3:30]
5. Fatima's Plan [5:39]
6. Unethical Behavior [5:08]
7. Frozen [3:28]
8. Serious Cashflow [4:38]
9. Dad [2:54]
10. Frank Wills [3:38]
11. Interview [6:07]
12. Come and Get It [7:16]
13. She Hate Me [5:09]
14. Flashback [7:57]
15. Sermons [6:38]
16. New Equation [3:54]
17. A Price For Everything [3:51]
18. The Store is Closed [4:25]
19. The Family [7:15]
20. Mr. Bonasera [4:33]
21. The Perp Walk [4:53]
22. Menace to Society [5:22]
23. Labor [4:10]
24. Senate Hearing [3:23]
25. Hypocrites [5:55]
26. "Go Home." [4:30]
27. Resolutions [1:03]
28. Family Portrait [5:45]
1. Vada Says Goodbye [:39]
2. Jamal & Jack Talk [1:43]
3. Alex & Jack Sex Scene [1:26]
4. Fatima Says Goodnight [1:00]
5. Jack Wants To Quit [1:03]
6. Jack & Mafia Make Twins [1:31]
7. Jack & Fatima On The Phone [1:30]


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4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I never heard of this movie until my brother rented it. I don't recall anyone promoting this film. After watching the movie, I see why. It touched on all the things right wing America does not want us to see. Imagine, a young articulate, good-looking, successful black man. A supportive, loving relationship between a black father and his son. The idea that gay's are people too who can have a binding and lasting relationship and have family values but socity will not allow them to adopt. Then he exposes corporate corruption and how little fish are the scapegoats and the big fish get away. Add to the fact that his movie comes out during the Bush re-election period. Well, you draw your own conclusion. Anyway, the movie is one of the best I¿ve seen in years. But Hollywood keeps promoting films like Soul Plane!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
hilariously entertaining..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A watched this movie a few times, and still, I have to say it is not one of Spike Lee's best and this is why no one has heard of this one. It is no more controversial than "Do The Right Thing". However, it should have been two separate movies because it had two separate plots that were pathetically sewn together with the insemination story.
On one hand Spike is trying to depict the fate of a Black male executive who is fired and blacklisted because of a whistleblowing incident regarding an AIDS drug manufactured by his company. The other plot is a lesbian couple (Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez) wanting to start a family with the help of (Mackie) and the situation becoming a money-making opportunity when he chooses to inseminate several lesbians.
Like I previously stated, if this were two separate movies it would have been better. As it is, you don't know what the main plot is supposed to be and there are too many messages trying to be delivered. However, Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez did give good performances. There is alot of star power in the movie, but it seems that Spike did not know exactly where to go with this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago