Sherlock Holmes Collection

Sherlock Holmes Collection

Director: Terence Fisher, Thom Eberhardt Cast: Billy Wilder, Peter Cushing

DVD (Wide Screen / Full Frame)

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Sherlock Holmes Collection

In the 17th century, the arrogant, cruel Hugo Baskerville (David Oxley) brutalizes a servant and prepares to turn the man's daughter over to his equally depraved companions, but she escapes. When he catches up with the girl in a ruined abbey, he kills her and then is attacked and killed himself by a huge hound that is never seen. The audience then learns that this story is being told in flashback to Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) and Dr. Watson (Andre Morell) by Dr. Richard Mortimer (Francis DeWolff). He was the physician and friend to the late Sir Charles Baskerville, who recently died -- apparently of fright -- on the Devonshire moors near that same ruined abbey. Holmes is very skeptical, but agrees to meet Sir Henry Baskerville (Christopher Lee), who has just arrived in London to claim the estate. Sir Henry is cold and aloof but becomes convinced he's in danger when he's almost bitten by a tarantula. Holmes insists that he not go to Baskerville Hall alone, so Holmes sends Watson to Devonshire with Sir Henry. In Devonshire, Sir Henry and Watson learn that an escaped convict, Selden, is at large on the moor. Watson meets local Bishop Frankland (Miles Malleson), and later on the moor, Baskerville's neighbors, Stapleton (Ewen Solon) and his daughter, Cecile (Marla Landi). Watson is almost trapped in one of the many bogs that dot the moors, but he escapes. Later, leaving Sir Henry stricken with a mild heart attack at the hall, Watson ventures again onto the moors, and to his surprise, discovers Sherlock Holmes there. Holmes has been hiding and watching for developments. They hear the howl of the hound, and are too late to prevent the huge beast from killing a man they take for Sir Henry. But back at Baskerville Hall, they find Sir Henry alive and well: the dead man was the convict Selden, dressed in some old clothes of Sir Henry's. At the ruined abbey, they find evidence that a strange rite has been performed. When Holmes visits Frankland for information, he learns that someone has stolen the bishop's tarantula. (He's an amateur naturalist.) Meanwhile, near Baskerville Hall, Sir Henry meets Cecile, and they are attracted to one another. Holmes, Mortimer and Stapleton descend into a disused tin mine in search of evidence, but a cave-in almost traps Holmes. That evening, when Sir Henry goes to meet Cecile on the moors, he learns that she actually hates him, and that the hound is now on his trail. Holmes and Watson arrive almost too late to save him, but Holmes kills the hound and reveals it's an ordinary, if large, dog in a mask. The villain is a descendant of Sir Hugo's from "the wrong side of the sheets"; he and his daughter were determined to use the legend of the Hound to kill those standing between them and Baskerville Hall. No movie version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous novel follows its source very closely, and this colorful Hammer film is no exception. An extra killer is added, events are compressed, and even the novel's most famous line -- "they were the tracks of an enormous hound!" -- is omitted. The film also suffers at times from a budget too low for its ambitions and by extraneous elements aimed at making it more like a Hammer movie, such as the unexplained "rite." However, the movie has a brisk pace and particularly strong characters. Lee, initially icy and arrogant -- perhaps to remind us of Sir Hugo -- thaws into a likable person romantic enough to fall in love, atypically for Lee. Andre Morell is one of the most solid and realistic Watsons ever; there's nothing whatever of the harrumphing Nigel Bruce, no comedy elements to the role at all. He's straightforward, heroic in his own right. But the triumph of the film was the casting of Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes. Cushing's Holmes is vivid, dynamic and arrogant; the actor does not even attempt to make Holmes likable, but instead plays the character exactly as Doyle wrote him. It's a performance of steely integrity and terrific skill, one of the greatest Holmes performances ever. Cushing later played Holmes in a television series, and became as identified with the role in England as Basil Rathbone was in the United States. Cushing returned once again to the role late in life, in the TV movie The Masks of Death, as well as writing about Holmes for several books.

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Release Date: 12/15/2009
UPC: 0883904155164
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame, Wide Screen]
Time: 5:18:00

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Peter Cushing Sherlock Holmes
Andre Morell Dr. Watson
Michael Caine "Sherlock Holmes"/Reginald Kincaid
Robert Stephens Sherlock Holmes
Ben Kingsley Dr. Watson
Colin Blakely Dr. John H. Watson,Dr. Watson
Christopher Lee Sir Henry Baskerville,Mycroft Holmes
Irene Handl Mrs. Hudson
Jeffrey Jones Inspector Lestrade
Genevieve Page Gabrielle Valladon
Lysette Anthony Fake Leslie
Marla Landi Cecile
Miles Malleson Bishop Frankland
Paul Freeman Dr. Moriarty
Stanley Holloway 1st Gravedigger
David Oxley Sir Hugo Baskerville
Tamara Toumanova Petrova
Clive Revill Rogozhin
George Benson Inspector Lestrade
Catherine Lacey Old Lady
Mollie Maureen Queen Victoria
Peter Madden Von Tirpitz
Robert Cawdron Hotel Manager
Michael Elwyn Cassidy
Michael Balfour Cabby
Frank Thornton Porter
Kenneth Benda Minister
Graham Armitage Wiggins
John Garrie First Carter
Godfrey James 2d Carter
Philip Anthony Lieutenant Commander
Anne Blake Madame
Penny Brahms Actor
Martin Carroll Actor
James Copeland Guide
Eric Francis 2nd Gravedigger
John Gatrell Equerry
Paul Hansard Monk
Ina DeLa Haye Petrova's Maid
Annette Kerr Secretary
Wendy Lingham Actor
Alex McCrindle Baggageman
Kynaston Reeves Old Man
Philip Ross McKellar
John Scott Scientist
Paul Stassino Actor

Technical Credits
Billy Wilder Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Terence Fisher Director
Thom Eberhardt Director
David Blair Choreography
Christopher G. Challis Cinematographer
Harry Cordwell Set Decoration/Design
I.A.L. Diamond Screenwriter
Ernest Gasser Makeup
Julie Harris Costumes/Costume Designer
Tony Inglis Art Director
Cliff John Richardson Special Effects
Miklós Rózsa Score Composer
Alexandre Trauner Production Designer
Wally Veevers Special Effects
Ernest Walter Editor

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Sherlock Holmes Collection - The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
1. Main Title / Boredom [8:22]
2. A Night at the Ballet [8:35]
3. Interesting Proposition [8:31]
4. Women and Men [7:54]
5. One Beautiful Amnesiac [8:50]
6. Jonah Ltd. [9:53]
7. 32 Ashdown Street [8:02]
8. A Brother's Warning [8:00]
9. Three Boxes [7:52]
10. Four Midgets [8:03]
11. The Right Castle? [6:58]
12. A Dip in the Loch [7:21]
13. The Red Runner [5:03]
14. "We Are Not Ashamed" [7:42]
15. Eternal Silence [6:33]
16. Ease the Pain / End Credits [7:27]
Disc #2, Side A -- Sherlock Holmes Collection - The Hound of the Baskervilles
1. Main Title / Legend [9:52]
2. "A Two-Pipe Problem" [6:45]
3. Tarantula! [11:41]
4. Sherry & Small Talk [4:28]
5. Mired in Mystery [6:25]
6. Someone's Out There! [4:44]
7. Holmes! / Sir Henry! [7:48]
8. Depths of Humanity [2:07]
9. "He Was Ill!" [2:14]
10. Fighting Evil [4:35]
11. Moors, Mist, Passion [4:15]
12. "Everyone is Suspect" [4:57]
13. Terror Under Ground [7:50]
14. The Curse is On You! [6:50]
15. "Elementary..." [:56]
16. End Credits [:35]
Disc #2, Side B -- Sherlock Holmes Collection - Without a Clue
1. Case Open / Main Title [:10]
2. Sacked [6:37]
3. Peer Pressure [6:37]
4. Counterfeit [6:57]
5. Sleuth at Work [7:55]
6. Eyewitness News [7:58]
7. Hanging by a Thread [6:59]
8. A Bad Reaction [6:57]
9. A Job Well Done [9:01]
10. Bull's-Eye [7:32]
11. The 23rd Psalm [6:20]
12. "Shadow of Death" [8:15]
13. "Splendid Job" [6:05]
14. Stagestruck [4:40]
15. Swordplay [4:26]
16. Case Closed / End Credits [5:43]

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