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Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment

4.6 6
Director: Jim Sharman

Cast: Cliff De Young, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn

The sequel to the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film follows the further adventures of Brad (Cliff De Young) and Janet (Jessica Harper), as the now-married couple travels to a small town to appear on a game show. However, once on-stage, they discover that they are trapped on the television show with a bunch of unusual characters.


The sequel to the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film follows the further adventures of Brad (Cliff De Young) and Janet (Jessica Harper), as the now-married couple travels to a small town to appear on a game show. However, once on-stage, they discover that they are trapped on the television show with a bunch of unusual characters.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
Immediately savaged by critics and hesitantly embraced by Rocky Horror Picture Show devotees who struggled to respond to this film in a similar manner as they did the original, this anemic sequel suffered problems from its inception. Though the script was written as a direct sequel, early budget cuts forced director Jim Sharman to scale down the production, and Tim Curry's refusal to participate left the filmmakers scratching their heads for a way to innovate with regards to the film's plot. Add to that the fact that all of the songs had already been written and new actors were brought in to replace Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon, and it's a slight miracle that the film ever saw the light of day in the first place. Featuring much of the same cast other than the three leads, the infectious energy of the original seems to be in place, but the problem is that there is no focus. The result is a confusing mess that, despite moments of inspired insanity, sadly fails to live up to the standard set by the original. A film like The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a once-in-a-lifetime chance occurrence, and the way audiences responded to that film was even more rare. To place those expectations on this sequel would be unfair, though ultimately that's exactly what audiences and critics did. That expectation combined with the fact that this is simply a weak film are the elements which ultimately formed a recipe for disaster. Despite the film's numerous failures, the one place where it does shine is the soundtrack. Even if the elements to form a good film could not be adequately utilized, Richard O' Brien's songwriting talents remained as formidable as ever. Featuring a variety if infectiously inspired tunes peppered with witty lyrics and irresistible hooks, fans of the music in The Rocky Horror Picture Show are strongly advised to seek out this soundtrack. It may not make you forget the film, but it'll sure ease the pain of disappointment after watching it.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Full-length audio commentary by Shock Treatment fan club presidents Mad Man Mike and Bill Brennan; All-new DTS Presents: A Shockumentary; Lets Rock 'n' Roll: Shock Treatment's Super Score Featurette; Original theatrical trailer; International trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Cliff De Young Brad Majors/Farley Flavors
Richard O'Brien Cosmo McKinley
Patricia Quinn Nation McKinley
Charles Gray Judge Oliver Wright
Ruby Wax Betty Hapschatt
Nell Campbell Nurse Ansalong
Rik Mayall "Rest Home" Ricky
Barry Humphries Bert Schnick
Darlene Johnson Emily Weiss
Manning Redwood Harry Weiss
Wendy Raebeck Macy Struthers
Jeremy Newson Ralph Hapschatt
Christopher Malcolm Vance
Rufus Collins Neely and Her Crew
Donald Waugh Actor
Betsy Brantley Neely
Ray Charleson Floor Manager
Eugene Lipinski Kirk
Barry Dennen Irwin Lapsey
Imogen Claire Wardrobe Mistress
Gary Shail Oscar Drill and the Bits
David John Oscar Drill and the Bits
Jessica Harper Janet

Technical Credits
Jim Sharman Director,Screenwriter
Lou Adler Producer
Richard Bedford Editor
Sue Blane Costumes/Costume Designer
John Goldstone Producer
Gillian Gregory Choreography
Richard Hartley Score Composer,Songwriter
Michael White Producer
Michael Molloy Cinematographer
Richard O'Brien Score Composer,Songwriter,Screenwriter
Andrew Sanders Art Director
Roger Simons Asst. Director
Bob Smith Cinematographer
Brian Thomson Production Designer,Screenwriter
Bruce White Sound/Sound Designer
Bruce White Sound/Sound Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Shock Treatment
1. Main Titles [1:09]
2. Overture [2:15]
3. Denton, U.S.A. [3:16]
4. Interviewing Judge Wright [3:01]
5. The Glorious Bert Schnick [5:00]
6. Bitchin' in the Kitchen [3:03]
7. Dentonvale [4:07]
8. In My Own Way [2:06]
9. Happy Homes [2:52]
10. Thank God I'm a Man [1:27]
11. Conspiracy [3:44]
12. Farley's Song [2:18]
13. The Next Episode [3:57]
14. Lullaby [2:57]
15. The Wardrobe Room [2:22]
16. Little Black Dress [:57]
17. Janet's Debut [1:15]
18. Me of Me [3:19]
19. Written Out [3:17]
20. Shock Treatment [2:19]
21. We Want Janet! [5:43]
22. Looking for Trade [3:50]
23. Sanity for Today [1:49]
24. Look What I Did to My Id [2:01]
25. Twin One and Twin Two [3:01]
26. Breaking Out [1:45]
27. Farley Flavors [1:51]
28. Miss Mental Health [5:28]
29. Duel Duet [2:38]
30. Macy Struthers [4:08]
31. Anyhow, Anyhow [2:37]
32. End Titles [2:25]

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Shock Treatment 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shock Treatment is a vividly bright neon firecracker of a rock musical. Don't even think about Rocky Horror when viewing it, just enjoy the whacked out WAY ahead of its time satirical look at suburban america, the obsession with the cult of celebrity, reality television, and the health care system. Just try and resist the rockin "Breaking Out" or the "time Warp"esque title track "Shock Treatment".
BubbaSunshine More than 1 year ago
I definitely can see why most Rocky Fans have a difficult time liking this movie. However, the movie on its own is very much a different story. As a RHPS fan myself, i didn't want to see Brad and Janet like this, however, to finally see Janet be strong and Brad to be helpless is a little discerning but a fresh change in a good way. Cliff DeYoung as Brad was more than I could ask for as a viewer. His cute dork-iness and innocence makes his character worth rooting for, but on the other hand Cliff DeYoung as Farley Flavors, you see that Mr. DeYoung has the ability to go from one extreme to the other. Jessica Harper as Janet was a good choice in my opinion. She had that strong character to make Janet the heroine and the ultimate savior for Brad and Farley's ultimate downfall. An amazing change from the Janet in RHPS to the take charge Janet in Shock Treatment. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, myself. I don't belittle those who don't like it. The Soundtrack, I actually had to order it too. I love it. I have the songs all over my MP3 players and in my cd player.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As many people put it, this is a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, the fact is, it's not. As one tagline of Shock Treatment says, 'It's not a pre-quel, it's not a sequel. It's an equal.' So don't be fooled. This movie is wonderful. So much energy from the cast. The songs are terrific and so is the music. Same to Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn, Dr.'s Cosmo and Nation McKinley. Little Nell is Nurse Ansalong and Rik Mayall(Drop Dead Fred) as 'Rest Home' Ricky. And a standing ovation to Barry Humphries of the Dame Edna fame as Bert Schnick. Though I don't watch this movie as much as I do Rocky Horror, I still enjoy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Shock Treatment(aka) The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2 brad and janet end up on a crazy game show for newly weds. Only to find out that was it brads evil twin who put them their, and his plan is to take Janet away from brad and keep her for himself. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was only the start of This fun madness. If you loved Rocky Horror I think will love Shock Treatment as well!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is outstanding!! you will love it! If you are a Rocky Horror fan, you must watch this as a movie, not a sequal to your beloved cult film. To learn more about it, visit www.cosmosfactory.org. the songs are great and the film has incredable value.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I will give the movie 4 stars (****)because it is a good movie to watch. At least there were 5 out of 6 people from the movie''The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'' There were Magenta, Riff Raff, Columbia, Ralph, and the Crimologist. They played and sang very good.