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3.3 6
Director: Tom Dey

Cast: Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Rene Russo


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Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy team in the action comedy Showtime, which comes to DVD with a standard full-frame transfer that fails to preserve the original theatrical aspect ratio. English and French soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1. Subtitles are accessible in both of those languages, as well as Spanish. Supplemental materials include a


Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy team in the action comedy Showtime, which comes to DVD with a standard full-frame transfer that fails to preserve the original theatrical aspect ratio. English and French soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1. Subtitles are accessible in both of those languages, as well as Spanish. Supplemental materials include a commentary track recorded by director Tom Dey and producer Jorge Saralegui, deleted scenes, a making-of featurette that first appeared on HBO, and a theatrical trailer.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Here’s something of a rarity: A raucously satirical film that’s actually a perfect example of the genre it’s lampooning. Showtime is a lighthearted police procedural of the type commonly referred to as a "buddy movie," and two more unlikely screen buddies could hardly have been cast. Robert De Niro plays granite-tough LAPD detective Mitch Preston, whose no-nonsense approach to law enforcement puts him at odds with his public-relations-minded superiors. In an attempt to soften both his and the department’s image, Mitch is ordered to appear in a reality-based TV show with beat officer Trey Sellars (Eddie Murphy), a wannabe actor more interested in signing autographs than busting perps. The gimmick here is that Preston is on the trail of some very bad people -- vicious foreign gangsters who’ve obtained newly designed weapons with enormous firepower. Consequently, the action is fast, furious, and occasionally quite violent. Director Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon) maintains the perfect balance between clowning and crime fighting, gleefully poking a cinematic finger in the eyes of TV producers whose pursuit of "reality" seldom includes telling the plain, unvarnished truth. In one of her best performances to date, Rene Russo portrays the show’s producer, Chase Renzi, whose innovations include redesigning police headquarters to make it visually appealing to viewers, eliciting on-camera confessions from Mitch and Trey, and following the officers with a camera crew -- while they’re working undercover. William Shatner, playing himself in the latest of a string of comedic supporting turns, takes some good-natured ribbing for his cornball antics in the old cop show T. J. Hooker. Given their respective backgrounds and previous hit films, De Niro and Murphy might seem like the oddest of odd couples, but they have terrific chemistry together, which is principally why Showtime succeeds as great entertainment. Dey, producer Jorge Saralegui, and editor Billy Weber supply a commentary for the DVD, which also includes several extended scenes and a handful of unused, improvisational "confession" scenes.
Los Angeles Times
Showtime is a fine-looking film with a bouncy score and a clutch of lively songs for deft punctuation. Kevin Thomas

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Full Frame]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; "HBO First Look: The Making of Showtime"; Feature-length audio commentary by director Tom Dey and producer Jorge Saralegui; Additional/extended scenes include the entire premiere party sequence and Eddie Murphy improvs; Interactive menus; Theatrical trailer; Cast/director film highlights; Scene access languages: English & Français (Dubbed in Qubec) ; Subtitles: English, Français, & Español; Enhanced features for your DVD-ROM PC: Link to original theatrical web site and other locations, Log on to future online events

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Robert De Niro Mitch Preston
Eddie Murphy Trey Sellars
Rene Russo Chase Renzi
Pedro Damien Vargas
Mos Def Lazy Boy
Frankie R. Faison Captain Winship
William Shatner Himself
Nestor Serrano Ray
Drena De Niro Annie
Linda Hart Waitress
Taj "T.J." Cross ReRun
Judah Friedlander Julio
Kadeem Hardison Kyle
Peter Jacobson Brad Slocum
Kenneth Hudson Campbell Cop in Gym
John Cariani Charlie
Maurice Compte Chili
Rachael Harris Teacher
Zaid Farid Captain (Audition)
Alan Borstein Casting Director
Holly Mandel Producer
Marshall Manesh Convenience Store Owner
James Roday Cameraman
Joel Hurt Jones Reporter #1
Chris Harrison Reporter #2
Perri Peltz Reporter #3
Amy Powell Reporter #4
Debra Snell Reporter #5
Chris Ufland Reporter #6
Ewan Chung Ping Pong Opponent
Andrew Wilson Locker Room Cop #1
Larry Joe Campbell Locker Room Cop #2
Reggie Gaskins Locker Room Cop #3
Johnnie L. Cochran Himself
Rick Cramer Duty Officer
Joyce Bryant Lexi
Freez Luv Freez
Merlin Santana Hector
Julian Dulce Vida J.J.
Jeff Sanders Big Boy
Robert Joseph Gangbanger #4
Angela Rosa Alvarado Gina Reyes
Kirk Ward Parking Garage Police #1
Reggie Jordan Parking Garage Police #2
Lucille M. Oliver Screaming Woman
Callie Childers Pool Girl
Tom Billett Freddy Bouncer #2
Henry Kingi Garbage Truck Driver
Neil Mather Uniform
Joel Elliott Animal Welfare Worker #1
Grant Sawyer Animal Welfare Worker #2
Christopher Darga Announcer At Gun Show
Clement Blake Gun Show Patron
Lisa Renee Pitts Female Cop #1
Teresa DePriest Female Cop #2
John Polce Police Officer
Alan Silvestri Conductor

Technical Credits
Tom Dey Director
Robert Alonzo Stunts
Starly Alvarado Stunts
Michael Amundson Asst. Director
Shane Anderson Stunts
Pete Antico Stunts
Seth Arnett Stunts
Rick Avery Stunts
Joni Avery Stunts
Bruce Berman Executive Producer
Freddy Bouciegues Stunts
Janet Brady Stunts
Eddie Braun Stunts
Jon Braver Stunts
Charlie Brewer Stunts
Jophery Brown Stunts
Bob Brown Stunts
Virgil E. Carter Stunts
John Cenatiempo Stunts
Christal Chacon Stunts
Aliza Chameides Animator
Ellen Chenoweth Casting,Costumes/Costume Designer
Billy Clevenger Camera Operator
Fetteroff Colen Costumes/Costume Designer
Brycen Counts Stunts
Leo Creer Stunts
Esteban Cueto Stunts
Thomas Dadras Animator
Gregg G. Dandridge Stunts
Chic Daniel Stunts
Steve M. Davidson Stunts
Elaine Davis Costumes/Costume Designer
Deborah M. Davis Costumes/Costume Designer
Mark Davison Camera Operator
Eddy Donno Stunts
Robert DoQui Stunts
Channing Dungey Co-producer
Jared Eddo Stunts
John Edward Stunts
Ousuan Elam Stunts
Kenny Endoso Stunts
Richard Epper Stunts
Daniel Epper Stunts
Corey Michael Eubanks Stunts
Dane Farwell Stunts
John Fasal Set Decoration/Design,Sound/Sound Designer
Glory Fioramonti Stunts
Andree Gibbs Stunts
Andy Gill Stunts
Mark Ginther Stunts
Gilberto Gonzales Animator
Alfred Gough Screenwriter
Anita Hart Stunts
Ilona Herman Makeup
Nick Hermz Stunts
Mark Hicks Stunts
Hollis Hill Stunts
Bill Hiney Set Decoration/Design
Gregory K. Hoffman Stunts
Norman Howell Stunts
Geoff Hubbard Art Director
Jamie Anderson Cinematographer
Gina Jensen Stunts
Justin Jones Animator
Mike Justus Stunts
Josh King Asst. Director
Thomas Kloss Cinematographer
James Lassiter Executive Producer
Christopher Lawrence Costumes/Costume Designer
George R. Lee Set Decoration/Design
Erik Lemoss-Rettner Costumes/Costume Designer
Kelly Lindquist Costumes/Costume Designer
James Logan Stunts
Robert Lurye Animator
Jalil Lynch Stunts
Jeff Mann Production Designer
Eric McLeod Executive Producer
Michael McQuarn Musical Direction/Supervision
Joel Merritt Animator
Miles Millar Screenwriter
Vera Moder Makeup
Bennie Moore Stunts
Marty Murray Stunts
Nick Navarro Set Decoration/Design
Otto Nemenz Cinematographer
Cheryl Nick Makeup
Chuck Norman Stunts
Marci Olivi Costumes/Costume Designer
Shane Paish Makeup
Christine Paola Stunts
Michael Papajohn Stunts
Steve Picerni Stunts
Chuck Picerni Stunts
Tessa Posnansky Set Decoration/Design
Hammerhead Productions Special Effects
Pat Romano Stunts
Jane Rosenthal Producer
Fred Roth Asst. Director
Dennis S. Sands Sound Mixer
Jorge Saralegui Original Story,Producer,Screenwriter
Felipe Savahge Stunts
Anthony Schmidt Stunts
Keith Sharon Screenwriter
Craig Shugart Stunts
Joel Sill Musical Direction/Supervision
Spike Silver Stunts
Alan Silvestri Score Composer
Louis Simon Stunts
Deborah Slate Costumes/Costume Designer
Will Smith Executive Producer
Bryan Souders Stunts
C.C. Taylor Stunts
Beck Taylor Set Decoration/Design
Jonathan Watson Asst. Director
Billy Weber Editor
Danny Weselis Stunts
Cheryl Wheeler Stunts
Lisa Wong Costumes/Costume Designer
Danny Wynands Stunts
Dick Ziker Stunts

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Two Cops at Work. [4:27]
2. Suspicious Activity. [4:00]
3. Guns and Cuffs Out. [3:13]
4. Camera Unfriendly. [1:47]
5. The Guy's a Series. [2:40]
6. Star of the Show. [4:02]
7. Anger for Lunch [2:40]
8. Street Audition. [4:13]
9. Cool With Lazy Boy. [3:09]
10. TV Cop's Arsenal. [4:34]
11. Speech for Speech. [2:41]
12. Crucial Evidence. [3:02]
13. Surprise Guy Time. [3:04]
14. Auto Show. [2:25]
15. Showtime. [5:54]
16. Justice Channel Guy. [:26]
17. Club Cuba Loca. [6:42]
18. Trey's Resume. [4:13]
19. Sympathetic Décor. [2:10]
20. Cut to to the Chase. [1:50]
21. Good Hood Jumping. [4:27]
22. Broken Apart. [1:42]
23. Face and Voice Recognition. [3:37]
24. Gun Show Gunplay. [3:59]
25. Shot by the Camera. [2:56]
26. Wet and Dry Bondings. [2:57]
27. Bloopers (Showtime). [2:41]
28. End Credits (Swingin'). [1:27]


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Showtime 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
R.de niro is an great actor but the sceen playaer isn't good.Eddy is great too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
ok now if u havnt seen this movie DONT!!! i had the terrible pleasure of sitting 4 an hour and a half through this garbage... and if you've seen this and are looking forward to owning this movie may god have mercy on you. Eddie murphy and DeNiro have enough money.. you think they liked it? This movie is the master of disguise crossd over with MIB 2. Its like seeing Batman and Robin all over again. So ive takin the time to warn all of you of this big mistake. and just so you dont leave empty handed check out some better titles....
moviewatcher More than 1 year ago
Showtime, what can you say about De Niro and Murphy, together, spoofing "Cops". Especially when William Shatner provides them with acting tips. This is a great comedy movie that the whole family can watch together. I enjoy watching this over and over again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a fun time, relaxing and a little bit of romance this will do the job. I'm looking to buy the soundtrack which is excellent!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you haven't seen ''Showtime,'' it's more funny than anything else! The trailer is so funny, whoever watches it gets fun coming, because it's one funny movie of the year!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago