Sister Hazel: A Life In the Day

Sister Hazel: A Life In the Day

Director:  Cast: Sister Hazel

DVD (Letterbox)

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Release Date: 01/20/2004
UPC: 0677516102698
Original Release: 2003
Rating: NR
Source: Rock Ridge Music
Presentation: [Letterbox]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 3:09:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Feature-length documentary (full-screen); Full live concert (letterboxed); Dolby 5.1 Surround and Stereo audio; Digitally mastered; Instant access to songs, scenes, and features

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Risin' and Shining [10:17]
2. A Return to the Beginning [8:40]
3. Life in a Nutshell [9:42]
4. Road Dogs [9:34]
5. Going Home [16:29]
6. The Rock Boat [12:15]
7. Hazelgating [13:44]
8. The Wrap [1:50]
1. Life Got in the Way [4:20]
2. Change Your Mind [5:05]
3. Just Remember [6:46]
4. Your Mistake [4:58]
5. Champagne High [5:06]
6. Strange Cup of Tea [5:27]
7. Everybody [3:44]
8. Swan Dive [4:51]
9. Come Around [4:33]
10. Beautiful Thing [4:53]
11. Killing Me Too [5:14]
12. Your Winter [4:32]
13. All for You [7:04]
14. Happy [8:20]
15. Thank You [6:07]
16. Encore: Out There [4:47]
17. Encore: Superman [5:04]
18. Encore: Credits [:51]

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Sister Hazel: A Life In the Day 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
'A Life in the Day' is so beautiful. There words speak out to the audience and are an inspiration for all. I admire their hard work and dedication for music, which have made them who they are today. Thank you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sister Hazel has come a long way since they first became a band. This DVD not only shows you live footage of an entire Sister Hazel concert, but it takes you inside the world of Sister Hazel. Everything from a tour of their hometown (including a history of the band), backstage footage from many of the shows from their last tour, and much more! It is just a very candid look at a very fan-friendly band. A must for everyone!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
'A Life In The Day' is an unmatched view of everything Sister Hazel. The DVD includes a feature-length documentary that brings you into every nook and cranny as the band travels the country making music and mischief.  Featuring behind-the-scenes footage of sold out shows from Tampa to Chicago, as well as a ticket on Sister Hazel's annual Concert Cruise, The Rock Boat.  All of the good vibes and good humor that you've come to expect from this Florida five-piece are in evidence here as you go into the dressing room, tour bus, hotel room and share their thoughts on music and life.  After the documentary, sit back and enjoy a Sister Hazel concert like no other.  Shot at Orlando's House Of Blues, the 17-song concert feature brings all of the warmth and energy of a real Hazel gig to your living room.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sister Hazel fans (aka Hazelnuts) have been waiting for a chance to finally get to know their favorite band, just, a little bit better. You get to see the guys on the tour bus with their crew, doing the crazy things only Sister Hazel can do and you get to see a live concert. There is also coverage of the Rock Boat '03 and Drew and Ken take you on an adventure telling you how it all started. You really do get to experience a life in the day of Sister Hazel. There is also a live concert, where you get to see how Sister Hazel actually acts on stage, they didn't do what they did just for the video cameras. It is Sister Hazel. I highly recommend this DVD to any Sister Hazel fan and any person who is even thinking about buying it. It is definitly worth the money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Imagine, just for one minute, having the life of a rock star. Imagine touring from city to city, playing with so much passion on stage in front of thousands night after night, riding on your very own tour bus, leaving fans on cloud nine for days, and doing what you love for a living. It¿s everyone¿s dream. Now, imagine your family and those you love. Imagine the sacrifices, the commitments, and the hard decisions you have to make by being on the road all the time. It¿s sort of bittersweet in it¿s own way. However, you don¿t have to imagine it any longer. ¿A Life In The Day¿ portrays five down-to-earth guys trying to juggle it all. Ken Block, Andrew Copeland, Jett ¿Jeff-Jett¿ Beres, Mark Trojanowski, and Ryan Newell are the five pieces of the puzzle, which is known as the group Sister Hazel. It¿s witty, inspiring, hilarious, and full of stories. It¿s a must have! You won¿t regret it for one second! The concert portion of the DVD is brilliant! From the lighting and sound to the music and the crowd, I have never seen anything better than this! What more could you ask for than great music and a good `ole time! It features a killer version of ¿All For You,¿ the heartfelt encore ¿Out There,¿ and guitar solo mastery in songs like ¿Happy.¿ Also, one thing that you can¿t miss is the infamous spin in ¿Change Your Mind.¿ So, buy it today and curl up on the couch one night, but I promise you, you won¿t be sitting for long!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sister Hazel, a well known name throughout the music industry has always produce quality untouched sound and musical ability. I have known about Sister Hazel since I was a little kid and have always loved their music. All the time i see musical DVDs and wanted one from Sister Hazel. Well, known they have one, and its nothing short of perfect. Sister Hazel gives a wonderful indepth look at their band, and just exactly what THEIR life is like being musicians. The DVD has everything from their lyrics, to a 'House of Blues' concert along with a full documentary while they traveled on their tour. It was exciting to see some of the stuff on the DVD that i have actually scene and heard happen in person like one of the messed up radio shows in my home town. You'll also get a good look into each of the members and even their manager, and tour manager. Sister Hazel is a great band that enjoys what they do and has fun doing it. The DVD 'A Life in the Day' is a great DVD to own and anyone should be proud to own a copy of it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A Life in the Day is quite possibly one of the best music DVDs you can buy. From the behind the scenes documentary, you see just how real the guys in Sister Hazel are and how much they love what they do and how much they love their fans. Be prepared to laugh like you've never laughed before as these guys can make any situation comical. The concert portion of the DVD manages to capture the energy of their live shows. You can see for yourself the passion these guys have and the love that their fans have for them. Be prepared to be in awe of the live Sister Hazel experience. This DVD will be all you expect and then some. You will not be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
So who are Sister Hazel and what are they all about, you ask? Well look no further than their DVD 'A Life in the Day', which is packed with goodies to watch! Not only does it include a full length documentary but also a high energy, well performed concert. As part of there documentary they take you on the road in order to show you life on the bus, backstage, and even in hotel rooms! The light hearted sense of humor and amazing youth that Sister Hazel brings to the table will keep you smiling for hours! Each member of the band has one on one time with the camera allowing you to meet and become personal with them and their roots! The band is constantly giving back to their fans and on the DVD is no exception. You are shown glimpses of how their appreciation is shown everyday! Now what would a band be without the people behind the scenes? The documentary even interviews the crew and allows for their hard work to be recognized. One crew member said it best, 'it's all about making fun and making music.' That is what Sister Hazel does and they prove it so much when their personalities are allowed to shine in this documentary! Finished getting the dirt on the individual band members? Well you're not done yet! A full length concert will be sure to knock your socks off! With different audio choices you can watch however you want but my suggestion is LOUD! This proves that they really are a 'high octane rock and roll band!' Five separate members take the stage to produce an atmosphere of one solid Rock and Roll unit. With excellent camera work and fast paced editing you can't help but feel completely in the experience! The passion with which Sister Hazel performs is more than apparent during this concert. The play list consists of an excellent blend of new and old Sister Hazel songs which will keep you singing for hours! Overall the entire DVD is magical and very well put together with wonderful editing and strategic placement of music! I recommend that everyone see this project and allow for Sister Hazel to show what wonderful, hardworking, compassionate, and talented people they all are! Overall the best band DVD I have seen to date!