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Slapstick Greats

Slapstick Greats


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Release Date:
St Clair Vision
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Special Features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Bobby Ray Blatz,Actor
Buster Keaton Actor,Ronald,Willie Canfield,Johnnie Gray
James Finlayson Hillory
Larry Fine Larry
Leon Belasco Actor
Moe Howard Moe
Oliver Hardy Actor,Another Blatz,Oliver,Dangerous Dan McGrew
Stan Laurel Actor,Rhubarb Vaselino,Stan,Sunkist
Anne Cornwall Mary Haines
Clyde Cook Actor
Connee Boswell Actor
Eddie Baker Orange Blossom
Ernest Torrence "Steamboat Bill" Canfield
Julie Leonard Caramel
Larry Semon The Speed Kid
Curly Howard Curly
Dorothy Dwan Lou
Edward S. Brophy Moose
Flora Bramley Mary's Friend
Frank Alexander Actor,Avery DuPays
Hazel Newman nurse
Jean Parker Georgette
Katherine Grant Little Valencia
Lyle Tayo Nanette
Marion Mack Annabelle Lee
Shemp Howard Shemp
Tom Lewis Tom Carter
Tyler Brooke Actor
Adolph Milar Actor
Emil Sitka Actor
George Lewis Gin-a-Rummy
Glen Cavender Capt. Anderson
Harold Goodwin Jeff Brown, a Rival
Harry McCoy Dr. Brown
Reginald Gardiner Francois
Tiny Jones Juror
Tom McGuire John James King
Vernon Dent Actor
Wallace Beery Actor
Windy Cook Actor
Bill O'Brien Juror
Buddy Mason Jeff's Friend
Charles B. Middleton Commandant
Christine McIntyre Actor
Edward G. Robinson Actor
Frank Lackteen Haffa Dolla
Jim Farley Gen, Thatcher
John Eldredge Actor
Marion Byron Mary King
Virginia Hunter Actor
Fred Vroom Southern General
Grant Withers Jeff's Friend
James J. Jeffries The Smithy

Technical Credits
Charles "Chuck" Riesner Director
Charles McDonald Director
Clyde Bruckman Director
Edward Bernds Director
Edward Sutherland Director
George Cahan Director
George Jeske Director
Gilbert Pratt Director
Jack White Director
James W. Horne Director
Jesse Robbins Director
Jules White Director
Larry Semon Director
Percy Pembroke Director
Phil Karlson Director
Stan Laurel Director
Ted Burnsten Director
Ward Hayes Director
William McGann Director
Buster Keaton Director
Noel Mason Smith Director
Norman Taurog Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Buster Keaton
1. Wet Graduation [9:15]
2. Clayton [6:24]
3. Fizzical Exercise [11:48]
4. Black Mask [6:14]
5. On the Track [8:41]
6. Coxswain [5:51]
7. Race of the Year [6:56]
8. Victory [9:22]
1. Recruting Office [14:22]
2. Stealing the Train [10:28]
3. Aim, Fire! [15:58]
4. Enemy's Country [11:38]
5. Rainy Escape [12:04]
6. Setting the Trap [12:32]
7. Rock River Bridge [14:12]
8. Heroes of the Day [15:23]
1. Muddy Waters [8:52]
2. Like Father, Like Son [10:50]
3. Working Clothes [9:01]
4. Son of a River Tramp [9:04]
5. Condemned [5:32]
6. The Prisoner's Song [11:16]
7. Storm Clouds [7:01]
8. Saving Father [7:23]
Side #2 -- The Three Stooges
1. Hard Times [9:08]
2. On the Sunny Side [11:35]
3. The Embassy [8:32]
4. Storm Weather [8:55]
5. Small World [9:32]
6. Down the Drain [8:12]
7. A Big Laugh [8:38]
8. After All This Time [9:29]
Side #1 -- Laurel & Hardy
1. Forgetting Georgette [15:13]
2. Wet Laundry [18:29]
3. Grounnded Dreams [9:55]
4. Free Birds [23:58]

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