Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time

DVD (Slip Sleeve)

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Christopher Reeve got away from Superman and related costume roles in this dramatic fantasy film, adapted from Richard Matheson's 1960s vintage novel Bid Time Return. A young playwright, Richard Collier (Reeve), is approached by an elderly woman on the occasion of his first triumph in 1972 -- all she says to him is "Come back to me" and leaves him with a watch that contains a picture of a ravishing young woman. Eight years later, he visits the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and comes upon a photograph of the same woman, whom he discovers was an actress who made an appearance at the hotel in 1912. He becomes obsessed with the image and what the woman -- who died the night she approached him in 1972 -- meant by what she said. In a manner somewhat reminiscent of the film Laura, he falls in love with her and her image as he learns more about her life and career. Then he comes upon the suggestion of a professor at his former college that time travel may, in fact, be possible, using an extreme form of self-hypnosis to free the person from the place they occupy in the time-stream. Collier's feelings for the woman are so strong that he succeeds, bringing himself back to the hotel in 1912 on the eve of her triumph. He meets the actress, Elise McKenna (Jane Seymour), and the two fall in love despite the machinations of her obsessive, autocratic manager (Christopher Plummer), who feels threatened by Collier's presence.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/12/2016
UPC: 0025192365492
Original Release: 1980
Rating: PG
Source: Universal Studios
Sales rank: 18,960

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Christopher Reeve Richard Collier
Jane Seymour Elise McKenna
Christopher Plummer William Fawcett Robinson
Teresa Wright Laura Roberts
Bill Erwin Arthur
Sean Hayden Young Arthur
George Voskovec Dr. Gerald Finney
Susan French Older Elise
John Alvin Arthur's Father
Eddra Gale Genevieve
Richard Matheson Astonished Man
Patrick Billingsley Professor
Paul Cook Doctor
Audrey Bennett Richard's Date
William H. Macy Critic
Laurence Coven Critic
Susan Bugg Penelope
George Wendt Student
Ted Liss Agent
Taylor Williams Maitre D'
Don Franklin Tourist in Hall of History
David Hull Hotel Manager
William P. O'Hagan Rollo
Hal Frank Stage Manager
Val Bettin Director
Bruce Jarchow Bones
Ed Meekin Fisher
Audrie Neenan Maid in Play
Tim Kazurinsky Photographer
Bob Swan Stagehand with Note
Michael Woods Dinner Guest

Technical Credits
Jeannot Szwarc Director
John Barry Score Composer
Mary Ann Biddle Set Decoration/Design
Burt Bluestein Asst. Director
Stephen Deutsch Producer
Jean-Pierre Dorleac Costumes/Costume Designer
Jack Faggard Special Effects
Jeff Gourson Editor
Roger Heman Sound/Sound Designer
Seymour Klate Production Designer
Isidore Mankofsky Cinematographer
Richard Matheson Screenwriter

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Somewhere in Time 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! Every time I watch this movie I cry, it's soooo good. Jane Seymour is so beautiful and is definitely the person to pllay a woman in that era. I especially enjoyed Christopher Reeve and actually forgot he played Superman.The hotel was absolutely gorgeous and on my list of places to go before I die and the music, well what can I say? So haunting yet beautiful. I wish we had more movies like this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I only had to watch this once to become drawn in by its superb plot and stunning filming. Christopher Reeve is wonderful in the role of Richard Collier. On the eve of the premiere of one of his plays, an old lady approaches him, puts a gold watch in his hand, and says ''Come back to me''. He can't recall ever having seen her before. Eight years later, he stops in at the Grand Hotel for a little break, and sees a picture on the wall of Elise McKenna, a brilliant actress who suddenly left the stage in 1912. With the help of Arthur who has been at the hotel since he was a five year old boy in 1912 and the local library, Collier manages to find out more about the beautiful actress. He becomes obsessed with her and determines to go back in time through the removal of all things modern about his room. He acquires a proper haircut and suit for the time to which he is returning, even stocks himself with 1912 coins. Then through the hypnosis recommended by his physics teacher at college, he wakes up on June 27th, 1912. He finds McKenna, but he also has to deal with her peculiarly possessive manager, William Fawcett Robinson. Despite all odds, Collier and McKenna manage to fall in love, and after the company leaves, she runs away from it to come back to him. The next morning, while he displays to her all the lovely little pockets in his suit, he finds a 1979 penny there and he is pulled away from his love by the forces of Time. The movie has a truly sad but very sweet and sentimental ending that always makes me either cry or nearly so. I absolutely adore this movie and would recommend it to nearly anybody.
lem_3 More than 1 year ago
This story is haunting though I realize it is fantasy. I so loved the movie and the sound track that I have a CD I very often play in my car and have locked up 2 copies in my strongbox. I've asked my children to hook me up with this soundtrack as I am dying. I want the last sounds I hear when I die to be this amazing music. It touches my soul as no other music has.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a classic love story. The scenery is fantastic. I bought the DVD after a few friends went to the Hotel in Michigan where this movie was filmed; they try to keep it just the way it was in this movie!! AMAZING! The music is captivating. I especially enjoyed the options at the end of the DVD... I watched "Back to Somewhere in Time" and heard first hand from the main actors their recollections of the movie and how it was made. Definitely a GREAT rainy Saturday night favorite!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Though I haven't yet seen this movie, the synopsis sounds quite reminiscent of "Portrait of Jennie" the best-known of Robert Nathan's books. A recurrent theme of Nathan is love being eternal and crossing all sorts of time barriers. "Jennie" isn't the only book of this genre that Nathan wrote. A movie was made from "Jennie" also. Book and movie each end differently, but both are GOOD. Good option if you like this type of story line.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Truly one of the best movies I've seen. Jane is breathtaking and Chris is a perfect combination of good looks, humor and sensitivity. With this couple the intriguing story comes alive and completely engages the viewer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I saw this movie in the theatre when it first came out, and it has been one of my favorite films ever since. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour are wonderful together. The film gets it all just right...the romance, the time travel, the locations, the supporting characters, everything. If you enjoy a great romance between beautiful people, with a little fantasy thrown in, you don't want to miss this film.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie so much! Christopher Reeves did an outstanding job!(was even very cute too!) Jane Seymour is a vision of beauty. One of my most favorite movies I have ever seen, and for people my age we don't like movies like this, but I peg to differ.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is my all time favorite movie. I saw it in the theater (actually because the other show was full) and fell in love with it. I have read the book, Bid Time Return, and own it and the book, Somewhere In Time. I have the VHS and the DVD and the soundtrack. My five children could all can recognize the music for years. A wonderful romance and just a nice movie to get away from the everyday.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great acting, location was beautiful, the possibility of time travel is an interesting concept. The location meant more as I have visited the area previously
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best V-Day gift in 20 years!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I cried like a baby. This is one of the best movies, that I have ever seen. The story is magic and the performance brilliant. I truly recommend this movie. It has been over a week since I've seen it and I am still thinking about it. It made me call my exgirlfriend, and we got together again. Life is all about love.
Lady4Yeshua More than 1 year ago
and this one certainly fills the bill. Although Christopher Reeves could do a bit better, Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer are excellent. This is one of those movies that makes you realise that perhaps time is just a circle, and if it is, could we keep going backwards, but never forwards? If you like a good tear jerker, this is it. I bought it to replace my video tape, which is worn out. Great sound track also.
SmileyBlueEyes More than 1 year ago
I saw this movie so many years ago and it has stayed within my heart and soul ever since. It is a movie of true love and hope. The soundtrack is haunting and exquisite.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have seen this movie probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 times since it first came out in 1980 - I have cried every time! My husband and I saw it just before we were getting divorced and even though the divorce went thru, we loved each other and remained friends until he passed from this life to the next 3 yrs. ago. I still love him and know I will see him again one day. I know it sounds crazy, but the movie is extremely uplifting to me - everyone should see it, they will never forget it - Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour were beautiful and incredible - I went to the island and stayed at the Grand Hotel - I was transported back in time!!
Sihaya More than 1 year ago
This may be a film that a lot of viewers will not be able to sit through if they expect movies to equal non-stop action and deliberate emotional stimulation throughout. A lot of the story is intellectual and concerns one question: what does success matter if one does not have love? The twist for this story is that the lovers are separated by a couple of generations and Richard Collier (hero) has to figure out how to get back in time to be with his ladylove, played by Jane Seymour. The script was nicely written and the story follows a somewhat predictable line from first meeting to the hero's tragic death due to a broken heart. Sets and costumes are well-done. A stylish piece, probably most appealing to women. Just as an aside there is quite a large fan base for this film; some fo the groups hold large events and there are web sites.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is my wife's and mine favorite place and favorite movie of all time. We have been many places with my employment with a major airline but Mackinaw Island because of this movie is our favorite place.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm not really into romance, but love sci-fi stuff, esp. time travel. I loved this movie, even the romance. I truly believed this could happen the first time I saw the movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
please just do yourself a favor and watch it.You'll love it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has always been my favorite movie. It is such a beautiful story. I have seen the movie so many times, yet everytime I see it, is like seeing it for the first time. It is truly the greatest love story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I rate this movie right up there with Gone With the Wind for breathtaking romance. Seymour has never been lovelier and Chris is a knockout as her Beau. I cry EACH time I see it! I have known the kind of Love Chris has for Jane and it is OUT of this World!
Shana426 More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful movie! I love the plot it is somewhat 80ish, but the romance was wonderful! Worth watching over and over!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best movie I have ever seen! In fact, I lent my copy to someone and they never returned it, so I'm glad to see I can get another copy. When I hear the music from the music box in stores or restaurants I can't help but cry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is very powerful. I cry every time I see it. It will make you believe that love really isn't confinded to the here and now.