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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 6

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 6

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This box set contains the complete sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD from Paramount. Originally produced in 1997, the 26 original broadcast episodes are available on seven discs. Presented in a standard full-frame transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, subtitles and closed captions are available in English. The special features include


This box set contains the complete sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on DVD from Paramount. Originally produced in 1997, the 26 original broadcast episodes are available on seven discs. Presented in a standard full-frame transfer with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, subtitles and closed captions are available in English. The special features include four exclusive featurettes: "Mission Inquiry: Far Beyond the Stars" is an in-depth look at the episode "Far Beyond the Stars" and features cast and crew interviews; "24th Century Wedding" is a cast and crew discussion about the Klingon wedding between Worf and Dax; "The Crew Dossier" section profiles the characters of Julian Bashir and Quark; and Star Trek illustrator John Eaves provides a look at the production design in "DS9 Sketchbook." A photo gallery is also included. With more than 20 hours of material, this exhaustive DVD box set is in keeping with Paramount's other fine releases of the series.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The much-anticipated Dominion War takes center stage in much of Deep Space Nine's 1997-98 season, darkening the series' tone and giving it the epic flavor it has heretofore lacked. A six-installment story arc led by the season opener, "A Time to Stand," is replete with widely dangerous situations, frequent reversals of fortune, and the specific imperilment of several principal characters. Doing perhaps his finest work of the entire series, Avery Brooks's Captain Benjamin Sisko rises to the challenge posed by the Dominion's siege and wages battle with all the skill and courage he can muster, even leading a suicide mission in one particularly tense episode. Alliances are forged only to collapse, and an ominous new subplot rears its ugly head in the form of "Section 31," which lies at the heart of a sinister secret guarded by Starfleet Intelligence. There is some relief from the melodrama in shows that air later in the 26-episode cycle; Quark (Armin Shimmerman) undergoes a temporary sex change in one yarn, and Worf's pugnacious extended family reconciles in time for a surprise wedding in another. An especially jarring note is the abrupt departure of Dax (Terry Farrell), who has been on hand since the series' beginning. In most other respects, however, Season 6 is exemplary -- and it contains some of the finest episodes in the entire Deep Space Nine run.

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[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Mission Inquiry: "Far Beyond the Stars" featurette with interviews with Avery Brooks, Penny Johnson, Michael Dorn, Rene Auberjonois, Jeffrey Combs, and Ira Steven Behr; "24th Century Wedding" featurette with interviews with Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Aron Eisenberg, and writer Ronald D. Moore; "Crew Dossier" featurettes: profiles of characters Julian Bashir, with interviews with Alexander Siddig and other cast and crew members; and Quark, with interviews with Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Max Grodenchik, and other cast and crew members; "DS9 Sketchbook" featurette with veteran Star Trek illustrator John Eaves; Photo gallery

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Engage, Retreat
2. Station Policy
3. Biding Time
4. Staying Together
5. Without the White
6. The Edge of the Abyss
7. That Gives You Power
8. Into the Net
1. Defense Perimeter
2. From Now Until Death
3. Not Without a Fight
4. Defender of Evil
5. The Order of Things
6. They're Coming
7. The New Resistance
8. None but the Brave
1. He Is My Son
2. Impossible Odds
3. Closest to Home
4. I Am Called Rozhenko
5. Then I Will Be Dead
6. A Fine Blade
7. Proving Ground
8. Bound by Blood
1. Creature of Habit
2. Questioning Loyalties
3. A Long Way From Home
4. Great Joy and Sadness
5. The Course of History
6. No Rest Tonight
7. Sin of Omission
8. A Good Crew
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Engage, Retreat
2. No Exceptions
3. Only a Shadow
4. Blood on the Promenade
5. Worth the Risk
6. On the Verge
7. Captain on the Bridge
8. Way Past Sorry
1. In the Mouth of Hell
2. Valued Allies
3. To the Conquerors
4. Embrace the Clarity
5. One Ship
6. Corporeal Matters
7. Rendezvous at DS-9
8. Fallen
1. My Tawi'yan
2. The Path to Kal'hyah
3. Sirella's Domain
4. Never an Equal
5. No Profit in Jealousy
6. I Don't Beg
7. After Seven Lifetimes
8. Of Two Klingon Hearts
1. What About Boday?
2. Hostage Situation
3. Spiritual Guidance
4. A Great Loss
5. A Part of Who You Are
6. The Tormented Ones
7. Once a Thief
8. For the Best
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Mr. Normal Starfleet Man
2. There Are Rules
3. Damar Does Murder Sleep
4. Beyond the Limits
5. Uncomplicated
6. 900 Billion Lives
7. Faith and Treason
8. Will You Listen?
1. The King of Squill
2. Wrong Turn at Sisko's
3. Now We Are Six
4. Payback
5. No Harm Done
6. Not Without Moogie
7. Those Rivers of Muck
8. Stalling for Time
1. Unworthy Thoughts
2. The Screaming Inside
3. Just the Wind
4. All I Wanted to Know
5. And It Was Millions
6. Misguided Vision
7. Unyielding Pride
8. I Fear No Evil
1. Starting to Rot
2. Keep It Warm
3. Objet D'Art
4. Framed!
5. In the Bank of Bolias
6. The Lurian Prince
7. Five Ways
8. Second Stomach
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Fallen Comrades
2. A Couple of Crullers
3. Set Them Free
4. Strike Three
5. Write the Words
6. Of a Better Future
7. Into Darkness and Pain
8. The Dreamer and Dream
1. Let's Get Small
2. A New Race
3. Second and First
4. Through the Relays
5. Now We Wait
6. In My Tiny Body
7. Diversion
8. On the Petite Side
1. Connelly
2. System Glitches
3. An Honest Man
4. Willing to Protect
5. Accountable
6. Access Point
7. Loyalty Is Everything
8. Most Important
1. A New Appreciation
2. Just One Hand
3. Challenge
4. Looking for the Cloud
5. More Pain, Less Cold
6. Life and Death
7. Sacrifice
8. Before Duty
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Beyond the Lies
2. Nothing More Noble
3. Don't Let Them Forget
4. Comfort and Care
5. Surviving
6. In the Ghetto
7. Which Side of the Gate
8. Still My Mother
1. 0700 Hours
2. Strict Procedures
3. Engramatic Dissociation
4. Conflict of Interest
5. Circular Argument
6. Special Order 66715
7. Section 31
8. Jury and Executioner
1. A Blind Eye
2. The Road to Hell
3. Betazed: Fallen
4. Open to Negotiation
5. Mutual Loathing
6. Cold Warriors
7. The Cost of Failure
8. I Can Live With That
1. Somebody to Love
2. Cool Is One Thing
3. Hit It, Nanook
4. Shecky Who?
5. You're a Hologram Too?
6. It's Love, Baby
7. Under My Skin
8. Come Fly With Me
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. The Sisko Will Know
2. Translation
3. For Tomorrow We Die
4. No Higher Calling
5. Leap of Faith
6. The Fifth Prophecy
7. Kosst Amojan
8. Faith and Humility
1. Higher Pursuits
2. Red Squad
3. Strict Radio Silence
4. I Met God Every Morning
5. A Golden Opportunity
6. Suicide Mission
7. Countermeasures
8. Let People Read It
1. Tell Them, Zekkie
2. Small, but Lovely
3. Grand Nagus Brunt
4. A Miserable Lobling
5. Get Me a Mirror
6. Have a Slug-O-Cola
7. Some Like It Lumba
8. A Small Hug
1. Molly's Picnic
2. Out of Time
3. The Best Hope We Have
4. Important to You
5. Daddy Home Molly
6. Open Spaces
7. Stars, Your Home
8. Gung! Gung! Gung!
Side #7 -- Disc 7
1. General Distress Call
2. Voice in the Darkness
3. Off Guard
4. Complete Attention
5. Growing Isolation
6. No Good Deed...
7. Entering the Barrier
8. I Never Saw Her Face
1. Acts of Bravery
2. Once and for All
3. But to Surrender
4. The Choice
5. How Do You Fight a God?
6. Wraiths and Prophets
7. Only Qo'nos Endures
8. Failed

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 6 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DanManDB More than 1 year ago
Deep Space nine Season 6 is a must for those who like good Star Trek and just good television. If u are not familiar with the series, then this will still be entertaining. This is the only show that does not need movie appeal to still be speical Trek.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago