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Star Trek Next Generation: Season 2
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Star Trek Next Generation: Season 2

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The voyage of the Starship Enterprise continues with the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 2 on DVD. This six-disc box set contains all 22 episodes of the series' second season. Each of these episodes are presented in their original aspect ratio of 1.33:1 full-frame and look very good. Since these episodes were broadcast in 1980s, the transfers tend to


The voyage of the Starship Enterprise continues with the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 2 on DVD. This six-disc box set contains all 22 episodes of the series' second season. Each of these episodes are presented in their original aspect ratio of 1.33:1 full-frame and look very good. Since these episodes were broadcast in 1980s, the transfers tend to appear washed out with dirt and grain penetrating the image. However, the bulk of these pictures appear to be in decent shape with solid colors and dark black levels. The soundtracks are presented in both Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo and a newly created Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround mix, both in English. The Dolby 5.1 mixes are extremely crisp and clear with directional sounds situated mainly in the front and center speaker. While a few surround sounds escape to the back speakers, overall these are limited mixes that support the episodes well. Also included on the discs are English subtitles. On par with the first season, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 2 includes a few well-produced extra features, starting with "Mission Overview: Season Two" which features interviews with the cast and crew and an overview of what was new to the second season of the series. "Selected Crew Analysis" focuses more on the cast and characters, including the arrival of Whoopi Goldberg's otherworldly character. "Departmental Briefings: Production" and "Memorable Missions" will please fans looking for an insiders view of the show. Included on these two features are all-new interviews with Rick Berman, Peter Lauritson, production designer Alan Sims, visual effects artist Dan Curry, and other cast and crew members. Each of these featurettes are a good way to see how the Borg, Worf, and other characters came to be. Finally there is "Inside Starfleet Archives," a virtual tour by coordinator Penny Judy showing fans around decades worth of props and costumes. The package is bound in a nice silver box with a collectable booklet for fans to peruse through.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Some fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation regard the show's second season (1988-89) as uneven, but these 22 episodes make up an important transitional period that introduces new characters, further delineates old ones, and includes a handful of the series' most memorable episodes. In Season Two, Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard remains crisply efficient but becomes more philosophical and avuncular. Michael Dorn's Worf and Colm Meaney's O'Brien appear more frequently and to better effect, while '60s TV favorite Diana Muldaur appears throughout as Dr. Kate Pulaski, a temporary replacement for Gates McFadden's Dr. Beverly Crusher. But the '88-'89 group's real distinction is the elevation to prominence of Brent Spiner's Commander Data, the Spock-like android who dominates two superb episodes, "Elementary, Dear Data" and the poignant, Emmy-nominated "Measure of a Man." Another standout is "Q Who," which features John de Lancie in his recurring, semi-villainous role and boasts a surprise appearance by Whoopi Goldberg. In addition to the beautifully remastered episodes (enhanced with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound), Paramount's six-disc box set includes several newly compiled featurettes: "Mission Overview," in which producer Gene Roddenberry appears in old interview footage, along with cast and crew members discussing changes made during Season Two; "Selected Crew Analysis," which focuses on the evolution of TNG's continuing characters; "Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions," in which pivotal episodes are analyzed; and "Inside Starfleet Archives," which offers detailed looks at the sets, props, and costumes used on the show. All told, the Season Two box set provides a full 1,000 minutes of entertainment -- surely an irresistible package for Star Trek devotees and sci-fi fans in general.

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Special Features

Cast and crew discussions; Selected crew analysis; Behind-the-scenes look at specific key episodes, including interviews with production staff; Second season episode discussions with production crew, including Rick Berman; Tour of Star Trek sets and props; Full screen; Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround; Dolby Digital English Stereo; English subtitles; Chapter log (scene selections)

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Episodes 127-130
1. Random Energy Transference
2. An Unexplained Pregnancy
3. Plasma Plague
4. Ian Andrew
5. Deadly Cargo
6. Advice From Guinan
7. Eichner Radiation
8. Permission to Stay
1. Worf's Calisthenics Program
2. Morgana Quadrant
3. Inside the Void
4. Phantom Ship
5. Nagilum
6. Destroy the Enterprise
7. Facing Death
8. Common Ground
1. The Victory
2. Deductive Reasoning
3. An Original Mystery
4. The Game Is Afoot
5. Professor Moriarty
6. Baiting the Hook
7. More Than a Hologram
8. In Perfect Order
1. Captain Okona, At Your Service
2. Qualities of a Rogue
3. A "Tough Room"
4. Seeking a Criminal
5. Ancient Morality Play
6. Making a Stand
7. The Rightful Heir
8. New Jokes
Side #2 -- Episodes 131-134
1. Picard's Away Team
2. Riva's Chorus
3. Emotional Revelations
4. Silent Words
5. Failed Negotiations
6. Withdrawn Mediator
7. A Peacemaker's Secrets
8. Advantage From Disadvantage
1. Dr. Ira Graves
2. Darnay's Disease
3. Walking Purgatory
4. Data's Odd Behavior
5. Human Emotion
6. Two Personalities
7. Man and Machine
8. Terminate the Experiment
1. Distress Call
2. U.S.S. Lantree
3. Darwin Genetic Research Station
4. The Children
5. Infected
6. Adaptive Antibodies
7. Out of Time
8. Beaming Back
1. Officer Exchange Program
2. Klingon Delicacies
3. Loyalty to the Pagh
4. A New Life Form
5. No Old Warriors
6. Attack Intentions
7. Charge Into Destruction
8. "I'm Your Captain Now."
Side #3 -- Episodes 135-138
1. A Poker Face
2. Maddox's Proposal
3. Data Resigns
4. Property of Starfleet
5. The Hearing Begins
6. Slavery
7. The Sentient Being
8. The Ruling
1. Visitors From Klavdia III
2. The Last and Only Chance
3. Relationship Advice
4. Anya Takes Action
5. Real Feelings
6. Arrival at Daled IV
7. Ready for What Awaits
8. Memories of Humanity
1. U.S.S. Yamato
2. Iconia
3. System Failures
4. Alien Computer Program
5. A Mutual Problem
6. The Gateway
7. Damaged
8. Complete Shutdown
1. Puzzling Debris
2. "Welcome to the Hotel Royale."
3. Five Card Charlie
4. Out of Contact
5. Human Remains
6. Blending In
7. All Part of the Novel
8. Foreign Investors
Side #4 -- Episodes 139-142
1. Owon Eggs
2. Another Picard
3. Out of Phase
4. From the Future
5. The Breaking Point
6. Energy Vortex
7. The Cycle Must End
8. Into the Vortex
1. A Promotion for Riker
2. Civilian Advisor
3. Worf's Eccentricities
4. Competitive Father
5. Feelings of Sadness
6. Klingon Rite of Association
7. Anbo-Jytsu Competition
8. Change of Heart
1. Dangerous Planetary Events
2. Responsibilities of Command
3. Whisper From the Darkness
4. Authority and Judgement
5. Moral Certitudes
6. Getting Into Deeper
7. Sarjenka
8. Obligations Beyond Duty
1. First Impressions
2. Searching for the Captain
3. A Homeless Entity
4. Protect Yourself
5. Borg Attack
6. Inside the Borg Ship
7. Terminate This Encounter
8. They Will Be Coming...
Side #5 -- Episodes 143-146
1. A Matter of Image
2. The Pakleds
3. Perceiving Great Danger
4. Straight Questions
5. Reminiscing Past Lessons
6. No Options
7. Deceptive Communications
8. Not a Commonplace Man
1. S.O.S. From the Ficus Sector
2. "Klingons Do Not Faint."
3. Worf the Romantic
4. Bowing to the Absurb
5. Shipboard Pleasures
6. Not Quite Descendants
7. Cloned
8. Available Breeding Stock
1. Unexpected Betazoid
2. Intimate Dinner
3. Quadrupled Sex Drive
4. The Office of Dixon Hill
5. Lwaxana's Other Interests
6. Rex's Bar
7. One Hell of a Deal
8. All in a Day's Work
1. "Talk or Play."
2. Probe Interception
3. K'ehleyr's Mission
4. Unfinished Business
5. Orders to Relax
6. The T'ong Awakens
7. Face to Face
8. More Than Honor
Side #6 -- Episodes 147 & 148; Special Features
1. Master Strategist
2. The Honor Is to Serve
3. U.S.S. Hathaway
4. Korami's Prejudice
5. Android Hand-Holding
6. The Hunt Begins
7. Ferengi Warship
8. Klingon Guile
1. Unidentified Microbe
2. Predatory in Nature
3. The Infection Spreads
4. Stimulated R.E.M. State
5. Intensified Memories
6. Endorphin Sensitivity
7. Primal Emotions
8. "You're Still Here?"

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