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Star Trek Next Generation: Season 7

Star Trek Next Generation: Season 7

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This seven-disc set from Paramount offers up every episode from the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio. English soundtracks are rendered in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Surround. Supplemental materials include a variety of interviews with the cast and crew who discuss their


This seven-disc set from Paramount offers up every episode from the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio. English soundtracks are rendered in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Surround. Supplemental materials include a variety of interviews with the cast and crew who discuss their feelings about the series coming to an end. As with all the other Next Generation season sets, this is an outstanding collection for fans.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The final 26 episodes of Star Trek's Next Generation, collected in this deluxe seven-disc box set, bring down the curtain on one of the most popular and innovative sci-fi series ever broadcast. Alternating importantly themed and powerfully written shows with lighthearted romps exploiting the characters’ well-defined personas, the 1993-94 season included some of the most remarkable episodes of TNG’s seven-year run. It got off to a bang with the second part of "Descent," resolving the previous season’s cliff-hanger ending, in which the android Data (Brent Spiner) abetted the kidnapping of the Enterprise officers and joined his evil "brother" to become a leader of the ruthless Borg. In the two-part "Gambit," Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) pose as mercenaries in order to retrieve a potentially lethal Vulcan artifact. "Attached" finds a marooned and imprisoned Picard and ship’s doctor Beverley Crusher (Gates McFadden) examining their long-held feelings for each other. In "Eye of the Beholder," counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) suddenly develops an inexplicable crush on the unprepossessing Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn). And the series comes to a richly fulfilling end with "All Good Things," during which Picard time-travels at a breathless pace to prevent humanity’s destruction at key points in its history. This final group of episodes -- many of them directed by cast members Stewart, Frakes, McFadden, and LeVar Burton -- stacks up with the series’ best. For the DVD set, Stewart gives a "Captain’s Tribute," reminiscing about the show and his fellow actors. "Mission Overview," another special feature, uses cast and crew interviews to dissect the season’s major stories, and the "All Good Things" featurette incorporates footage, originally shot for Entertainment Tonight, documenting the filming of the final show. Devotees who’ve purchased previous TNG boxes will certainly want to complete the set, and if you’re among those who haven’t bought any, this is absolutely the one to have.

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[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Mission Overview: Year Seven: The cast and crew discuss the final season and their transition to the feature film "Star Trek Generations." LeVar Burton reminisces about working with Ben Vereen in the episode "Interface" and Wil Wheaton and Ron Moore recall creating a fitting send-off for Wesley Crusher in the episode "Journey's End"; A Captain's Tribute: Patrick Stewart pays tribute to each principal cast member, recalling the friendship and fun they shared during the run of the series; Departmental Briefing: Year Seven - Production: Gates McFadden discusses her directorial debut in "Genesis" while Michael Westmore explains the episode's unusual makeup design. Jonathan Frakes recalls directing "Attached"; Gates McFadden and Jeri Taylor delve into the roles of strong women and Patrick Stewart remembers becoming more physical in episodes like "Bloodlines"; The Making of "All Good Things": The cast and crew share their recollections of making the final episode. Includes footage from "Entertainment Tonight"; Starfleet Moments and Memories: The cast and crew look back on seven years of shooting Star Trek: The Next Generation; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD preview

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes William Thomas Riker
Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner Data
LeVar Burton Geordi LaForge

Technical Credits
Alexander Singer Director
Bob Lederman Director
Cliff Bole Director
Corey Allen Director
Gabrielle Beaumont Director
Gates McFadden Director
Jonathan Frakes Director
Jonathan West Director
Les Landau Director
LeVar Burton Director
Patrick Stewart Director
Peter Lauritson Director
Rick Kolbe Director
Robert Scheerer Director
Robert Wiemer Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Obsolete
2. Captain Crusher
3. Persuasion
4. Old Acquaintances
5. Crimes Against Humanity
6. Metaphasic Shielding
7. Right and Wrong
8. The Final Temptation
1. Change of Plan
2. Diplomatic Data
3. Emergency
4. Childlike Fascination
5. Savior in a Strange Land
6. Betting and Brawling
7. Lover's Leap
8. The Furthest Extreme
1. Out-of-Body Experiment
2. Bad News
3. Virtual Danger, Actual Threat
4. Just Passing By
5. Apparition
6. Refusing to Let Go
7. Against Orders
8. Reprimands and Good-Byes
1. Manhunt
2. Of Eulogies and Revenge
3. A Fair Trade
4. Firefight on Barradas III
5. Pain and Discipline
6. Mercenary Intentions
7. Prelude to Mutiny
8. A Dangerous Ploy
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. A Series of Charades
2. Dissent Within the Ranks
3. Friendship and Duty
4. Psionic Resonator
5. False Pretenses
6. Stunned
7. Double-Cross
8. Between War and Death
1. Data's Nightmares
2. New Warp Core
3. Cellular Peptide Cake
4. Advice From Dr. Freud
5. A New Neurosis
6. Confined to Quarters
7. Interphasic Creatures
8. Directed Dreaming
1. Lwaxana and the Cairn
2. Privacy
3. Collapse
4. Telepathic Communication
5. Barriers
6. The Root of Sadness
7. Reliving the Tragedy
8. Only the Best Memories
1. Kesprytt III
2. Taken Hostage
3. Attempts at Communication
4. Stuck With Each Other
5. Sharing Thoughts
6. Hidden Attraction
7. Not Ready for Membership
8. Separate
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Feline Behavior
2. The Hekaras Corridor
3. A Mysterious Attack
4. Verteron Field
5. An Impassioned Plea
6. Warp and Coast
7. Surfing the Wave
8. Changes to Come
1. Mother
2. Childhood Lost
3. Self-Expression
4. Secrets and Shame
5. Suspicions
6. The Truth
7. A Father's Final Wish
8. Difficult Decisions
1. Unexpected Social Gathering
2. The Argus Array
3. Memory Loss
4. Shifting Realities
5. Married?
6. Quantum Flux
7. Seal the Fissure
8. Champagne for Two
1. Admiral Pressman
2. The Romulan Factor
3. An Exemplary Officer
4. Changes
5. Skeletons in the Closet
6. Taking a Stand
7. No Way Out
8. Worthy of the Uniform
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Nikolai Rozhenko
2. Against the Prime Directive
3. Death Without Honor
4. An Unorthodox Solution
5. The Sign of La Forge
6. Planetary Search
7. Door to Another World
8. Two Roads Diverge
1. Dearly Departed
2. The Curse of the Howard Women
3. A Storm Is Brewing
4. Haunted
5. Passion and Romance
6. Ronin
7. Intervention
8. Love and Loss
1. Friends and Ensigns
2. Negotiating the Ranks
3. Unexpected Assessment
4. A Round of Poker
5. Test of Courage
6. Undercover Mission
7. Officers Above All
8. In Remembrance
1. The Rank of Commander
2. An Iceman
3. Unexpected Strength
4. Mysterious Illness
5. The Final Test
6. Stop the Creature
7. A Cure Is Found
8. Gia's Friend
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Rogue Comet
2. Symbols
3. An Avalanche of Artifacts
4. Multiple Personality Disorder
5. Restructuring the Enterprise
6. The Sign of Masaka
7. Myth and Allegory
8. The Cycle of the Hunt
1. An Unexplained Suicide
2. Searching for Answers
3. Empathic Echo
4. Utopia Planitia
5. Lieutenant Pierce
6. Behind the Panel
7. Bone Fragments
8. A Woman Scorned
1. One Dormant Gene
2. New Guidance System
3. Irrational Behavior
4. The Disease Spreads
5. No Longer Human
6. Intron Virus
7. Natural Antibodies
8. Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome
1. Runaway Cadet
2. An Unenviable Task
3. Negotiations
4. Pressing Questions, Sacred Ground
5. Denied
6. Conscientious Objector
7. Outside of Time
8. Flash Point
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. The Choice to Be a Warrior
2. Festival of Kot'Baval
3. K'mtar
4. Bargaining for Rumors
5. The Future of the House of Mogh
6. Klingon Stories, Human Nonsense
7. Sign of the Unborn
8. A Great Destiny
1. Vendetta From the Past
2. Paternity
3. Tracking Bok
4. Mischievous Charmer
5. Unexpected Visitor
6. Degenerative Condition
7. Father and Son Talk
8. Revenge
1. The Tempest and the Train
2. Loss of Control
3. Unexplained Additions
4. All Aboard the Orient Express
5. More Than the Sum of Its Parts
6. Laying the Foundation
7. Vertiform City
8. Final Destination
1. Lieutenant Ro
2. The Maquis
3. Interrogation
4. Father Figure
5. Raid on the Enterprise
6. Cardassian Attack
7. Conflicted Loyalties
8. Betrayal
Side #7 -- Disc 7
1. A Most Stimulating Experience
2. More Real Than a Dream
3. Irumodic Syndrome
4. A Changed Past
5. A Lot Can Happen in Twenty-Five Years
6. The Annihilation of Mankind
7. The Devron System
8. Spatial Anomaly
9. Temporal Reversion
10. Paradox
11. A Leap of Faith
12. The Unknown Possibilities of Existence

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