Director: Katsuhiro Otomo Cast: Anne Suzuki, Manami Konishi, Katsuo Nakamura


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Release Date: 07/26/2005
UPC: 0043396055032
Original Release: 2004
Rating: PG-13
Source: Sony Pictures
Region Code: 1
Time: 2:06:00

Special Features

"Re-Voicing Steamboy"; Interview with Katsuhiro Otomo; Multi-screen landscape study; The Adventure Continues (end credits without text); Production drawings; Animation onion skins; Includes exclusive Otomo illustration postcard

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Anne Suzuki Ray Steam
Manami Konishi Scarlett O'Hara
Katsuo Nakamura Dr Loyd Steam
Masatane Tsukayama Eddie Steam (Japanese Version)
Kiyoshi Kodama Robert Stephenson
Susumu Terajima Freddie
Satoru Saito Voice Only
Ikki Sawamura David
Anna Paquin James 'Ray' Steam
Alfred Molina Dr Eddie Steam
Patrick Stewart Lloyd Steam
Kari Wahlgren Scarlett O'Hara
Robin Atkin Downes David
Rick Zieff Simon
Kim Thomson Mother,John
Mark Bramhall Alfred
David Lee Jason
Oliver Muirhead Admiral
Oliver Cotton Robert Stephenson
Paula Jane Newman Emma,Henry
Moira Quirk Alex,Thomas
Peter Lavin Voice Only
Julian Stone Voice Only
William Hootkins Voice Only
Alan Shearman Voice Only
Rosalind Ayres Voice Only
Blake Neely Conductor

Technical Credits
Katsuhiro Otomo Director,Screenwriter
Kunihiro Abe Animator
Eiji Abiko Animator
Yasuhiro Aoki Animator
Atsushi Aono Animator
Hiroyuki Aoyama Animator
Koichi Arai Animator
Hideki Araki Animator
Tsutomu Awada Animator
Setsuko Azuma Associate Producer
Takehiko Chino Executive Producer
Hisashi Eguchi Animator
Masaaki Endo Animator
Tetsuo Gensho Associate Producer
Takayuki Gorai Animator
Kazuya Hamana Executive Producer
Koichi Hashimoto Animator
Takashi Hashimoto Animator
Koichi Hatsumi Animator
Satoshi Higashi Associate Producer
Motonobu Hori Animator
Hiroyuki Horiuchi Animator
Takashi Hyodo Animator
Katsumi Ikeda Animator
Tatsumori Imoto Animator
Toshiyuki Inoue Animator
Atsushi Irie Animator
Mitsuru Ishihara Animator
Kensuke Ishikawa Animator
Susio Ishizaki Animator
Hidetsugu Ito Animator
Nobutaka Ito Animator
Masahiko Itojima Animator
Yukihiro Iwata Animator
Steve Jablonsky Score Composer
Hideki Kakita Animator
Yutaka Kamogawa Animator
Syuichi Kaneko Animator
Kunio Katsuki Animator
Takehisa Kawamata Associate Producer
Hirotsugu Kawasaki Animator
Shinji Kimura Art Director
Eiji Komatsu Animator
Shinji Komori Producer
Masahiko Kubo Animator
Masahiko Kubo Animator
Kazunari Kume Animator
Ikuro Kuwana Animator
Takao Maki Animator
Hirofumi Masuda Animator
Hidenori Matsubara Animator
Soichiro Matsuda Animator
Katsumi Matsuda Animator
Tadashi Matsuzaki Animator
Isao Minegishi Production Manager
Keichi Momose Sound/Sound Designer
Taro Morishima Associate Producer
Yuji Mukoyama Animator
Sadayuki Murai Screenwriter
Hiroo Murakami Executive Producer
Yasushi Muraki Animator
Nobuaki Nagano Animator
Morifumi Naka Animator
Chuji Nakajima Animator
Satoru Nakamura Animator
Manabu Nakatake Animator
Kazuto Nakazawa Animator
Tetsuya Nishio Animator
Takehiro Noda Animator
Tsunenaka Nozaki Animator
Mitsuru Obunai Animator
Yasushi Ohara Animator
Atsushi Okuda Animator
Naoyuki Onda Animator
Atsuko Otani Animator
Yukie Sakou Animator
Eiiji Sashida Associate Producer
Yoko Sato Animator
Mitsuhiro Sato Cinematographer
Hironori Sawada Animator
Masahiro Sekino Animator
Yasuhiro Seo Animator
Kazuhiko Seta Associate Producer
Takeshi Seyama Editor
Yuji Shigekuni Animator
Masahiro Shimanuki Animator
Yasuyuki Shimizu Animator
Ryuji Shiromae Animator
Yuko Sobu Animator
Kazuhiro Soeta Animator
Shigeki Sunada Animator
Tsutomu Suzuki Animator
Shinobu Tagashira Animator
Akira Takada Animator
Shinya Takahashi Animator
Tsutomu Takano Executive Producer
Tomohiro Takayama Animator
Yuichi Takiguchi Animator
Masao Takiyama Executive Producer
Wataru Tanaka Associate Producer
Takahiro Tanaka Animator
Tatsuya Tomaru Animator
Hideyuki Tomioka Producer
Yasumasa Tsuchiya Production Manager
Shigeto Tsuji Animator
Katsutoshi Tsunoda Animator
Ryohei Tsunoda Executive Producer
Hitomo Tsuruta Animator
Takashi Uchida Animator
Kenji Uchida Executive Producer
Hitoshi Ueda Animator
Yoshihiro Ueno Associate Producer
Toshiya Washida Animator
Koji Watanabe Animator
Shigeru Watanabe Executive Producer
Kazuyoshi Yaginuma Animator
Makoto Yamada Animator
Masaki Yamada Animator
Sawako Yamamoto Animator
Takaaki Yamashita Animator
Toru Yoshida Animator
Kou Yoshinari Animator

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Start [4:55]
2. James Ray Steam [3:45]
3. A Manchester Family [5:52]
4. The Steam Ball [5:12]
5. Train Chase [4:08]
6. Stephenson [2:11]
7. Kidnapped [3:58]
8. Miss Scarlett [3:41]
9. Father [3:00]
10. Steam Tower [5:47]
11. Submersible [3:36]
12. Mirrors [3:11]
13. Grandpa's Warning [5:48]
14. Healing the Steam Ball [6:21]
15. Exhibition of Science [5:25]
16. Weapons Demonstrations [3:13]
17. Counterattack [2:26]
18. No One to Trust [4:23]
19. Father Vs. Son [2:44]
20. The Steam Tower Revealed [1:55]
21. Battle Plan [4:28]
22. Steam Tower Vs. Navy [2:59]
23. First Flight [1:33]
24. Battle for the Tower [5:31]
25. Into the Core [5:27]
26. London Falling [6:44]
27. Steamboy Triumphant [5:07]
28. The Age of Science [3:56]

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have looked forward to seeing this movie since last summer when I heard about it. It was never released in theaters in my little podunk town. So I anxiously waited for it to release on DVD. And when it did, I rushed to Blockbuster to rent it. I must say, it was well worth the wait. The action sequences are not much short of epic, and the ending was fantastic. Once again, Katsuhiro Otomo makes an imaginative story come to life through some beautiful animation and vivid characters. A worthy successor to Akira and a must see for any anime fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago