Tango & Cash

Tango & Cash

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Teri Hatcher
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DVD (Wide Screen / Pan & Scan)

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Tango & Cash 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Rajeeb More than 1 year ago
Tango and Cash is an excellent action movie that combines the right elements of entertaining action sequences,great production values, a funky background score and of course two charismatic and exciting movie stars; Sly Stallone and Kurt Russel. 48 hours and Lethal Weapon kind of made popular the buddy cop genre.It usualy is a good proposition at the box office. If you can get two top stars to play a buddy cop movie, Studio's would have a huge captive audience around the world. There was talk of Sly Stallone and Eddie Murphy working on a movie together called 50-50 there which would have been awesome, but that did not work out.Anyways, we had to settle for Tango and Cash that does the job really well and is extremely popular around the world. Sly plays Ray Tango, a well dressed cop who likes the high life that money and stocks afford.How do you explain a cop who has a stock broker on line three and says its urgent? Kurt Russel is Gabe Cash who slouches around in jeans and t shirt and has a fetish for cool weaponary. They both are the top cops on the force, but can barely stand each other. As fate would have it, they are framed and have to work togther. Eventually they kind of like each other and Sly's sister Teri Hatcher who turns out to be Kurt Russel's love interest has something to do with that. The movie starts with Sly's voice..."Ok lets do it!" and the opening sequence is the most memorable with Sly fast on the heels of a big tanker Truck." The music is fun and entertaining .Harold Faltermyers score is cool and exciting evoking the right blend of fast paced action and cool sophisticated overtones. Ray Tango makes a drug bust and Sly demonstrates a cool, irreverant and funny side to his character. Later on Gabe Cash does another drug bust and proves a thorn in the flesh of Yves Perett, a delightfully mad villain played by Jack Palance. Jack Palance manages to frame SLy and Kurt to 18 months of hard time. After a hair raising escape from prison which is certainly one of the high lights of the movie, Tango and Cash set out to clear their names. The final action sequences are actually quite impressive. Interspersed with this is a cool dry humour of each cop making a dig at the other. When Ray Tango discovers much to his surprise that Gabe and Kiki(Teri Hatcher) are likely to be lovers, he eventally has to bury the hatchet and make peace with Gabe Cash. After an all out blast of action in the last 10 minutes of the movie with huge set pieces and impressive explosions, Ray and Gabe rejoin the police forces as celebrated heroes. I highly recommend it.Buy it and have fun!