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Taxi - The Complete First Season

Taxi - The Complete First Season

5.0 4
Director: James Burrows

Cast: Jeff Conaway, Tony Danza, Danny DeVito

After spending years as the creative head behind the landmark situation comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show, James L. Brooks went on to create Taxi, one of the best situation comedies in this history of the format. This three-disc set offers every episode from Taxi's first season. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of


After spending years as the creative head behind the landmark situation comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show, James L. Brooks went on to create Taxi, one of the best situation comedies in this history of the format. This three-disc set offers every episode from Taxi's first season. Each is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Mono. The lack of any supplemental materials is something of a disappointment, but fans will appreciate having these well-crafted shows available for viewing at a moment's notice.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
What's truly amazing about the release on DVD of this classic sitcom is that it took so long. Very few series in television history have been more popular than Taxi, which not only established a reputation for presenting shows of exceptional quality but also made bona fide mainstream stars of such cast members as Tony Danza, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd, and even offbeat comic Andy Kaufman. The 22 episodes of the 1978-79 season introduced viewers to the employees of New York's Sunshine Cab Company. The drivers included career cabbie Alex Rieger (Judd Hirsch, ostensibly the series' leading man) and part-timers Elaine Nardo (Marilu Henner), Tony Banta (Danza), Bobby Wheeler (Jeff Conaway), and -- for Season 1 only -- John Burns (Randall Carver). Berated by their tyrannical dispatcher, Louie De Palma (De Vito) and befuddled by their affable but peculiar mechanic, an immigrant named Latka Gravas (Kaufman), the Sunshiners never quite knew what to expect. The show's blue-collar-workplace milieu and strong ensemble proved a potent mix for the creative team, including executive producer James L. Brooks, director James Burrows, and a gaggle of uniquely talented writers. (In fact, Burrows and Taxi writer-producers Les and Glen Charles later created Cheers together, among other series.) Season 1 highlights include "One-Punch Banta," which finds part-time prizefighter Tony getting an unexpected shot at the big time; "Blind Date," which turns into an unforgettably awful night for Alex; "Come as You Aren't," in which Elaine invites the gang to a party for her high-toned friends; "Louie Sees the Light," a showcase for De Vito, whose character makes a short-lived deal with God after learning he needs surgery; and "Alex Tastes Death," in which Rieger temporarily quits the business after being robbed and shot while on duty. Even Kaufman got the spotlight to himself: "Paper Marriage" made him the groom in a sham marriage to avoid deportation. Guest stars in the first-season shows included Tom Selleck (pre-Magnum, P.I.), Mandy Patinkin (then a struggling stage actor), Martin Mull, and Ruth Gordon. You'll only need a cursory look at a few episodes to be reminded that Taxi richly deserved the awards and accolades it received during its long tenure on the small screen, including the Outstanding Comedy Emmy for this very season.

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Closed Caption; Full-screen format; Dolby Digital; English mono

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Taxi - The Complete First Season 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having never been a fan of Taxi, I started watching the first season with my wife(who always watched the show, even the 11PM reruns) Never have I been blown away like I did with Taxi. This show is unbelievably funny. I was addicted from go. The characters, and I mean "Characters" give us wave upon wave of side-splitting, eye watering, uncontrollable laughter. The remarks, situations, and expressions by far set this show above its peers. It's like listening to the Beatles for the first time. At my request, we ordered 2 and 3 after watching the first disc,and it only gets better.............................
Guest More than 1 year ago
Omigod! I just received the first season of Taxi on DVD that I ordered on July 12. It is GREAT to see Taxi in its uncut glory! I didn’t watch it when it was on ABC and NBC, so I’ve never seen an episode that wasn’t severely damaged by commercials. The writing is sooo good. Judd Hirsch as Alex Reiger, “the only cab driver in this place,” holds this show together, but Louie, Elaine, Bobby, Latka, Simka, Tony and Reverend Jim are essential. The show is funny, of course, but the humor comes from the characters, not from generic jokes manufactured in Mexico or wherever they’re cranked out these days. Yeah, the writers have a special pedigree, having written Mary Tyler Moore’s show, so you expect that. Unexpectedly, this show is not really about a bunch of people who drive taxis, but about family. The emotion and poignancy of many of the episodes of Taxi is an unexpected pleasure. Most of these characters are as close to real people as you'll see on a tv comedy. Watching Andy Kaufman as Latka is just a hoot. The things he does with language just make me laugh. The big difference between Taxi reruns and the DVD is that the jokes grow out of the characters in the full DVD episodes. The jokes in the reruns are funny, but I think the writers meant them to be more than just funny. It disturbs me a little to think that I’m more at home with these television characters than with many of my real friends. That’s tv addiction for ya. I don’t know a thing about transfer or that other DVD technical stuff. I do know classic tv comedy, and this is it. I can’t wait for Season Two to come out so I can watch “Reverend Jim: a Space Odyssey,” one of the all-time great television comedy episodes. No special features. So what? Doesn’t matter. Buy this DVD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
AMAZING! After 20 years of waiting, Taxi fans can get also the first season episodes on DVD. It's not out yet, but Christmas is around the corner, so this is one thing I have on my wishlist. Unfortunately, these aren't my favourite Taxi episodes because Reverend Jim was not yet a character. Still, this will be an invaluable Taxi source for fans. Now, I'm just waiting for a DVD set of the first season of WKRP In Cincinnati to be completely satisfied.