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Director: György Pálfi

Cast: Csaba Czene, Gergo Trócsányi, Marc Bischoff

A strange young man takes his family's long tradition of bizarre behavior to new heights (or depths) in this wildly perverse and explicit horror comedy from director György Pálfi. Kálmán Balatony (Gergo Trócsányi) is a grotesquely fat gentleman who was fathered by an angry hospital orderly getting revenge on his boss by having sex with his wife. While the embittered


A strange young man takes his family's long tradition of bizarre behavior to new heights (or depths) in this wildly perverse and explicit horror comedy from director György Pálfi. Kálmán Balatony (Gergo Trócsányi) is a grotesquely fat gentleman who was fathered by an angry hospital orderly getting revenge on his boss by having sex with his wife. While the embittered husband killed the orderly when he was caught in the act, Kálmán was born as a result of the wife's indiscretion, and when he grows to adulthood he earns a modest fame as a competitive eating champion. At an eating contest, Kálmán meets a female competitor, the freakish Gizi (Adél Stanczel), and the two fall in love. Kálmán and Gizi marry, and she gives birth to a son, Lajos (Marc Bischoff), who grows up to be just as skinny as his parents are fat. Lajos studies taxidermy and takes up preserving animals as a career when he isn't busy taking care of his elderly and increasingly massive father. Lajos also raises a handful of unusually large house cats, and when they begin to turn on their master, Lajos uses his talents to keep them around the house without the danger of their bothering anyone. Taxidermia received its North American premiere at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
Grotesque. Absurd. Profane. Hilarious. Revolting. When searching for words to describe Hungarian director György Pálfi's hyper-bizarre follow-up to his award-winning 2002 feature debut, Hukkle, these are just a few of the colorful adjectives that spring immediately to mind. As difficult as Taxidermia may be to review, however, to give the impression that it isn't anything more than a series of surreal, occasionally stomach-turning scenes would do a grave disservice to the film. Upon closer inspection, we're treated to a transgressive study of the cycles of life that recalls the early efforts of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro in its boundless creative energy and gorgeously cluttered visual style. The story centers on three generations of social outcasts and their efforts to transcend their extreme poverty by accomplishing something that will cement their legacy. For Vendel Morosgoványi (Csaba Czene), a berated, hair-lipped custodian stationed at a remote military outpost, it's something as simple as sleeping with his lieutenant's wife -- an act that earns him a bullet in the head. But dead as Vendel may be, his seed has been planted, and Kálmán (Gergõ Trócsányi) is born. A competitive eater who longs for the day he may be recognized by the International Olympic Committee, Kálmán finds companionship with Gizella (Adél Stanczel), a fellow "sport eater," and before long the couple has birthed a son -- the tiny Lajos. Flash forward to many years later -- Lajos (Marc Bischoff) is an unlucky-in-love taxidermist. His father has grown to gargantuan proportions following the failure of his marriage to Gizella, and when Lajos isn't stuffing animals he's forced to care for his immobile, verbally abusive dad and tend to the old man's grossly overfed cats. After discovering his father dead under particularly unusual circumstances, Lajos dreams up a project that will establish him as one of the true visionary artists of his time while simultaneously bringing his family's bizarre legacy to an abrupt end. A word to the wise for those still reading and interested in the film: you may want to consider forgoing the snacks and sodas before indulging in this little stomach-turning saga, because Taxidermia could easily be described as the anti-popcorn film. To try and enjoy a bowl of piping hot nachos as Kálmán and his teammate have an intimate discussion about relationships while purging the chowder they just spent the last ten minutes gorging on would not only be an exercise in sheer cinematic masochism, but it would also abate the impact of Pálfi and co-writer Lajos Parti Nagy's wondrously original saga. Sure, some weak-stomached moviegoers are bound to be turned off by Pálfi's whimsically obscene style from the moment Vendel's penis begins shooting flames less than five minutes into the film, but those who are capable of appreciating the humor in the human condition will quickly discover that, despite its unsightly blemishes, Taxidermia is a provocative glimpse into our deep-rooted drive to establish a lasting legacy, and a compellingly phantasmagoric study of the extreme lengths to which we will go to do so.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Koch Vision

Special Features

Making-Of Featurette

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Csaba Czene Vendel Morosgoványi
Gergo Trócsányi Kalman Balatony
Marc Bischoff Lajos Balatony
Istvan Gyuricza Hadnagy/young lieutenant
Piroska Molnar Hadnagyné/lieutenant's wife
Gábor Máté Old Kálmán
Geza D. Hegedus Dr. Andor Regöczy
Istvan Hunyadkurthy Jenõ Bá
Zoltan Koppany Béla Miszlényi
Adel Stanczel Gizella Aczél
Istvan Znamenak Actor
Peter Blasko Actor

Technical Credits
György Pálfi Director,Screenwriter
Adrien Asztalos Production Designer
Imre Bodo Production Manager
Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu Producer
Zoltán Galambos Production Manager
Emilie Georges Producer
Hildegarde Haide Makeup
István Király Production Manager
Gabriele Kranzelbinder Producer
Reka Lemhenyi Editor
Alexandre Mallet-Guy Producer
Albert Márkos Score Composer
Peter Miskolczi Producer
Katapult Film Mokép Co-producer
Julia Patkos Costumes/Costume Designer
Gergely Pohárnok Cinematographer
Gabriella Reisinger Production Manager
Attila Réthly Casting
Zsofia Ruttkay Screenwriter
Géza Szöllõsi Art Director
Amon Tobin Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Gábor Váradi Producer
Tamás Zányi Sound/Sound Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Taxidermia
1. Saturday [8:10]
2. Common Denominator [6:45]
3. The Little Match Girl [6:10]
4. My Little Piggy [6:22]
5. Kálmán [7:22]
6. Spartakiad [5:08]
7. Bride For Sale! [10:01]
8. Cyst Or Myoma? [7:28]
9. Lajos [9:40]
10. Ashamed [6:29]
11. Training [1:51]
12. I'm Back [9:21]
13. The Essence [4:58]
14. Credits [4:44]

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Taxidermia 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MovieMadman More than 1 year ago
Hungarian director Gyorgy Palfi paints a visually stunning look at some rather bizarre lifestyles during the Soviet era. Using cinemaphotography stridently designed for its shock value, he tracks three generations of men within a single family; all seemingly side-show freaks from the get-go. There is nothing that can be considered "normal", or certainly sympathetic about his characters. They are all psychotically driven abnormalities, seeking self-gratification at the expense of all those around them - family or otherwise. The supressed sexuality and masturbation from behind holes in walls is palatable, but fire-shooting penis shots are over the top. The gluttony and induced vomiting sequences are simply tasteless, and finally, self-inflicted "Taxidermia" conclude a film that makes you feel quite relieved that you had not eaten before attending, or anyway, dumping your expensive nachos, hot dogs, and movie popcorn on the floor, well ahead of the second act. This film is certainly not for the squeemish, and I'm much relieved that it wasn't in 3-D! Director of Photography, Gergely Poharnok, and film editor Reka Lemhenyi deserve kudos for some amazing camera and scenic sequencing. They are both potential award winners, given that the material does not flow directly out of a sewer. The film is a curiosity. If you get sick at the sight of vomit or blood, and if you like cute little pigs, I'd definitely miss this one. However, if you are into bulimia, defacation, and other cathartic bodily functions, by all means don't miss this film!