TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends Collection: Marlon Brando

TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends Collection: Marlon Brando

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TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends Collection: Marlon Brando

This collection from TCM compiles four films that contain featuring indelible performances by Marlon Brando, considered by many to be the most influential actor of the 20th century. Included are Julius Caesar, The Teahouse of the August Moon, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Release Date: 04/05/2011
UPC: 0883929166800
Rating: NR
Source: Turner Classic Movie
Region Code: 1
Time: 7:55:00

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Elizabeth Taylor Leonora Penderton
Marlon Brando Marc Antony,Sakini,Maj. Weldon Penderton,Stanley Kowalski
Vivien Leigh Blanche Dubois
Glenn Ford Capt. Fisby
James Mason Brutus
Brian Keith Lt. Col. Morris Langdon
John Gielgud Cassius
Kim Hunter Stella Kowalski
Machiko Kyo Lotus Blossom
Eddie Albert Captain McLean
Julie Harris Alison Langdon
Karl Malden Harold "Mitch" Mitchell
Louis Calhern Julius Caesar
Greer Garson Calpurnia
Paul Ford Colonel Purdy
Robert Forster Pvt. Williams
Rudy Bond Steve Hubbell
Edmond O'Brien Casca
Zorro David Anacleto
Deborah Kerr Portia
Gordon Mitchell Stables Sergeant
Ted Beniades Sergeant
Al Mulock Old Soldier
Douglas Stark Dr. Burgess

Technical Credits
Daniel Mann Director
Elia Kazan Director
John Huston Director
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Director
Bruno Avesani Art Director
Joe Chevalier Set Decoration/Design
Marcus Dods Musical Direction/Supervision
Amato Garbini Makeup
Stephen B. Grimes Production Designer
Gladys Hill Screenwriter
Horsemaster Makeup
Dorothy Jeakins Costumes/Costume Designer
William Kiernan Set Decoration/Design
Frank LaRue Makeup
Friedrich von Ledebur Makeup
Russell Lloyd Editor
Augie Lohman Special Effects
Toshiro Mayuzumi Score Composer
Chapman Mortimer Screenwriter
Philip Rhodes Makeup
Ray Stark Producer
Aldo Tonti Cinematographer

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- TCM Greatest Classic Legends Collection: Marlon Brando - A Streetcar Named Desire: the Original Director's Version / Julius Caesar
1. Crdits [1:14]
2. New Arrival at Elysian Fields [4:00]
3. Belle Reve's Fate [6:10]
4. "You Must Be Stanley" [3:30]
5. Napoleonic and Dress Codes [6:15]
6. Cards on the Table [8:19]
7. Poker: No Women Allowed [4:43]
8. Mitch and the Ladies [4:01]
9. Tearing up the Place [1:56]
10. "Hey, Stella!" [3:25]
11. "I Need Kindness Now" [1:28]
12. "Don't Hang Back With the Brutes!" [6:02]
13. Odor of Cheap Perfume [3:00]
14. To Breathe Quietly Again [4:49]
15. Arabian Nights Prince [3:55]
16. Memory of First Love [12:42]
17. Tales of Dame Blanche [5:32]
18. King Around Here [4:11]
19. Down off the Columns [4:10]
20. "I Want Magic!" [7:06]
21. "Flores Para Los Muertos" [4:35]
22. One Unforgivable Thing [6:13]
23. Caught in a Trap [3:33]
24. "Interfere With You?" [1:41]
25. Going on a Trip [4:05]
26. Callers for Blanche [4:40]
27. Kindness of Strangers [2:56]
28. Cast List [:22]
Disc #1, Side B -- TCM Greatest Classic Legends Collection: Marlon Brando / Julius Caesar
1. Credits and Foreword [2:10]
2. Dissenting Voices [3:08]
3. Beware the Ides of March [2:52]
4. Not in Our Stars [6:20]
5. Casca's Crown Chronicle [6:46]
6. So Vile As Caesar [5:40]
7. Speak, Strike, Redress! [4:47]
8. Kill Him Boldly [4:51]
9. Good Portia [4:38]
10. Calpurnia's Fear [3:12]
11. Emperor's Escort [4:10]
12. Capitol Entrance [3:00]
13. Et Tu, Brute? [3:16]
14. Bathing in Blood [3:19]
15. Bargaining With Antony [5:19]
16. Let Slip the Dogs of War [:52]
17. I Loved Rome More [1:41]
18. Lend Me Your Ears [3:20]
19. Such Honorable Men [5:12]
20. Most Unkindest Cut [2:52]
21. Antony and Octavius [5:37]
22. Ill Temper [3:40]
23. News of the Dead [6:45]
24. Sleepy Tune [4:26]
25. Caesar's Ghost [3:00]
26. Parting Well Made [2:34]
27. Field of Battle [2:23]
28. Cassius Dies [2:49]
29. Brutus Dies [4:18]
30. Noblest Roman [5:16]
31. Cast List [1:47]
Disc #2, Side A -- TCM Greatest Classic Legends Collection: Marlon Brando / The Teahouse of the August Moon
1. Credits [1:52]
2. Sakini's Wit and Wisdom [3:32]
3. Sighs and Socks up [4:51]
4. Fisby: Man for the Job [7:19]
5. All Aboard [5:41]
6. Grand Detour [2:44]
7. August Moon Welcome [6:25]
8. Elected Officials [6:41]
9. Grabby Geisha Gift [5:29]
10. Lotus Blossom Trouble [5:04]
11. Democratic Action [4:57]
12. What Geishas Do [6:07]
13. Teahouse Dream [4:22]
14. Getas and Cricket Cages [2:56]
15. Gardens to Germinate [6:54]
16. McLean's List for Purdy [2:27]
17. Tobiki Brandy [1:02]
18. Product Pitch [7:08]
19. Teahouse Opening [3:16]
20. Dance in Fisby's Honor [2:37]
21. Surprise Visit [5:07]
22. Communist Distillery [4:49]
23. Makeshift Tea [3:12]
24. Drop of the Fan [2:52]
25. Gracious Acceptance [4:14]
26. American Spirits [3:26]
27. Teahouse Reopening [3:08]
28. August Moon Farewell [3:37]
Disc #2, Side B -- TCM Greatest Classic Legends Collection: Marlon Brando / Reflections in a Golden Eye
1. Credits and Foreword [2:27]
2. Pvt. Williams' Work Detail [5:45]
3. Tryst in the Woods [1:27]
4. She Drinks, He Doesn't [3:38]
5. "Firebird Is a Stallion" [3:08]
6. "You Disgust Me" [3:23]
7. Unloving Couples [4:04]
8. Private Scrutiny [5:00]
9. Ruptured Rapture [2:29]
10. Fallen Rider [2:41]
11. Naked Rider [1:28]
12. Night Visitor [5:11]
13. Golden Eye [4:44]
14. Party and Departure Plans [6:12]
15. Astride Firebird [4:29]
16. Horsewhipping; Intercession [2:35]
17. Those Festive and Wounded [2:25]
18. Weincheck's News; The Joke [:30]
19. Taste of the Whip [1:54]
20. Revisitation [3:55]
21. Spousal Notes [3:23]
22. Shadowing Williams [3:51]
23. Caught in Leonora's Room [1:55]
24. Taking Care of Alison [3:02]
25. Consoling Morris [5:56]
26. Mojor Distractions [4:38]
27. Men Among Men [4:18]
28. Stormy Night [5:11]
29. Murder Committed [3:36]

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TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends Collection: Marlon Brando 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
poughkeepsiejohn More than 1 year ago
Many tributes have been made about the recent passing of actress Elizabeth Taylor and along with them, there have been a number of DVD reissues of her past films. Most of them are worth checking out, especially her searing Oscar-winning turn in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" and even the scandal-soaked "Cleopatra", where she fell in love with Richard Burton, is worth a take. But there is one performance of hers that has always struck me and it was made at a time when nobody was expecting much from her. The film was called "Reflections In A Golden Eye". Made in 1968, this John Huston film tells the story of a closetted Army major (played very well by Marlon Brando) who has a domineering wife, played by Taylor. At first, her character comes across as an almost cartoonish figure, riding on a white horse with a whip. However, she relishes in humiliating her husband at every opportunity. To make a long story short, this leads to a lot of infidelity, betrayal and of course, murder. Yet, Taylor is so good playing the wife that you believe that she would actually be this cruel and intimidating woman. When she repeatedly and humiliatingly slaps Brando in front of his men, you wonder, "Who else could get away with doing that?" At the time this movie was made, nobody could. That is, nobody but Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor made this film two years after winning the Oscar for "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" and when it came out, most of the critics panned it. Over the years, though, it has gained something of a notoriety and not just because of Taylor's brutal performance in it. Brando is very good here, too, portraying a military man so stuck in protocol that he walks through the film angry, confused, even fragile. He plays the kind of man who could fall apart in front of you in an instant. Four years after appearing in this movie, Brando would win the Oscar for "The Godfather". But you watch him here and you realize that it only took the right formula and a matter of time for the moviegoing public to realize what a sensational actor he was. "Reflections In A Golden Eye" also features Brian Keith, as a reluctant suitor to Taylor. Julie Harris as Keith's suspicious, voyeristic wife. And there's also Robert Forster, in his first motion picture, playing the role of a young, impressionable soldier caught in a situation that he or may not truly understand. The movie was meant to be a vehicle for Taylor and for Montgomery Clift, whose life and career had been in a steep decline. But Clift died in 1966 and never got to make this film. Considering the gay undertones in this taboo-busting film, it would've been interesting (to say the least) how Clift would have tackled this subject if he had the opportunity to do this film. "Reflections In A Golden Eye" is not available seperately on DVD but it is available on the TCM Greatest Classic Films Legends series with Marlon Brando, along with "Julius Caesar", "Teahouse Of The August Moon" and the truly classic "A Streetcar Named Desire". For anyone who wants to see just how furiously unbridled Elizabeth Taylor can be given the right role, "Reflections" is definitely worth seeking out.