Teenagers from Outer Space

Teenagers from Outer Space

DVD (Black & White / Mono / Dolby 5.1)

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Teenagers from Outer Space

Tom Graeff's Teenagers From Outer Space is usually thought of as being from the Edward D. Wood Jr. school of filmmaking, but it's a little better than that; or at least it's cleverer and more ambitious in certain ways. Apparently shot for little more than the cost of the raw film stock -- under $10,000, to be sure -- Teenagers From Outer Space is an inept, silly, and delightfully entertaining movie, with an earnestness that makes the viewer want to like it. This DVD is the best presentation that the movie ever has, or likely ever will, receive. Transferred from a very sharp film source and treated with the kind of care that Graeff himself might have admired, the movie reveals more detail than anyone ever conceived of being displayed by this picture. From the first appearance of the ridiculous corkscrew-shaped spaceship to the absurd image of the "Gargan" -- a badly superimposed lobster -- on a hillside, the picture is one long unintended laugh, but it's also a very enjoyable laugh. One has to admire not only the pluck of the performers, but the ingenuity of its maker; according to the lengthy notes by Richard Valley, in order to save money, Graeff used a technique that Orson Welles had first utilized 12 years earlier in shooting Macbeth, pre-recording every sound and all of the dialogue, then shooting the film silently to match that track. The quality of the audio is such that one can marvel at Graeff's technique, if not its results. He had an idea of how to make a movie, but not how to direct a movie, and it's clear that he had no clue about handling actors, even in the direction of dialogue, much less action. This DVD won't convince anyone that this is a great, or even a good movie, but it is an enjoyable one. Beyond the unintended laughs, one can admire Graeff's effort and approach, if not his technique. The high quality of the audio also allows viewers to absorb the tracked-in movie score, which consists of stock music that was later identified with such television programs as Space Angel and Marvel Super-Heroes. The disc comes with very extensive notes but no other extras, apart from the original trailer, which does make the movie seem very exciting (Warner Bros. was getting a bargain when they bought the first-distribution rights to the movie for $28,000, to pair in theaters with Gigantis, The Fire Monster, the recut U.S. version of Godzilla Raids Again) -- the menu is difficult to negotiate, however, and accessing the trailer from the chapter directory can be a chore.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/19/2000
UPC: 0014381869125
Original Release: 1959
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Presentation: [B&W]
Sound: [Dolby Digital, monaural]
Time: 1:25:00

Special Features

Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1
0. Chapters
1. Wait and Wonder; Main Title [2:17]
2. Expedition Z06 [13:16]
3. Strangers in Town [8:36]
4. Alice [4:10]
5. Worlds Apart [6:07]
6. Professor Simpson [6:06]
7. City Hall Shootout [3:00]
8. Medical Attention [8:22]
9. Thor's Escape [3:48]
10. The Chase [4:24]
11. Here to Stay [4:04]
12. The Gargon Terror [2:20]
13. Derek's Plan [2:58]
14. High Voltage [4:45]
15. Going After Thor [4:11]
16. The Promise [6:56]

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Teenagers from Outer Space 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of wretched fifties sci-fi films for years, and I'd somehow never seen this title. Despite the insanely low budget (the ray guns used in the film actually have the Buck Rogers logo visible on them!), the fact that most of the 'teenagers' look like they're in their thirties, and the stilted acting of the entire cast (especially leading lady Dawn Anderson!), this movie is very watchable and entertaining. It plays out as sort of a cross between REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and THE TERMINATOR, done with no talent or budget. Leading man David Love is a terrible actor; but he is pretty sexy in his alien jumpsuit.
Alan_Slates More than 1 year ago
At 51 years of age, I finally found the one movie that started my love for science fiction. In this black and white film, even though it is the best they had at the time for special effects, they did a great job. The plot keeps you going, and the ending will really surprise you. I recommend this book for anyone to watch as I saw it when it was on television back in the 60's and after all these years have finally found that special movie....Teenagers from Outer Space
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thats what happens when our older teens use their ray guns on Dogs, People, Gas station attendants, they become nothing but a pile of bones! We have a space ship landing, A few aliens get out and they have a Lobster with them. Apparently if these things are let alone long enough, they will graze and become huge, Only they are never called Lobsters, "Gargons!" Well, one alien wants to get away from the group. He winds up going into town to find his way in the new world. He comes across a young lady with a horrible hairdo and her grand daddy. They just happen to have a room for rent and don't seem to mind that the tennant looks odd as he's dressed in a space costume,Can't answer even the simplest of questions and generally, is clueless, it's more or less shrugged off, It's a B-Movie. Another alien is tracking down the escapee however. He eventually catches up to him, Next, the cops get involved, Though this particular police department is all plain clothes, (A bet would be this move was done a shoestring budget) Anyway, the cops hit the guy. Buy this movie from Barnes and Noble for one of the most climatice endings you will ever see on the silver screen, Hey! Why is my nose growing?