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A-Team - Season 3

The A-Team - Season 3


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
A tender exchange from The A-Team's "Bounty" -- the 22nd of 25 episodes included in the Season 3 set -- pretty sums up the series' unique character dynamics: Week after week, the aptly nicknamed Captain H. M. ("Howling Mad") Murdock (Dwight Schultz) drives Sgt. B. A. Baracus (Mr. T) to distraction; but when Murdock is kidnapped, the bling-heavy, mohawked muscleman seems worried, and Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck (Dirk Benedict) takes notice. "I'm not concerned," B.A. insists. "It's just that the crazy fool can't help himself." "I think we're seeing another side of Mr. Baracus here," says Face. "You ain't seein' nothin'," B.A. growls. "Now, let's go get Murdock." This is as warm and fuzzy as The A-Team gets, and it's one of the reasons this adventure series ranked among A. C. Nielsen's Top 10 shows in each of its first three seasons. No Very Special Episodes (unless you count the Amazon River pirate two-parter, "Bend in the River"). No tackling of hot-button issues. And the only life lesson learned is You don't mess with the A-Team! Season 3 finds the fugitive mercenary quartet, led by Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (the scenery- and cigar-chomping George Peppard), still pursued by Col. Decker (Lance LeGault). "Trouble," Hannibal informs one client, "supplies our main form of employment." The A-Team find plenty of it as they lend their inimitable help to some little guy (or gal) being pushed around by the Mob, corrupt record producers, The Mob, corrupt union organizers, the mob, business rivals, and, of course, violators of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. Guest stars of note this season include Markie Post as a supermodel in trouble with organized crime, in "Hot Styles," and a pre-Hill Street Blues Dennis Franz as a sleazy security company owner in "Beverly Hills Assault." But half the fun is watching the soldiers of fortune formulate a plan of attack -- which almost invariably involves tearing through intersections and screeching around corners in their big black van -- before taking down the bad guys in a hail of surrender-inducing bullets. Yes, cars and bodies hurtle in slow motion through the air, but blood rarely spills, if ever, and justice is reliably served.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
George Peppard Actor
Alex Rocco Sonny Monroe
Carl Franklin Capt. Crane
Claudia Christian Cathy Rogers
Dana Elcar George Olson
Deborah Lacey Charlotte
Dirk Benedict Actor
Don Stroud Tyler
Joe Lambie John Lawrence
Joe Santos Rudy Garcia
John Ashton Cactus Jack Slater
John Quade McKaydoo
Lance Le Gault Col. Decker,Col. Roderick Decker
Markie Post Rina
Marla Heasley Tawnia Baker
Michael Young Evans
Richard Herd Jonathan Durcell
Robert Davi Boyle
Stephanie Kramer Annie Sanders
Sue Kiel Salina
Vincent Baggetta Joey Epic
William Lucking Col. Lynch
Wings Hauser Jack "The Ripper" Lane
Barry Van Dyke Dr. Brian Leftcourt
Carlos Romero Zuniga
Charles Napier Col. Briggs
Joe E. Tata Bookie McGrudy
John Calvin Madrid
John Saxon Korem
Joseph Hacker A.J.
Joseph Sirola Nathan Vincent
Kimberly Ross Sandy
Leah Ayres Jenny Olson
Lisa Denton Patty Dutton
Maylo McCaslin Peggy
Mills Watson Hoyt Plummer
Morgan Woodward Captain Winnetka
T Actor
Richard Lynch John Turian
Robert Desiderio Luna
Suzanne Barnes Maryann Rogers
Tracy Brooks Swope Samantha Lawrence
Wendy Kilbourne Nikki Monroe
Al Ruscio Gino Giani
Andre Gower Billy Lawrence
Arthur Taxier Turian's Assistant
Betsy Russell Tina
Claude Earl Jones Skeeter
D.D. Howard Carrie
Daphne Maxwell Reid Kamora Kaboko
Dennis Franz Brooks
Dick Balduzzi Mick Halligan
Dwight Schultz Actor
Edward Winter Johnny Royce
Frank Annese Senbet
Ismael Carlo Cordoba
James Luisi Jimmy Durkee
Joseph Wiseman Westerland
Louis Giambalvo Jason Webb
Marta Du Bois Bobbi Cardina
Paul Gleason Roy Kelsey
Raul Drake Johnny Vescari
Robert Gray Gandy
Stacey Nelkin Lisa Perry
Steve Sandor Deke Logan
Steven Williams Eddie Devane
Tim McMullen Corson
Wendy Fulton Dr. Kelly Stevens
Anthony James Henchman
Ben Piazza Councilman Prescott
Christopher Penrock Palin
Daphne Ashbrook Patty Sullivan
Dave Shelley Joe Dutton
Deborah Goodrich Jenny
Dennis A. Pratt Rudy's Wife
Ed Gilbert Wilkins
Gene Evans Darrow
Holly Gagnier Tina Marquette
Jack Heller Jabur
James Callahan Capt. Fallone
Janine Turner Theresa Giani
Jeff Doucette Malcolm Jones
John Moschitta Jason Burnett
Lloyd Bochner Steffan Shawn
Michael Alldredge Col. Twill
Michael Baseleon Tommy Largo
Michael de Lano Mason
Michael Preston Doyle
Mike Moroff Seegar
Mitchell Ryan Ike Hagen
Ray Bickel Georgie
Robert Tessier Mute
Alan Fudge Atty. Elliot Farnell
Andy Romano Dubio
Beau Starr Bull McEwan
Bill McKinney Royko
Carole R. Davis Kalani
Christine DeLeise Ginger
Clint Carmichael Worker
David Westgor Speed
Herman Poppe Roarke
Jack Hogan Barrington
John Carter Parker
John Dennis Johnston Archer
John Hamelin Abdul
Kaz Garas Meeks
Ken Gibbel Actor
Ken Swofford Ranger Roy Sherman
Marshall Teague Travis Mason
Reginald T. Dorsey Billy Rey
Robert Donner Sheriff
Russ McCubbin Freddy
Sergio Calderon El Cajon (The Coffin)
Shawn Southwick Cactus Jack's Secretary
Tony O'Neil Steele
Wanda Penalver Nurse

Technical Credits
Arnold Laven Director
Craig R. Baxley Director
David Hemmings Director
Dennis Donnelly Director
James Fargo Director
Michael O'Herlihy Director
Sidney Hayers Director
Tony Mordente Director

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 1A
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:39]
2. Hotel Business [22:02]
3. Making a Date [11:06]
4. Just What You Need [10:39]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:53]
2. River Pirate [39:02]
3. Hidden Treasure [24:47]
4. Nuclear Ambitions [30:09]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Temperature Is Rising [15:27]
3. A Man's Job [20:48]
4. Dowsing the Flames [9:45]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:26]
2. Union Dues [12:35]
3. Hauling Logs [22:16]
4. The Harder They Fall [10:36]
Disc #1, Side B -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 1B
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:26]
2. Innocent Kidnapping [13:57]
3. Leaping Lizards [22:39]
4. Two Against One [8:31]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:27]
2. Auto Plant Plunder [14:13]
3. Caught Red-Handed [18:47]
4. Reverse Frontal Assault [12:53]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Marooned [21:30]
3. Drug Refinery [12:08]
4. Big Guns [11:59]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. The Wild West [20:14]
3. There Can Be Only One [15:29]
4. Round Up [7:56]
Disc #2, Side A -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 2A
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:08]
2. Law & Order [14:25]
3. Missing Man [20:16]
4. The Plan Comes Together [10:53]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:25]
2. Star Athlete [10:31]
3. Band Management [23:47]
4. Resign for Ransom [11:48]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Counterfeit Clothes [21:37]
3. Phony Fashion [10:53]
4. The Latest Wrinkle [13:10]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Armed Robbery [18:04]
3. On the Loose [18:35]
4. Hidden Stash [7:49]
Disc #2, Side B -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 2B
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:39]
2. Gotta Sell [15:39]
3. Over Easy [17:46]
4. Well Done [10:14]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:10]
2. Loan Sharking [20:58]
3. Dead Man Talking [15:07]
4. Last Call [10:35]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Taking a Dive [12:08]
3. Prize Fighter [20:15]
4. In a Fix [13:03]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Poaching [19:23]
3. Wild Games [20:15]
4. Tanning Hides [6:48]
Disc #3, Side A -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 3A
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:10]
2. Gambling Debts [14:01]
3. New Face on the Block [21:02]
4. Snake Eyes [11:33]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Private Secretary [15:20]
3. Shotgun Wedding [16:01]
4. Cold Feet [13:41]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:10]
2. Tow Truck Wars [13:37]
3. Ahead of the Competition [25:27]
4. No Business Like Tow Business [8:34]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Making Deliveries [15:12]
3. Toxic Dumping [19:09]
4. Taking Out the Garbage [10:14]
Disc #3, Side B -- The A-Team: Season 3, Disc 3B
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Dead or Alive [14:27]
3. On the Run [21:03]
4. Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em [9:12]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Pushing Paint [16:55]
3. New Talent [23:01]
4. Fine Art [7:00]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:24]
2. Making Suds [13:40]
3. Hard Sales [22:16]
4. Taste Your Own Medicine [9:09]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:09]
2. Gone Fishing [19:21]
3. Weekend Getaway [12:53]
4. Shoot to Kill [12:10]

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