The Arizona Raiders

The Arizona Raiders

Larry "Buster" Crabbe
Director: James Hogan Cast: Larry "Buster" Crabbe
Larry "Buster" Crabbe
, Raymond Hatton
Raymond Hatton
, Marsha Hunt
Marsha Hunt
James Hogan




Another above-average entry in Paramount's Zane Grey series, Arizona Raiders was adapted from Grey's Riders of Spanish Peaks. Buster Crabbe, here billed under his given name of Larry, stars as outlaw Laramie Nelson, who at the beginning of the picture manages to escape a "necktie party." A sense of obligation which Laramie himself cannot explain leads him to rescue another miscreant, Tracks Williams (Raymond Hatton), from a similar demise. The two desert rats team up with a third, handsome young Lone Alonzo Mulhall (Johnny Downs), whereupon the threesome engage in numerous adventures, many of them humorous in nature. Marsha Hunt, as much of a "regular" in the Zane Grey series as Crabbe and Hatton, plays the self-reliant ingenue.

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Release Date: 07/09/2015
UPC: 0644827249824
Original Release: 1936
Source: Reel Vault

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