The Batman - Season 5

The Batman - Season 5

DVD (Full Frame)

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Release Date: 07/08/2008
UPC: 0085391186069
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 4:32:00
Sales rank: 20,002

Special Features

Joining Forces: The Batman's Legendary Team-Ups - How series producers adapted the DC "Team-Up-Tales" approach from the comic books to the screen; The Batman: Justice League profiles

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The Batman - Season 5 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well here we are again for The Last Time the Final Season of The Batman normally i would be happy but this season but it turned out to a Justice League Show well i do like some team-ups in this seasojn i do like the superman,green arrow,and flash team ups the 2 i'm not crazy about are the hawkman and green lantern team ups which were very dissappointing to me the stand alone episode were Mostly Great now 1 in aprticulaer i'm not crazy about but well get to that later White Heat is a very dark episode which features more background on the villian Firefly and his girlfriend Blaze who just want to get away from it all and when an accident accures Garfyld Lynns turns into Phospherous a villian who bent on Blow This Town the next standalone episode Joker Express which is my favorite feature people who are using the trains only to be hypnotized by joker forcing them to steal things batman,batgirl,and robin were caught in this trance and find out joker tends to blow up the city from and old mine used years ago filled with miles of dynomiteb but then our heroes mange to defeat the clow prince once again the next stand alone episode The Metal face of Comedy is anything but i thought this was going to be a great episode but i lost high hopes when i found how nightwing is an internet character and harley did nothing special but just stand there it was a big disappointment you would have thougt riddler could pull off a crime that big only 2 stad alone episodes Attack of the terrible trio which has 3 colledge kids who are in the same school as batgirl taking animal mutant patches stolen form dr.langstrom's lab and theregoal is to turn ever kid on campus into "Circus Freaks" until batman and batgirl foil their plans and cure 2 of the trio while the leader is transformed into a giant griffen i thought episode was pretty descent i enjoyed it and the final stand alone episode The End of The Batman which has batman and robin going up against 2 copycats named Wrath and Skorn who are helping the villians instead of turning them in these 2 evil twins are actually pals of bruce and dick who's parents were arrested the same night bruce's parents died then they know each others identies and the final battle begins in the batcave eventually the villians are defeated and they threaten to tell all the villians their identities but joker saves the dady by taking care of them i really liked this episode it is ment to be a series finale then the final 2 part episode Lost Heroes was not all great it feels like an ending to a justice league series more then a batman toon it has the joining from the season 4 finale and hugo strange who escaped arkham during the invasion teling them he would capture the justice league and stealing their powers and using them for there super powered drones and the justice league use special weapons to capture the drones and get their powers back and hugo strange got what he wanted The Knowledge of the universe which put him in a comotose state and the joining are launching a full scale assult on the planet and its up to batgirl to put in the code which should destory the joining forever and The justice league saves the day i would have coem up with a real series finale instead of this all in all The Batman was good the first 4 seasons and 8 episodes of season 5 but it could have done better
The-Batman More than 1 year ago
This was the last season of the Batman and in my opinion the best. In this season they started to introduce members of the Justice League. You can see episodes with Superman, Martin Manhunter, Green Lantern, The Flash and the Green Arrow. Why is it when a series is just starting to get good they always cancel it? If anyone has an answer to this please let me know, but enough of my question this DVD will keep you entertained for a long time. Highly recommended for comic fans or Saturday morning cartoon fans. Good for all ages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a good collection of short Batman episodes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago