The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit

The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit

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The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit

This documentary, in which the Beatles are followed by a camera crew as they experience the heady rush of their triumphant first visit to the United States, gets an appreciative treatment for its release on DVD. The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit has been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio is in Dolby Digital Mono. The program is in English, with optional subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Bonus materials include a large selection of outtakes and an audio commentary track from filmmakers David and Albert Maysles.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/03/2004
UPC: 0724359934990
Original Release: 1990
Rating: NR
Source: Capitol
Region Code: 0
Time: 2:12:00

Special Features

Audio commentary by Albert Maysles; The Making of the First U.S. Visit featurette.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

The First U.S. Visit Chapters
  • "Here's what's happening baby -- the Beatles!"
  • The Beatles arrive at JFK -- February 7, 1964
  • Meeting the press in Central Park
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (NYC #1)
  • All My Loving
  • Till There Was You
  • She Loves You
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • The Beatles at the Peppermint Lounge
  • The Beatles Arrive in Washington
  • The Washington Coliseum Concert
  • I Saw Her Standing There
  • I Wanna Be Your Man
  • She Loves You
  • Miami
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (Miami)
  • From Me to You
  • This Boy
  • All My Loving
  • Preparing to Leave
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (NYC #2)
  • Twist & Shout
  • Please Please Me
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • The Beatles arrive back in the U.K.
  • End credits

    The Making of the First U.S. Visit Chapters

  • The Beatles are coming!
  • Ringo, George & John phone home
  • Under siege at the hotel
  • Live in your living room
  • Relaxing at the Peppermint Lounge
  • Heading for Washington
  • Perfect Synchronization
  • Washington Coliseum
  • The Ambassador's ball
  • Back to New York
  • Miami Beach
  • Going home
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    The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
    Iain010100 More than 1 year ago
    This film is basically a cameraman and sound man following the Beatles around during their first visit to America. There's no narration, no interviews, no pre-packaged concert footage, just a fly-on-the-wall view of the Fab Four during the days when being famous was still new and exciting for them. We see the Beatles sitting in a limo from the airport as a gang of teenage girls descend upon the car. We see their famous first press conference and how they instantly won everyone over, them in a night club dancing, Paul and John with two female fans as they duck away into a bathroom, their not yet jaded encounters with reporters, fans, politicians, and celebrities. We also get a seat view of them performing, and (because the camera wasn't allowed in the Sullivan Theater) a view of their first Ed Sullivan performance from the home of a family.

    The DVD also contains a recent interview with the original cameraman. This is almost as interesting as the film itself. He talks about the visit from his perspective and the footage that was left out of the original movie (which is also on the DVD).

    I watched this shortly after I finished reading Bob Spitz's "The Beatles: Biography." Reading the bio really put in context this moment in time. The Fab Four had no idea the fervor they were about to create in the States. They knew they were a local sensation in England and Germany, but when they were on the plane to New York they thought no one in America knew who they were. It was only when they looked out the airplane window at the waiting crowd did they realize their popularity.

    If you are a fan of the Beatles, this is something you should see.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    Very impressive. The folks at Apple deserve a standing ovation. Music DVDs are worthless without quality sound. This DVD delivers considerably more than expected. The Sullivan performances sound better than DVD recordings 1/10 their age. The Washington DC concert is a bit rough but we can't expect miracles. If you want a DVD of the Beatles early years, this is the one and only.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    Experience the early days of American Beatlemania the way The Beatles experienced them (without having to outrun thousands of screaming fans). This DVD is a must for fans of the little band from Liverpool.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    u get to see the amazing fab four at their peak singing and killing their fans as they scream to death and u can't blame them they rocked and they still do..
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    In 2001, when Paul McCartney played at the Concert For New York City,he was introduced by Jim Carrey who said, ''He landed in New York City in 1964 as a Beatle, and it was one of the greatest moments in this city's history.'' Indeed it was! And with this brand-new documentary, the world had a chance to relive the magical moment. I, for one, certainly wouldn't want to blow this opportunity to enjoy the magic of the Ed Sullivan Shows, the humor in the hotel room and the madness on the streets one more time. Plus a fantastic portion of the Washington Coliseum concert and hilarious train scenes, most certainly, get this DVD.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    I watched this dvd in awe just last night. 27 years after the fact and I am brought to tears by the genuine novelty and naivity shown in the faces of the fab four as their career was plunged into the American marketplace by their manager Brian Epstein. The rest is history. Sadly, you never saw again that youthful energy these guys exhibited in their first months of instant stardom. We saw them draw away from their fans, change their music and seek private lives. This dvd reminds us why we fell in love with them and why, 27 years later I know every word and every guitar lick by heart. It was the genesis of my musical tastes. Do yourself a favor. Buy this dvd, go get your kids, turn down the lights and show them what beatlemania was all about.