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Cary Grant Box Set
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The Cary Grant Box Set

4.5 7
Director: George Cukor, George Stevens, Howard Hawks

Cast: Cary Grant

Both film versions of Phillip Barry's stage comedy Holiday have their merits, but the 1938 version has the added advantage of supercharged star power. Katharine Hepburn and Doris Nolan play Linda and Julia Seton, two daughters of a very well-to-do family. Linda feels a bit lost in the shuffle as sister Julia prepares to marry self-made financier Cary Grant.


Both film versions of Phillip Barry's stage comedy Holiday have their merits, but the 1938 version has the added advantage of supercharged star power. Katharine Hepburn and Doris Nolan play Linda and Julia Seton, two daughters of a very well-to-do family. Linda feels a bit lost in the shuffle as sister Julia prepares to marry self-made financier Cary Grant. Hepburn has always rebelled against her privileged trappings, and finds a kindred spirit in the unorthodox, iconoclastic Grant. On the verge of compromising his down-to-earth values with his marriage to the wealth-obsessed Nolan, Grant chooses instead to plight his troth with soul-mate Hepburn, celebrating his "liberation" by doing several cartwheels. Donald Ogden Stewart is careful to bring the pre-Depression frivolities of the Barry play up-to-date, first by changing the character of Grant's best friend (played in both films by Edward Everett Horton) from a lazy socialite to a dedicated professor, and by including several lines indicating how out of touch the privileged classes are--and choose to remain--with 1930s realities. The only element in which the remake does not improve on the original is in the casting of Hepburn's alcoholic younger brother; charming though Lew Ayres is in the 1938 film, he is still outclassed by Monroe Owsley in Holiday (1930). Katharine Hepburn managed to temporarily defray her "box office poison" onus when Holiday proved to be a success; alas, her next film, Bringing Up Baby (which reteamed her with Grant), was a financial bust, compelling her to return to Broadway--where she made a spectacular comeback in another Philip Barry play, The Philadelphia Story.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Gregory Baird
One of the all-time-great comedies, His Girl Friday is a breakneck-paced joyride through the newspaper business, filled with some of the sharpest rapid-fire dialogue to ever grace the screen. Directed by Hollywood master Howard Hawks and adapted from the play The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, His Girl Friday stars Cary Grant as a newspaper editor who will stop at nothing to lure his former star reporter (Rosalind Russell) -- who also happens to be his ex-wife -- back onto the newspaper and into his life. Hawks's typically clean, unobtrusive direction gives the actors plenty of room to work, and they make the most of it, reveling in the witty repartee and sprinting gleefully through scenes of nonstop, overlapping dialogue that may set a words-per-minute record. The jaded view of the press that marked the original play survives intact, but Hawks's addition of a romantic story line (the Russell character was a man in The Front Page) turns the material into a battle of the sexes -- a classic of the form. Grant, of course, delivers his lines with effortless impeccability; his sense of comic timing is nothing short of perfect. Russell matches him stride for stride and line for line, making for the kind of combustible screen chemistry that is the stuff of legend. The Columbia DVD includes a commentary track and four short documentaries.
Barnes & Noble
One of the greatest screwball comedies of the thirties, The Awful Truth is arguably the archetypal example of this influential genre. The plot -- in which a gorgeous, sophisticated couple (played by Cary Grant and Irene Dunne) divorce, dabble with various Mr. and Miss Wrongs, and get back together again -- is the screwball formula distilled to its essence. Also exemplary are the film's opulent sets and costumes, and Grant's and Dunne's fabulously witty dialogue. Like the featured couple in most screwball comedies, Jerry and Lucy Warriner are made for each other, a fact reinforced mostly by their sublime bickering (and the supporting characters' futile attempts to keep up with them). Based on a stage play by Arthur Richman that had been filmed twice before, Vina Delmar's script ably supplies the two stars with choice barbs, and Leo McCarey's confident direction keeps the action moving from set piece to hilarious set piece. Grant and Dunne are, unsurprisingly, brilliant as the warring Warriners, though special mention must also be made of some of the actors playing their hapless suitors: Ralph Bellamy as the hayseed Dan Leeson (Bellamy would later play nearly the same role in Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday); Alexander d'Arcy as the hilariously insipid Armand Duvalle; and Joyce Compton as the incomparable Dixie Belle Lee. Nominated for six Oscars in 1938, the film walked away with only one, for McCarey. Mark Pittillo

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Sony Pictures
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Cary Grant Actor,Geoff Carter,Jerry Warriner,Leopold Dilg,Walter Burns,Johnny Case
Katharine Hepburn Linda Seton
Irene Dunne Lucy Warriner
Jean Arthur Bonnie Lee,Nora Shelley
Rosalind Russell Hildy Johnson
Doris Nolan Julia Seton
Ralph Bellamy Bruce Baldwin,Daniel Leeson
Richard Barthelmess Bat McPherson
Ronald Colman Michael Lightcap
Edgar Buchanan Sam Yates
Gene Lockhart Sheriff Hartwell
Lew Ayres Ned Seton
Rita Hayworth Judith McPherson
Robert Allen Frank Randall
Cecil Cunningham Aunt Patsy
Edward Everett Horton Nick Potter
Glenda Farrell Regina Bush
Helen Mack Mollie Malloy
Thomas Mitchell Kid Dabb
Charles Dingle Andrew Holmes
John Carroll Gent Shelton
Mary Forbes Mrs. Vance
Porter Hall Murphy
Alex D'Arcy Armand Duvalle
Allyn Joslyn Les Peters
Clarence Kolb Mayor
Roscoe Karns McCue

Technical Credits
George Cukor Director
George Stevens Director
Howard Hawks Director
Leo McCarey Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Cary Grant Box Set: His Girl Friday
1. Start [1:13]
2. Lord of the Universe [13:33]
3. Lunch With Walter [9:23]
4. Gentlemen of the Press [3:30]
5. $100,000 Policy [4:45]
6. Earl Williams Interview [2:41]
7. Miss Mollie Malloy [4:06]
8. Sheriff Peter B. Hartwell [1:42]
9. Watch Thief [3:26]
10. Dr. Max J. Egelhoffer [1:02]
11. Jail Break [6:23]
12. Masher [1:18]
13. The Mayor [1:46]
14. The Reprieve [4:10]
15. Earl Drops In [5:34]
16. Mrs. Baldwin [:42]
17. Giving Them a Story [:47]
18. Walter Takes Charge [3:00]
19. Out on Bail [2:41]
20. "Three Taps Is Me." [:54]
21. Roy B. Bensinger, Poet [2:55]
22. What Became of Mother [2:56]
23. The Third Degree [2:49]
24. Accusing the Mastermind [1:04]
25. Apprehending Williams [:47]
26. Under Arrest [1:30]
27. Pettibone Returns [2:17]
28. Noble Walter? [4:43]
Disc #2 -- The Cary Grant Box Set: Holiday
1. Start [1:22]
2. "It's Love, I Met the Girl." [3:24]
3. Right House, Wrong Door [1:55]
4. The Famous Mr. Ned [1:39]
5. A Man of the People & A Seton [4:46]
6. Telling Sister Linda Everything [2:07]
7. Breaking the News to Father [2:34]
8. In the Playroom [5:37]
9. Coaching Johnny [4:45]
10. Linda's Party Plan [1:34]
11. The Selling of Mr. Case [7:27]
12. Father's Decision [3:10]
13. The New Year's Eve Party [2:41]
14. Family History [1:58]
15. The Potters Arrive [2:58]
16. A Group of Very Unimportant People [3:32]
17. An Exclusive 5th Avenue Club [8:14]
18. Putting Linda in Her Place [1:52]
19. Johnny's Career Plan [3:20]
20. Taking a Moment With Linda [4:15]
21. "What's it Like to Get Drunk?" [2:45]
22. The Engagement Announcement [3:41]
23. At the Potters' [3:37]
24. The Setons Take Sides [3:13]
25. Linda & Ned [2:22]
26. Compromise? [2:16]
27. Calling the Whole Thing Off [7:02]
28. Linda Get Her Johnny [1:30]
Disc #3 -- The Cary Grant Box Set: Only Angels Have Wings
1. Start [1:58]
2. Talent Scouts [4:17]
3. Buying Bonnie a Drink [3:56]
4. Geoff Carter [3:05]
5. Not Good Enough [8:56]
6. Running an Airline [4:06]
7. "Who's Joe?" [4:09]
8. Specialty Act [2:39]
9. Goodbyes [8:05]
10. All Ashore [5:54]
11. Bat MacPherson [3:35]
12. The Kid Meets Bat [1:17]
13. Mrs. MacPherson [1:03]
14. Bat's Chance [2:54]
15. Grounded [5:17]
16. Air Rescue [4:33]
17. Torch Burns Brighter [6:54]
18. Smashed-Plane Test [5:24]
19. Gent Is Through [:00]
20. Nitro Flight [1:24]
21. Dousing the Flame [5:42]
22. In Geoff's Room [1:57]
23. Two-Headed Coin Trick [4:42]
24. Shot! [2:56]
25. Last Flight [4:08]
26. "Your Neck's Broken." [9:50]
27. "You're Crying." [8:05]
28. "Heads You Stay." [1:13]
Disc #4 -- The Cary Grant Box Set: The Awful Truth
1. Start [:59]
2. A Deep Florida Tan [1:26]
3. Yesterday's Mail [2:23]
4. "Armand's Car Broke Down." [4:40]
5. Great Offense Is a Great Defense [2:14]
6. Lucy's Divorce Lawyer [1:02]
7. Chancery Court [5:03]
8. Daniel Leeson, Stranger in Town [2:26]
9. Visiting Day [3:31]
10. Silly About Each Other [2:33]
11. Pardon His Intrusion [2:22]
12. Oklahoma Envy [1:41]
13. "My Dreams Are Gone With the Wind" [2:51]
14. Oklahoma Stomp [2:02]
15. "Home on the Range" [1:21]
16. A Little Business Proposition [1:34]
17. A Silly Story [2:44]
18. Jerry's Swell Reference [3:49]
19. A Poem for Lucy [3:22]
20. Crashing Lucy's Recital [1:55]
21. Daniel's Diploma [3:19]
22. Mr. Smith's Hat Trick [4:13]
23. Armand Hammered [2:15]
24. Barbara Vance, Madcap Heiress [5:18]
25. Crossed Wires [3:52]
26. Miss Lola Warriner [9:06]
27. "What Else Can Happen to Us?" [4:20]
28. An Innocent Night in the Country [8:03]
Disc #5 -- The Cary Grant Box Set: The Talk of the Town
1. Start [2:00]
2. Leopold Dilg Escapes [2:22]
3. Nora Shelley & The Fugitive [3:21]
4. An Evening With Michael Lightcap [15:10]
5. Early Morning Parade [8:14]
6. A Cook & A Stenographer [4:30]
7. Joseph the Gardener [3:52]
8. Supreme Court Appointment [6:20]
9. His Picture in the Paper [5:23]
10. At the Ballpark [2:35]
11. Chess & Argument [4:11]
12. Right Scent, Wrong Man [4:25]
13. Borscht With an Egg on It [1:29]
14. At the Factory Ruins [4:23]
15. Inviting Nora to Washington [1:11]
16. His Identity Revealed [10:34]
17. In Sam's Office [2:07]
18. The Beard Comes Off [:58]
19. Regina in Mourning [3:07]
20. Dancing With Miss Bush [2:56]
21. Back in the Attic [:20]
22. Roadblock [5:54]
23. Clyde Bracken, Alive & Well [3:30]
24. Dilg Captured [2:50]
25. Lightcap's Resolution [3:28]
26. Justice Prevails [2:04]
27. In Chambers [3:08]
28. Nora Gets Her Man [4:57]

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The Cary Grant Box Set 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
mapleaforever More than 1 year ago
I don't care about studio affiliations, but no Cary Grant box set is complete without "The Philadelphia Story" and "Arsenic and Old Lace".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
A wonderful collection - I preordered as soon as I saw it. His Girl Friday, The Awful Truth, Talk of the Town, and Only Angels Have Wings are all great movies, and all can be purchased separately, but aside from His Girl Friday, they are fairly pricey. The cost of this boxed set, with the BN discounts, is only a little more than the cost of one of the others alone. But the real gem to me is Holiday, which is only available in this set. It's a wonderful movie starring Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. Any movie pairing these two is sure to be a treat. It's hard to pick a favorite, each has wonderful performances by both stars, incredible supporting casts, and witty dialogue, yet each is very different from the others. Sylvia Scarlett is perhaps the least known, and is a very unusual, offbeat movie, but the more you watch it, the more it grows on you - hopefully it will be released on DVD soon. Bringing Up Baby is the screwiest of screwball comedies, while Philadelphia Story is the most sophisticated of sophisticated comedies - both now available on DVD. Holiday is another romantic comedy, but not as uproariously funny as Bringing Up Baby, and not as sharp-tongued as Philadelphia Story. It's a kinder, gentler comedy. Hepburn is again an heiress, but she is neither scatter-brained nor stuck up. She's a down-to-earth, intelligent, loving, generous 'rich girl' who feels stifled by the trappings of her Park Avenue upbringing, and would much rather lead a normal, 'real' life. Grant is a 'poor working boy' who makes good, but who's ambition is not to become rich, but rather to earn enough to sustain him thru an 'early retirement', or extended holiday of several years at least, while he's still young enough to enjoy it. The two are brought together by Grant's (misguided) engagement to Hepburn's younger sister. Watching this movie is like curling up by a cozy fire with a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn - one you will want to return to again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This set has some of everything. It is funny, sexy, dramatic. Watching movies in black and white highlight details you might overlook. The architectural details and furniture design are wonderful. Projet Runway wannabes would do well to notice the clothing...stunning designs!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago