The Decoy Bride

The Decoy Bride

Director: Sheree Folkson Cast: Kelly MacDonald, David Tennant, Alice Eve
4.6 3


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The Decoy Bride 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ladyofwesttower More than 1 year ago
David Tennant plays a writer, James Arber, whose published only one book in his life: The Ornithologist's Wife which is about four inches thick and, from what everyone in the movie says about it, absolutely horrible. The book takes place on the this tiny little Island off the coast of Scotland that no one's ever heard of or visits. James is engaged to America's sweetheart, Actress Lara Tyler (played by Alice Eve), and paparazzi keep interrupting their wedding forcing them to post pone over and over again. Finally, Lara decides to surprise her husband-to-be by having an Ornithologist's Wife themed wedding. Sending her manager and assistant to the island the book takes place on, we meet our Heroine, Katie Nic Aodh (played by Kelly Macdonald), a poor young woman nursing a broken heart as she returned to her hometown after a broken engagement. There, she's asked to write a travel guide to the island, trying to promote tourism. When Lara's manager and assistant meet her, she brings them to the castle on the island where James' book takes place. While these two Americans are expecting to see a beautiful, sprawling castle, they find themselves confronted by a falling apart pile of rocks. They draw one conclusion: James Googled his entire book! He'd never been to the island in his life! Getting to work, the two set about fixing up the castle for the wedding because what Lara wants, Lara gets. While only 7 people in the whole world knew they were getting married on the Island, Lara's main paparazzo still managed to find them. Lara disappears, not wanting to make the headlines again, and the assistant and manager both decide to throw a fake wedding anyway (not realizing that Scottish Marriage laws are different from American)! They hire Kelly, bribing her with 5 thousand pounds, to dress up as the bride and go through with the wedding so they could fool the paparazzo and have the real wedding after Lara is located. At first Kelly is reluctant but, knowing her mother is dying of cancer and her one last wish is to see the world, Kelly accepts the money and the job. Problem: They decide NOT to tell the groom!! And this is just the beginning! The movie is full of British humor as they run around trying to stay a step ahead of the Paparazzi and trying to find the true bride. People keep following the map drawn out in The Ornithologist's Wife which keeps leading them to the wrong area since James had googled the whole book. I really enjoyed this movie but might have only given it four stars until I got to the ending and the 'make up' line - that line when you realize the Happily Ever After is upon us. That was the best line I've ever heard. I actually teared up and this was a COMEDY! So I highly recommend this movie. I'm about to go watch it again. Just remember, it is British comedy made for a British audience. Their humor is a bit different from ours but I still find it funny and some things they're going to expect you to know without spelling it out for you. But its still very easy to follow along with. I really loved this movie especially the dedication James puts in his second book. Best dedication ever!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A Funny and Charming, Old-Fashioned, PG-rated Romantic Comedy First of all, the MPAA rating for "The Decoy Bride" is PG, and there is no reason for B&N to be calling it "Not Rated (NR)." The rating is on the DVD case and on the MPAA website. (Content: one curse word, a few minor sexual references [not vulgar], an awkward changing scene [no nudity, not even implied], and a couple of comedic brawls.) As to the movie: this is a very funny and charming, old-school romantic comedy. The humor is situational and/or slapstick, witty and intelligent, not coarse or vulgar. There are quite a few "lough-out-loud" moments. The story is immediately appealing and though it may seem cliched, the journey that takes the viewer to the resolution is very enjoyable, and the ending not as predictable as you might think. The heart of this movie is Kelly MacDonald, who is very likable and we immediately empathize with her character and her predicament. The other actors all do a splendid job as well. There are a number of heartwarming moments that will get you thinking, and the message is clearly pro-marriage and commitment. In other words, this movie is a refreshing alternative to all the trashy and vulgar so-called "romantic" comedies out there. It is done in the style of the screwball comedies of the 1930s and it is kept very clean. I can think of only a few movies in the last decade (!) that fit into this category. Enjoy this with someone you love and don't worry abut being embarrassed if the kids are around. You won't be.
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
Good movie. Has its cute and laugh out loud moments. Acting was good especially from Tennant and MacDonald.