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Karate Kid Collection
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The Karate Kid Collection

4.5 11

Cast: Christopher Cain, John G. Avildsen, Noriyuki "Pat" Morita, Ralph Macchio

The Karate Kid film series waxes its way onto DVD with this fine DVD collection from Columbia Home Entertainment. This set contains all four action-packed Mr. Miyagi movies, which have each been given a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, along with various sound options that certainly get the job done, though don't expect too many bells and whistles in that


The Karate Kid film series waxes its way onto DVD with this fine DVD collection from Columbia Home Entertainment. This set contains all four action-packed Mr. Miyagi movies, which have each been given a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, along with various sound options that certainly get the job done, though don't expect too many bells and whistles in that category (this is the Karate Kid, after all!). The first film has been given the most attention, with two 20-minute making-ofs that feature extensive cast and crew interviews, along with behind-the-scenes footage. Other featurettes include an interview with the fight choreographer along with a sit-down interview with composer Bill Conti as he talks you through the score. Aside from another featurette on bonsai trees, there's an extremely fun full-length audio commentary from director John G. Avildsen, writer Robert Kamen and actors Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Between a healthy dose of laughs, the motley bunch make their way through the film and manage to entertain and dish out stories at the same time, giving the track an unexpected light quality that is certain to be a surprise to those not expecting much. The sequels don't get too much love, outside of a vintage featurette for Part II, along with previews for the first and second film. With a low price point, this collection is actually a pretty good deal, considering that no one in their right mind would probably pony up the dough for the third or fourth flick.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Between The Karate Kid (1984) and The Next Karate Kid (1994), Mr. Miyagi (so brilliantly portrayed by Noriyuki "Pat" Morita) pretty much uses up all his good aphorisms. "Anything possible if not afraid," is about the best he can muster for future Million Dollar Baby-star Hillary Swank, a mere $50 baby in Next. . But there's no defense against the Rocky formula that pits a likable, much-put-upon underdog (Ralph Macchio in the first three films) against gangs of fascist toughs and old enemies. Mr. Miyagi is one of the screen's great characters. He dispenses ancient wisdom like Yoda, and when push comes to shove, he kicks butt like, well, Yoda. But not sounding like Fozzy Bear after a magic-mushroom break affords him a distinct advantage. This box set contains all four Karate Kid films, an essential inclusion for any '80s time capsule. John Avildson, an Oscar winner for Rocky, directs the first and best film. Macchio's Daniel LaRusso, a high school outcast, finds a father figure and mentor in the mysterious handyman with the unorthodox teaching methods ("Wax on, wax off"). The inevitable sequel, also directed by Avildson, further fleshes out their relationship as Daniel accompanies Miyagi to Japan, where he will have to settle old scores. Part III returns Daniel to his home turf and inserts a wedge between teacher and pupil as Daniel crosses over to the dark side in the person of rival instructor Thomas Ian Griffith. The Next Karate Kid stars Swank as an embittered young woman who, under Miyagi's tutelage, ends a reign of terror at her high school. As with the Rocky series, the Karate Kid franchise falls prey to the law of diminishing returns. But each film is undeniably rousing, even as the villains go increasingly over the top.
All Movie Guide
The initial film of the enormously successful Karate Kid series, although essentially the familiar tale of an underdog striving for victory, has an innate appeal often lacking in the genre -- an entirely believable rapport between its two stars. The script centers on the travails of a teenage boy, played by Ralph Macchio, who learns to defend himself against the bullying of some uncomfortably Aryan-looking types from an elderly Asian gardener (Pat Morita) who happens to be a master of the martial arts. The film goes beyond the typical plot machinery, as the old man teaches the boy about more than just karate, and a relationship develops between the two. Macchio and Pat Morita are close to perfection in their roles, and Martin Kove is good as the guy you love to hate. Macchio went on to star in a couple of sequels to the hit film, and it seems possible that his strong identification with the role might have hampered the development of his career.

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Sony Pictures
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Commentary with director John Avildsen, writer Robert Kamen, and actors Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita; "The Way of the Karate Kid": Multi-part making-of featurette; "Beyond the Form" featurette; "East Meets West: A Composer's Notebook"; "Life of Bonsai" featurette

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Noriyuki "Pat" Morita Miyagi,Mr. Kesuke Miyagi
Ralph Macchio Daniel,Daniel La Russo,Daniel LaRusso (The Karate Kid I-III)
Hilary Swank Julie Pierce,Julie Pierce (The Next Karate Kid AKA The Karate Kid, Part IV)
Elisabeth Shue Ali
Martin Kove John Kreese Cobra Kai Sensei (The Karate Kid I-III)
Michael Ironside Colonel Dugan
Nobu McCarthy Yukie
Robyn Lively Jessica Andrews
Constance Towers Louisa
Danny Kamekona Sato
Thomas Ian Griffith Terry Silver
Chris Conrad Eric
Randee Heller Lucille
Yuji Okumoto Chozen
William Zabka Johnny

Technical Credits
Christopher Cain Director,The Next Karate Kid AKA The Karate Kid, Part IV
John G. Avildsen Director,The Karate Kid, I-III

Scene Index

Side #1 -- The Karate Kid
1. Start [3:49]
2. Paradise at Last [5:07]
3. Beach Party [7:04]
4. Soccer Trials [4:32]
5. The Cafeteria [1:17]
6. Karate School [3:27]
7. Bike Vs. Bikers [:50]
8. "Can't We Go Home?" [1:49]
9. Dealing With It [7:31]
10. Halloween Dance [4:06]
11. No Mercy [13:04]
12. Training Begins [7:21]
13. Ali's Encino Home [2:36]
14. The Arcade [2:50]
15. Sanding the Deck [4:24]
16. Painting the Fence [3:13]
17. Paint House [4:52]
18. "Learn Balance" [3:57]
19. "No Scare Fish" [2:21]
20. The Country Club [2:28]
21. Anniversary [6:19]
22. Solo Practice [:55]
23. Secret to Punch [1:34]
24. Birthday Party [5:19]
25. Apology Accepted [4:35]
26. Registration [:31]
27. Competition Begins [2:21]
28. Daniel Vs. Johnny [9:27]
Side #2 -- The Karate Kid II: The Story Continues...
1. Start [5:52]
2. Sore Loser [4:11]
3. Six Months Later [6:59]
4. Girl He Left Behind [5:28]
5. 32A & B [5:21]
6. Sato [4:51]
7. Homecoming [3:43]
8. Miyagi Family Dojo [2:10]
9. No Choice [2:21]
10. Drum Technique [7:46]
11. Dance Lesson [6:23]
12. Sight-Seeing [5:49]
13. $600 Bet [4:05]
14. Peace Offer [5:32]
15. At the Hop [1:31]
16. Looking for Trouble [2:51]
17. Message for Miyagi [1:20]
18. Cleaning House [3:28]
19. "Take Me With You" [1:35]
20. Sato Wins [3:12]
21. Last Will & Testament [1:57]
22. Tea Ceremony [1:33]
23. Big Storm [3:48]
24. Saving Sato [:25]
25. Daniel Gets the Girl [2:22]
26. "I Come Help Rebuild" [1:52]
27. Dishonored [2:09]
28. Live or Die? [4:49]
Side #3 -- The Karate Kid Part III
1. Start [4:56]
2. Broke & Going Nowhere [1:17]
3. Terry Silver [3:26]
4. Progress [5:47]
5. Planning Their Revenge [4:39]
6. A Dream Come True [2:27]
7. Silver Buys a Champion [2:30]
8. True Bonsai Grows Wild [3:21]
9. New Rules [2:29]
10. Daniel Meets Jessica [3:34]
11. Intelligence Gathering [7:04]
12. "I Need Your Title" [1:21]
13. Apologies Accepted [4:16]
14. Running Out of Patience [4:22]
15. Devil's Cauldron [6:18]
16. Signed Under Duress [3:35]
17. "Please Forgive Me" [4:03]
18. A Nice Offer [2:12]
19. "Know How to Sweep?" [1:20]
20. Terry's New Trainee [7:40]
21. Rule #2 [4:09]
22. Rule #3 [1:58]
23. Downstairs [4:42]
24. Strong Root [2:24]
25. Terry's Agenda [2:39]
26. Miyagi to the Rescue [9:54]
27. Title Match [4:39]
28. Sudden Death [5:04]
Side #4 -- The Next Karate Kid
1. Start [4:04]
2. Julie [2:13]
3. Visiting Angel [3:14]
4. Exchange Plan [4:39]
5. A Warning & an Escort [2:04]
6. Discovering Julie's Secret [2:00]
7. Col. Dugan & His Troops [4:16]
8. Julie & Eric [4:54]
9. Leap for Life [4:39]
10. Bartering for Lessons [2:28]
11. Baby-Sitting [3:25]
12. Chased by Alpha Elite [5:08]
13. The Gas Station [1:07]
14. The Monastery [2:56]
15. "Respect all Living Things" [4:42]
16. Praying Mantis [4:08]
17. Birthday Cake & Wish [8:21]
18. Zen Archery [1:54]
19. Healing a Broken Wing [4:17]
20. Karate Waltz [5:01]
21. Eric Comes for Julie [4:28]
22. Zen Bowling [1:04]
23. At the Prom [4:40]
24. Bungee Jumping [1:57]
25. At the Docks [1:46]
26. Julie & Miyagi Arrive [3:49]
27. Taking Her Best Shot [3:18]
28. Miyagi Finishes the Job [2:01]

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The Karate Kid Collection 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
lilymaraszek 9 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I watched these movies I was amazed by the poor acting and the stupid story lines.
Guest More than 1 year ago
OK, i'm just OBSESSED with any movie Ralph Macchio is in, so i had to watch this movie. It was Amazing!!! for anyone who Loves ralph Macchio, WATCH THIS MOVIE (and also the other two movies. 3 isn't as good)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought the acting was great. If you're a fan of these movies, or if you just want to see what all the hype is about, I recommend buying this.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago