The Magnificent Seven - The Series - Season 2

The Magnificent Seven - The Series - Season 2


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The Magnificent Seven - The Series - Season 2

Season two of the TV western The Magnificent Seven: The Series begins as the previously wide-open town of Four Corners is (ostensibly) provided with official law-and-order with the arrival of federal marshal Walter Bryce (Peter Firth). Reluctantly, Judge Travis (Robert Vaughn) orders the seven honest mercenaries who have been keeping the peace to disband. The group's leader, reformed gunslinger Chris Larrabee (Michael Biehn) reluctantly goes along with Travis--but secretly continues to convene with his six companions in order to be at the ready in case their services are required (which of course they are, week after week after week). In other developments, the youngest of the Seven, callow Easterner J.D. (Andrew Kavovit), begins a romance with the hoydenish Casey (Dana Barron)--the series' second such coupling, the first being the unspoken but obvious attraction between Chris and lovely widowed newspaper editor Mary (Laurie Holden). Also, smooth-talking con artist Ezra (Anthony Starke) purchases a saloon, only to find himself in direct confrontation with his own mother, the redoubtable Maude (Michelle Phillips); unabashed womanizer Buck (Dale Midkiff) finds himself facing the prospect of fatherhood when his Mexican sweetheart Inez (Fabiana Udenio) turns up pregnant; the taciturn Vin (Eric Close) enters into a potentially dangerous liason with the long-suffering wife (Kathryn Morris) of a brutish wagonmaster; ex-slave Nathan (Rick Worthy) tries to clear his father of a murder charge in the death of their former master; and defrocked priest Josiah (Ron Perlman) continues delivering dark prognostications of events to come. In the series finale, Chris finally learns the whole truth behind the slaughter of his family when a former flame (Kay Lenz) rides into Four Corners.

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Release Date: 05/22/2007
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