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Man With the Iron Fists

The Man With the Iron Fists

Cast: RZA, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Cung Le


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When the population of a village in rural China must defend themselves against a formidable enemy, a local blacksmith (director/star/co-writer RZA) forges the weapons they need to emerge victorious from the bloody battle to come. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu co-star in this period action


When the population of a village in rural China must defend themselves against a formidable enemy, a local blacksmith (director/star/co-writer RZA) forges the weapons they need to emerge victorious from the bloody battle to come. Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu co-star in this period action thriller co-written by famed horror director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel).

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
The Man With the Iron Fists is a loving tribute to the Shaw Brothers era of kung fu flicks, backed with solid hip-hop beats and digitally aided modern grotesquery. RZA's directorial debut is a fun-as-hell trip down the memory lane of Saturday martial-arts matinees as he steers an impressive cast of stars from the East and West through a tale about clans vying for power and the almighty dollar -- or in this case, gold. Russell Crowe adds much-needed scenery chewing to the proceedings, channeling some of RZA's fallen comrade Ol' Dirty Bastard in the process. Admittedly, the film will mostly play to fans of the genre because it was made for them, which in no way is a knock on the movie; it's just a plain fact. The "Man" in question is Blacksmith (played by the director), a former slave who supplies weapons to the different warring factions in China's Jungle Village. When Gold Lion, the leader of the Lion tribe, is killed by his lieutenants Silver Lion and Bronze Lion over a shipment of gold to be delivered to the emperor, it sparks a feud in the village. Although Blacksmith's goal is to collect enough money to run off with his true love (Jamie Chung), a prostitute at the local whorehouse, that plan runs amuck when Gold Lion's son, Zen Yi (Rick Yune), arrives in town seeking vengeance. Along for the ride are Lucy Liu as Madame Blossom, the head of the local lavish brothel, and Russell Crowe as the mysterious Jack Knife, a killer with a taste for women and booze. RZA, with the help of co-writer and directorial mentor Eli Roth, cooks up a potboiler of a scenario -- one that's typical of the kung fu and Western genres. The musician channels old-school tricks of the trade by utilizing split screens and making sure that many of the voices have an over-the-top dubbed inflection, which only adds to the good times. As far as violence goes, the picture amps up the red stuff, mostly through digital trickery -- that might hit a sour spot for some, yet even they will appreciate its liberal use in the film. Movie magic certainly aids David Bautista's character, whose body morphs into solid brass, making him a formidable opponent for Blacksmith. Other highlights include Byron Mann, who turns in a gleefully villainous performance as Silver Lion. This RZA passion project brings together his loves and hints at talents we have yet to see. For now, kung fu fans will be happy that Iron Fists exists and is just as entertaining as they hoped it would be.

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Special Features

Deleted Scenes A Look Inside The Man With The Iron Fists On the Set with RZA A Path to the East

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Russell Crowe Jack Knife
Lucy Liu Madame Blossom
RZA Blacksmith
Cung Le Bronze Lion
Byron Mann Silver Lion
Rick Yune Zen Yi, The X-Blade
David Bautista Brass Body
Daniel Wu Poison Dagger
Osric Chau Blacksmith's Assistant
Darren Scott Rodent Chief
Jamie Chung Lady Silk
Zhu Zhu Chi Chi
Gordon Liu Abbot
Andrew Ng Senior Monk
Chen Kuan Tai Gold Lion
Xue Jing Yao Copper Lion
Telly Liu Iron Lion
Dong Wenjun White Lion
Zhan De Re Lion Clan Messenger
Lu Kai Lion Clan Servant
MC Jin Chan
Ka Yan Leung Hyena Chief
Liu Changjiang Grey Hyena
Brian Yang Blue Hyena
Hu Mingwu Yellow Hyena
Masanobu Otsuka Red Hyena
Grace Huang Gemini Female
Andrew Lin Gemini Male
Ren Luomin Wolf Clan Leader
Eli Roth Wolf Clan #2
Jia Hong Jackal Captain
Liu Yindi Jack Lieutenant
Didi Qian Lady Tagmata
Lu Wei Crazy Hippo's Widow
Yuchen Du Jack Knife's Widow #1
Betty Zhou Jack Knife's Widow #2
Pam Grier Jane
Jon T. Benn Master John
Jake Garber Jake
Beau Van Dorens Bo
Dennis Chan Dragon Innkeeper
Zhou Gang Crazy Hippo
Celina Jade Dragon Inn Singer
Dong Jilai Tailor
Isabella Qian Urchin Girl
Lian Shuliang Rodent Innkeeper
Terence Yin Governor

Technical Credits
RZA Director,Score Composer,Original Story,Producer,Screenwriter
Marc Abraham Producer
Howard Berger Makeup Special Effects
Thomas A. Bliss Executive Producer
Drew Boughton Production Designer
Joe Carlone Associate Producer
Thomas Chong Costumes/Costume Designer
Joe D'Augustine Editor
Howard Drossin Score Composer
Eli Roth Producer,Screenwriter
Jacob Garber Makeup Special Effects
Thomas Karnowski Executive Producer
Arthur Lau Wai Kit Special Effects Supervisor
Thomas Chow Wai Kwan Asst. Director
Kristel Laiblin Executive Producer
Mike Leeder Casting
Carter Little Musical Direction/Supervision
Jake McKinnon Makeup Special Effects
Eric Newman Producer
Gregory Nicotero Makeup Special Effects
Quay Costumes/Costume Designer
G. Marq Roswell Musical Direction/Supervision
Aileen Seaton Makeup
Zoe Thompson Casting
Doris Tse Executive Producer
Horace Ma Kwong Wing Art Director
Chan Chi Ying Cinematographer
Corey Yuen Action Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Man with the Iron Fists
1. Scene 1
2. Scene 2
3. Scene 3
4. Scene 4
5. Scene 5
6. Scene 6
7. Scene 7
8. Scene 8
9. Scene 9
11. Scene 11
10. Scene 10
12. Scene 12
13. Scene 13
14. Scene 14
15. Scene 15
16. Scene 16
17. Scene 17
18. Scene 18
19. Scene 19
20. Scene 20


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