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Resurrection Game

The Resurrection Game

Director: Mike Watt

Cast: Ray Yeo, Amy Lynn Best, Bill Homan


Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Robert Firsching
"Aim for the brain!" is the gleeful motto of this comical zombie-themed horror film from actor-director Mike Watt. Set in the near future, when zombies are commonplace and infestations are treated almost like cockroach problems, the plot concerns an ex-detective, a discredited scientist, and two zombie exterminators whose investigations into the phenomenon uncover a government conspiracy. "Scream Queens" on hand include cult favorite Debbie Rochon, Roxanne Michaels, and Watt's wife, Amy Lynn Best, who also served as production designer. A low-budget gorefest loaded with inside jokes and winking asides, The Resurrection Game doesn't skimp on providing the requisite bloodshed for less giggly viewers. Aside from a screenplay which is occasionally very funny, the film's highlights are Best as a killer nun and a zombie puppet named Necro-Phil who exhibits more personality than many of the human characters.

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Happy Cloud
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Special Features

Audio commentary by Andy Lynn Best, Bill Homan and Mike Watt; Brand-new anniversary documentary

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Resurrection Game
1. First Report [3:12]
2. Credits [4:20]
3. Meet Jim Campbell [11:08]
4. Exterminators [14:11]
5. The Plot Thickens [9:07]
6. Shadowy Attacks [6:38]
7. "Zombies in the Basement, Man" [11:16]
8. Interrogation [12:33]
9. Revelations [15:55]
10. End Credits [2:27]


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