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Rockford Files - Season 2

The Rockford Files - Season 2

Director: Ivan Dixon, Jackie Cooper, Jeannot Szwarc

Cast: James Garner

James Garner is back as rumpled, wryly humorous ex-con turned private eye Jim Rockford in season two of The Rockford Files. In addition to established supporting players Noah Beery Jr. (as Jim's dad Rocky), Gretchen Corbett (as Jim's lawyer girlfriend Beth Davenport), Stuart Margolin (as Rockford's delightfully larcenous former


James Garner is back as rumpled, wryly humorous ex-con turned private eye Jim Rockford in season two of The Rockford Files. In addition to established supporting players Noah Beery Jr. (as Jim's dad Rocky), Gretchen Corbett (as Jim's lawyer girlfriend Beth Davenport), Stuart Margolin (as Rockford's delightfully larcenous former cellmate Angel), and Joe Santos (as our hero's "friendly enemy," Detective Dennis Becker), Wayne Tippett makes several appearances this year as pushy federal agent Dan Shore. The season begins with "The Aaron Ironwood School of Success," guest-starring James Hampton as a self-made millionaire who cynically takes advantage of his long friendship with Jim Rockford. Other season two guest stars include musical artist Isaac Hayes in the first of two appearances as enterprising ex-convict Gandolph Finch in "The Hammer of C Block"; veterans Rosemary de Camp and Jack Kruschen in the two-part "Gearjammers"; all-purpose leading lady Stefanie Powers in "The Real Easy Red Dog"; Ray Danton as -- what else? -- a gangster in "Chicken Little is a Little Chicken"; future Oscar-winner Louis Gossett Jr. in "Foul on the First Play"; and Rob Reiner (minus his All in the Family toupee!) and football pro Dick Butkus in "The No-Cut Contract."

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
His outstanding work in the second year of this popular detective series earned star James Garner an Emmy nomination, and deservedly so. When watching the 22 episodes of the 1975-76 season, it's readily apparent that Garner -- a naturalistic actor to begin with -- has so immersed himself in the role of ex-con-turned-private-eye Jim Rockford that actor and character are all but indistinguishable. Series co-creator and chief writer Stephen J. Cannell, having previously established the premise and main characters, comes up with intriguing variations on the main theme; this season often finds Rockford working on behalf of those closest to him. In "Gearjammers," the season's only two-parter, he tries to protect his dad, Rocky (Noah Beery), from the truck hijackers who are out to eliminate the old man because he's the only witness against them. Jim's best friend on the police force, Sergeant Becker (Joe Santos), falls victim to con artists in "The Farnsworth Stratagem" and asks the ex-con to help recover the money the swindlers took from him. The latter episode features Linda Evans in a plum role, one of many such casting treats in The Rockford Files: Season Two, which includes appearances by Stephanie Powers, Rob Reiner, Blair Brown, Joan Van Ark, Ron Silver, and Lou Gossett Jr. Our favorite Season 2 show is "Pastoria Prime Pick," which finds Rockford stranded in an apparently peaceful small town when his car breaks down. Soon after his arrival, though, he finds himself charged with a series of crimes, including theft and narcotics smuggling. Only after breaking into the prosecutor’s office is he able to piece together the mystery and clear his name.

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Stephen J. Cannell reflects on the Second Season ; Original series Pilot

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
James Garner Jim Rockford,Actor
Elayne Heilveil Angie Perris
Gretchen Corbett Beth Davenport
Isaac Hayes Gandolph Fitch
Jesse Welles Shana Bowie
Joan Van Ark Susan Alexander
Louis Gossett Marcus Hayes/O'Brien
Richard B. Shull "Fast Eddie" Danova
Rosemary de Camp Mary Ramsey
Scott Brady Hammel
Stefanie Powers Christina Dusseau
Stuart Margolin Angel,Angel Martin
William Daniels Thomas Caine
Blair Brown Kate Flanders/Kate Doyle
Camilla Sparv Evelyn Stoneman
Charles Napier Billy Webster
Dennis Patrick Walter Hart
Jack Kruschen John Koenig
James A. Watson Arthur Bingham
James Hampton Aaron Ironwood
John Saxon Dave Delaroux
Joseph Campanella Arnold Bailey
Lane Bradbury Hoston Preli
Pepper Martin Greg Smith
Ray Danton Chester Sierra
Robert Webber Bob Coleman
Susan Strasberg Karen Stiles
Ted Gehring Johnny LoSalvo
Tom Atkins Lt. Thomas Diehl
Warren Kemmerling Vern Soper
Wayne Tippet Agent Dan Shore
William Prince Arnold Newcomb
Annazette Chase Debbie Bingham
Bruce Kirby Aaron Friedler
Dabbs Greer Peter Preli
Dana Elcar Sheriff Mitchell
David Huddleston Sherm Whitlaw
Dick Davalos Manny Stickells
Frank Campanella Marty Frishette
James Luisi Bert Striker
Joe E. Tata Solly Marshall,Willie Thompson
Joe Santos Actor
Joel Fabiani Tompkins
Jonathan Lippe Nino
Michael Conrad George Macklan
Mitchell Ryan Col. Hopkins
Pat Finley Peggy Becker
Peter Brocco Hodges
Richard Herd Sheriff Gladish
Sandra Smith Shirley Atwater aka Cheryl Wilson
Veronica Hamel Sandy Lederer
William Jordan Jeffers
Ben Frank Howard Nystrom
Bill Quinn Judge Russell
Bucklind Berry Off. Al Mazurski
Charles Cooper Jack
David White Martin Eastman
Eddie Firestone Dwight Davis
Eddie Fontaine Sweet Tooth London
Gerald McRaney Manager
Jack Somack Oliver Prey
Janet MacLachlan Adrienne Clarke
Jerome Guardino Vito Ginoso
John Lupton Tony Lederer
Mary Ann Chinn Billie Carlton
Milton Selzer Patrick Elber
Noah Beery Actor
Peter Palmer Stack
Sandy Ward Sheriff
Sharon Spelman Susan
Sherry Jackson Jennifer Sandstrom
Stewart Moss Phelps/Burton Kimball
Al Stevenson L.J.
Bob Hastings Paul Tanner
Byron Morrow Ted Thatcher
Eugene Peterson Tom Perris
Frank Maxwell Col. Daniel Hart-Bowie
Gordon Jump Appleby
James Ingersoll Steve Sorenson
John Lawlor Dave Krueger
Ken Swofford Federal Agent Patrick
Linda Evans Audrey Wyatt
Lynn Hamilton Eunice Charles Bingham
Murray MacLeod Jerry Specht
Nicholas Worth Kessler
Ric Mancini Ray Porter
Richard Venture Fred Metcalf
Rob Reiner Larry "King" Sturtevant
Ron Silver Ted Haller
Sandy Kenyon Mitchell
Wayne Grace Deek
William Lucking Off. Pete Kolodny

Technical Credits
Ivan Dixon Director
John Cooper Director
James Garner Director
Jeannot Szwarc Director
Jerry London Director
Lawrence F. Doheny Director
Lou Antonio Director
Meta Rosenberg Director
Russ Mayberry Director
William Wiard Director

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