The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar

The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar

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The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar

This intriguing documentary eschews the notion that Scotland's famous Rosslyn Chapel is simply a place of worship and burrows headlong into its curious architecture, which may hold the ancient secrets of the Knights Templar. Hidden languages, under-floor "keys," and strange frequencies may be important parts of one of humanity's greatest puzzles. ~ Jonathan Frey

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Release Date: 07/28/2009
UPC: 0883629890234
Source: Reality Ent
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Time: 1:00:00

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Disc #1 -- Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar
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The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
MaryMason More than 1 year ago
Rosslyn Chapel contains a portal from this world to the next world? Rosslyn Chapel is identical to Solomon's Temple? It's a storehouse of tremendous energy? This Scottish chapel figures prominently in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code and according to Brian Allen, whose testimony is central to this DVD, the power of the place can still be felt. It's a riveting eyewitness account, but like all such narratives, difficult to prove. What's more convincing is Brian Allen's assertion that if the Universe can be formed in a nano-second from absolute Nothingness, then other difficult-to-fathom ideas might be possible as well. Although it promises to uncover the secrets of the Knights Templar, this isn't the focus of the film at all. It's more concerned with what this "other world" is and how Rosslyn Chapel might lead to it.
ReadAReview More than 1 year ago
Brian Allan took me on a tour that I will never forget. The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is purportedly an incredibly haunted site. Well, I love documentaries, movies, and books about hauntings! In fact, I can't count how many times I read and watched The Amityville Horror. That house was supposedly on a vortex that allowed spirits to pass through from their world to ours, wreaking havoc on anyone in the vicinity. Rosslyn Chapel is much the same. It sits on an energy hotspot where spirits from the beyond can communicate with us and pass back and forth. They say we shouldn't fear the dead, but I have to admit that this film was downright spooky at times! And what history! The church has been around for nearly 600 years. Anything that old had to experience some really odd things throughout time. There were a lot of neat photographs, video and much to think about in The Rosslyn Frequency.
CryptoGuy More than 1 year ago
You may have heard of the infamous Rosslyn Chapel in the "Da Vinci Code", I'm here to tell you the real chapel in Scotland is more amazing than any Ghost Hunters episode hands down. The place is alive with paranormal activity, anyone interested in the Paranormal will love this DVD, its really cool.
AustyKai More than 1 year ago
The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is shrouded in drama and lore of a devilish tone. Want to hear more about it? I did. This 60-minute film zoomed by as it was filled to the exciting story of the Chapel with a demonic frequency. The chapel's history which began in 1446 is filled with not only the buried knights but a history worthy of a feature length Hollywood movie. At the end of the 60 minutes, I wanted more!
NamasteLC More than 1 year ago
Spooky and loaded with history going back hundreds of years, Rosslyn Chapel is one of the most "haunted" places in the world, or is it? It might be that it rests on an energy spot on the earth and the chapel is a perfectly made vessel for communicating with the other side? I want to go there now and see for myself, highly recommend this film.
bookishinsac More than 1 year ago
Brian Allan takes you inside Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, where he thinks there is a portal between this world and the next. A lot of cool photos, video, graphics, and the spiritual ponderings of Allan take viewers into the "Hidden World of the Knights Templar" and beyond.