The Shipping News & The Cider House Rules

The Shipping News & The Cider House Rules

Director: Lasse Hallström Cast: Kevin Spacey, Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron

DVD (Wide Screen)


John Irving scripted this screen adaptation of his 1985 novel. Set during World War II, The Cider House Rules concerns Homer Wells (Tobey Maguire), an orphan who spent most of his childhood at the St. Cloud Orphanage in rural Maine, where he grew up under the strong but affectionate care of Dr. Wilbur Larch (Michael Caine). Larch has passed along his medical education to Homer, and the young man helps the doctor care for abandoned children and the newborn babies of unwed mothers; however, Homer refuses to assist Larch with the illegal abortions that he performs on the side; Homer has moral objections to abortion, while Larch believes in the rights of the individual and sees it as his duty to keep women in need away from dangerous incompetents. Wally Worthington (Paul Rudd), an air-force pilot, brings his girlfriend Candy (Charlize Theron) to St. Cloud for an abortion, and Homer decides to go with them when they leave, hoping to see the world; however, the three end up going no further than the state line, where Wally's mother (Kate Nelligan) runs an apple orchard and cider mill, and Candy's family traps lobsters. When Wally ships off to battle, Homer grows closer to Candy, and the two fall in love. But their idyllic life at the cider mill is interrupted when Rose Rose (Erykah Badu), a field worker at the orchard, becomes pregnant and her father, cider-house foreman Mr. Rose (Delroy Lindo), turns out to be the father of her unborn child. This news coupled with the death of Dr. Larch, forces Homer to take a long look at both his moral principles and his future. Rapper Heavy D appears in the supporting cast as Peaches.

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Release Date: 09/14/2008
UPC: 0786936774344
Source: Miramax
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 3:56:00

Special Features

The Cider House Rules:; Feature commentary track with director Lasse Hallström, screenwriter John Irving and producer Richard N. Gladstein; Deleted scenes; The Cider House Rules: The making of an American classic; Cast and crew bios; TV spots; Theatrical trailer; ; The Shipping News:; Dive beneath the surface of The Shipping News; Feature commentary track with director Lasse Hallström, screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs and producers Linda Goldstein Knowlton and Leslie Holleran; Photo archive

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Cider House Rules
1. Opening Credits/Homer the Orphan [6:03]
2. The New Patients [3:03]
3. "I'm Not a Doctor!" [:26]
4. Bedtime [3:19]
5. A New Home for Hazel [3:00]
6. Movie Night [3:57]
7. Hard Being an Orphan [2:34]
8. She Died of Ignorance [3:37]
9. Wally and Candy [4:34]
10. Homer Leaves Home [8:52]
11. Apples and the Ocean [3:30]
12. A New Home [3:10]
13. First Night at the Orchard [2:17]
14. Learning the Ropes [4:18]
15. Homer Has Credentials? [2:25]
16. Dinner Date With Candy [3:29]
17. A Handpicked Gift [:46]
18. The Nicest and Most Beatiful Girl [2:08]
19. A First-Rate Candidate [2:17]
20. "What Business You In?" [3:11]
21. What a Drive - In Is Really For [2:09]
22. Fuzzy Gets Adopted [2:18]
23. A Package From the Past [:51]
24. A Kiss as Sweet as Candy [3:25]
25. Homer Stays Behind [1:35]
26. Letters [4:07]
27. The Orchardmen Return [1:50]
28. A Blooming Rose [4:17]
29. The Father [5:25]
30. Injured in the Line of Duty [3:46]
31. The Doctor Business [3:40]
32. The Cider House Rules [4:32]
33. Nothing Is Nothing [:50]
34. Putting Things Straight [3:58]
35. It's Hard to Say Goodbye [6:21]
36. Homer Returns Home [4:48]
37. End Credits [4:12]
Disc #2 -- Shipping News
1. Opening Credits: Enduring Failure [4:12]
2. "Not Much of a Life" [4:12]
3. "A Really Bad Time" [3:09]
4. "The House Is Sad" [4:34]
5. Applying for a Job [5:43]
6. Accidents and Headlines [7:10]
7. Sensitive People [5:50]
8. Hitler's Yacht [7:22]
9. "Lumbering Idiot Stuns Crowd" [5:36]
10. Strange Friends [6:34]
11. Discovering a Dismal Past [5:16]
12. Fighting Over a Story [3:59]
13. A Proper Boat? [4:54]
14. The Ghost's Secret [7:17]
15. A Regrettable Celebration [3:10]
16. A Liberating Storm [4:08]
17. Breaking the Curse [7:03]
18. End Credits [8:30]

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