The Tudors - Season 1

The Tudors - Season 1

Director: Charles McDougall Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Steven Shill, Natalie Dormer

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Release Date: 01/01/2008
UPC: 0097368516045
Rating: NR
Source: Showtime Ent.
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 9:16:00
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Free episode of Californication, This American Life and Penn & Teller BS; Featurettes on Tudors production and costume design, and a look at The Tudors' favorite locations in contemporary London; Plus more Showtime series episodes via N Technology; Free streaming of the first two episodes of Dexter - Season 2 via N Technology

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The Tudors - Season 1 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 88 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
People need to realize that TV is entertainment. It is not meant to be historically accurate. That is what dry history books are for. I enjoy historical TV shows like this one because it brings history alive. So what if it doesn't follow the way events really happened.
alexphilAU More than 1 year ago
Henry VIII is the famous of all the Tudors. He had six wives in the hope that he will produce a male heir to the english throne. Unluckily, he had only two daughters who made it to the english throne, as Edward, his son became a king when he was only a boy and died before he could be eighteen. This is a compeling TV series that tells that s tory of the famous Tudors of England, whose origin was welsh. Every episode explodes in this series. The story is beautifully written and the characters acted out excellntly. The script is woven into the entire story and makes the Tudors alive. The production design and costume is superb. I am recommending this series for Tudor fans and the general viewers alike. You would want to see more after its done!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Henry VIII was tall (6'2&quot ) and buff as a young man, and Jonathan Rys-Meyers is definitely not. But I could have gotten past the physical disparity of the actor vs the real man, if the rest of the story line had some relationship to the hisotrical fact. The writers should have read a few history books about the Tudors before they began, so they at least could keep the basic storyline true, even if they embellished. For example, Henry's sister Mary (not Margaret) married Charles Brandon, after she married, and was widowed by, the king of France (not Portugal). Margaret married the king of Scotland. True students of the Tudor age should be appalled by the story being told in the Tudors.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of The Tudors. What amazed me is how much I enjoyed watching the actress who played Anne Bolyen. I usually sympathize with Katherine and I still do, but boy, was Anne a very interesting character. While some writers have a problem with the size &amp shape of Henry, I feel he conveys the personality of Henry perfectly. It's Henry that counts no matter who has to die and he is able to justify his cruelty royally. I an waiting impatiently for the next season and I hope this continues through the Elizabethan era.
Lover_Of_History More than 1 year ago
I am a History major, and I have also studied the Tudors from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I and the people surrounding them for years. Yes, the show is historically inaccurate, but that's what it is: a show. I love it. Of course there are parts that make me cringe, such as the Margaret married to Portugal King bit, but I overlook it in order to grasp the entertainment value. I love Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn, almost as much as I love Helena Bonham Carter in the role. She's brilliant. Yes, Henry VIII was not dark haired, but his personality is right, as well as his build for his younger years. It's perfect. The costumes were GORGEOUS! They were right on target and absolutely beautiful. I love the show and I can't wait to get the second season in the mail.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The video has some validity in historical fact, but seems to take many side trips into fiction. I do not reccomend watching this with young children due to the sex scenes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
JB wrote that Henry fell into the "big and tall" catagory.....actually, when he was a young man (as depicted here) he was slim and strong and considered handsome. Also, in those days, no one was very tall! Just take a look at some of our buildings from that time (ordinary homes, not castles or the like) and you will see the doors are tiny!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lighthouse426 More than 1 year ago
Everything about The Tudors is absolutly amazing. It keeps you wanting more, after each episode I couldn't wait to watch the next one. If you want a show that is truly addicting and worth every second, then this is it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
My friend and I watched the entire season in just 2 days. I am hooked! I am going to order Showtime next month just to be able to watch season 2!
TinkPink80 More than 1 year ago
Fall in love with 1500's in this series! Better yet fall in love with Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill ~ wow)! The characters are great, and the plot is great. The costumes are so realistic, and I think it's great that they used a lot of British actors so the accent is real! Natalie Dormer playing Queen Anne - and a great job at it! I think everyone deserves hands down for each of their roles, great acting, and great story! Long live King Henry VIII (even when he is a jerk!)

<3 The Tudors!
MsC More than 1 year ago
Although it is not historically accurate I found this drama entertaining and fun to watch. The actors and costumes are great!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
JB says, and I quote: " First of all, Henry VIII fell into the 'big and tall' category. He also had red hair and beard, which every knows him by. History lovers or not. Jonathan Rhys-Myers, although a very good actor, has not the right physical features to play Henry VIII." That is true of the older Henry, but that's not what this series is about, is it. Judging by the spelling and grammar, I think it's JB that needs some education. By his logic, Elvis should always be played by a middle aged fat guy in a white, satin suit, even in his pre-drug abuse days. The young Henry was handsome, virile, and quite athletic in the time period the Showtime series covers. As for the accuracy of the costumes, check out the "extras" of the box set to see the painstaking efforts of the designers to get it right!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the most intriging series ever. Jonathin Rhys-Meyers is King Henry the VIII and does a fantastic job portraying him. The facts remain close to historical fact. This is one of my favorite TV show series of all time.
JEO More than 1 year ago
This season was amazing and really pulled you into the drama of the Tudor court. I watched the entire season in two weeks it was so good!
morrigan80 More than 1 year ago
Showtime's The Tudors is a beautiful and sexy look at the reign of Henry VIII. I think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers' portrayl of the young lion is both seductive and tortured. Not to mention is ability to disguise his Irish accent is uncanny. The real star for me is Natalie Dormer. Her role as Anne Boleyn steals the scene from any actor she shares the screen with. Her eyes are so expressive. Another favorite is Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine. As I am a huge Boleyn fan, it was hard to win me over, but Maria's strength coupled with her tenderness is hard to ignore and even harder to hate. Model turned actor Henry Cavill is nice eye candy, but his portrayl of Charles Brandon as a wayward lethario tends to get a bit old. He makes up for his lack of skill in the acting department with his steamy and often nude love scenes with various court ladies.
Don't depend on The Tudors for accuracy, but do expect an entertaining show!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well, I did not think I could, at this point, become interested in yet another version of a period in British History that has been given so much attention by so many people in so many ways so many times. Yet, all that was needed for that erroneous perception to change was for me to take just a peek at "The Tudors", once. "Could this be... television?!", I wondered in amazement. Had not finished asking myself that question when I realized I had become shamelessly, utterly hooked, apparently forever. Like a sinfully delicious, forbidden delicacy, "The Tudors" is instantly addictive. Its secret? It boasts a genial treatment given by its writers to the passions and intrigues. A gorgeous, extremely talented cast. Superb direction. Lush, dreamy locations. Magnificent cinematography. Rich, beautiful costumes and sets. Audacious, tantalizing love scenes. Not to mention all those castles! And do not, please, dare call this a soap opera. "The Tudors" is something genuinely unique, a superbly crafted, absorbing masterpiece. Purists may argue there are some historical inaccuracies. That Henry the VIII was not, according to the portraits, as beautiful, fascinating and mesmerizing as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in his role as Henry. And that Anne B was not, "in reality", as beautiful and sexy as Natalie Dormer, but... Who cares? Just watch, be amazed and enjoy it. You will never regret it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As far as the costumes and overall look to it. I've only watched three episodes and was VERY disappointed! First of all, Henry VIII fell into the 'big and tall' category. He also had red hair and beard, which every knows him by. History lovers or not. Jonathan Rhys-Myers, although a very good actor, has not the right physical features to play Henry VIII. The one guy the king executed "Lord Chamberlain, was it????" would have been a much better actor to play the king, because he actually looked like the king. "Big, tall, red hair and beard." Also, the costumes in this series are HIDEOUS!!!! The men's costumes were so-so, but a lot of the female costumes where really bad. Semi accurate for that period, not fully. If you're going to do a period show of any time period, do your homework/research. Which, apparently the costume people for this show did not. There were laws called Sumptuary Laws, that dictated what class was allowed to wear what. And back then class was a HUGE, MAJOR deal. People were executed if they didn't follow those laws. Although, the acting was good. The dates, people, etc. were accurate, but I was very disappointed with the costumes and of the casting director's choice to play Henry. Soooo, yeah. If you want good, historicaly accurate (at least in costumes and over all appearance) Renaissance entertainment. Go to you state's/town's Renaissance Faires/Fests. The people there are sticklers for accuracy and the costumes are AMAZING! And, you get to interact with your favorite people from that time period!
Emilydmo More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent TV show for an historical fiction fans! While it does tend to stray from historical fact, it is so superbly crafted and stylish that it really doesn't matter. It is extremely entertaining and, if you are a fan of the Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl, this TV show is far more satisfying than the rather lackluster major motion picture movie!! Natalie Dormer is perfectly cast and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as well. This TV show is my guilty pleasure and I highly recommend it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although I am enjoying this series "I have only seen episodes 1-3 so far" I agree with some of the other reviewers about the costumes. Clearly, they are NOT being accurate in a lot of cases. Some of the costumes are really good and then you will see one where even the fabric is wrong! I swear I saw pleather on some of the men's costumes! And the women's headdresses are all over the place - especially Queen Katherine's. She never would have worn some of those things. I agree that it would have been nice for Henry to have red hair - that is a well documented fact and surely they have hair dye? But I am really enjoying the actor's portrayal of him as passionate and capricious. He could be charming and cruel in the same 5 minutes and Jonathan Rys Myers does a great job of showing that. Surprisingly, the history seems much more accurate - I really liked the Field of Cloth of Gold episode. I wish they could have taken that little bit more time to do the same with the costumes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Tudor family of England is still one of the most talked about reigns in all of English history. This show gets it right. The behavior of Henry Tudor, his escapades, his fits, and his flight of fancy is completely on display in this fictional depiction of life in 16th Century England. What I loved the most was not only did they get down all the bad parts about Henry's demeanor, but the show also highlights that the man was an amazing King who did a great deal to empower his country. This show is a must see for any history lover.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Meyers pulls this entire cast. The rest of the ensemble are good in their own way. However without the strong emperical glue that Rhys-Meyers brings to the role of Henry this show would never be the masterpiece that it truely is. I do think that they are taking the show to quickly. But I understand for TV purposes they have to go speedly though his life and loves. Truely a delight for anyone.