Twilight Zone: Collection 3

Twilight Zone: Collection 3

DVD (Black & White)

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Release Date: 01/07/2003
UPC: 0014381462821
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [B&W]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Mono]
Time: 15:00:00

Special Features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Albert Salmi Joe Caswell
Arthur Hunnicutt Hyder Simpson
Barry Morse Fitzgerald Fortune
Cecil Kellaway Jeremy Wickwire
Cedric Hardwicke Uncle Simon
Dennis Hopper Peter Vollmer
Diana Hyland Anne Henderson
Don Gordon Salvatore Ross
Ed Nelson Philip Redfield
Ed Wynn Sam Forstmann
Edward Andrews Oliver Pope
Fred Clark Chester Diedrich
Gladys Cooper Miss Elva Keene
Howard Duff Arthur Curtis/Jerry Raigan
Ivan Dixon Bolie Jackson
John Dehner Alan Richards
Joseph Wiseman Paul Radin
Kevin McCarthy Prof. Walter Jameson
Larry Blyden Rance McGrew
Lee Kinsolving Scott
Maggie McNamara Bunny Blake
Mike Kellin Chief Bell
Patrick O'Neal Harmon Gordon
Randy Boone Pfc. McCluskey
Robert Lansing Cmdr. Douglas Stansfield
Roddy McDowall Sam Conrad
Russell Johnson Peter Corrigan,George Manion
Suzy Parker Jane
Thomas Gomez Sykes
Vera Miles Millicent Barnes
Wally Cox James Ellwood
Warren Stevens Nate Bledsoe
William Windom The Major
Arch Johnson Jesse James
Bartlett Robinson William
Ben Wright Chips
Carolyn Kearney Marnie Kirk
Constance Ford Barbara Polk
Edgar Stehli Prof. Samuel Kittridge
Frank Maxwell Marty
Gail Kobe Leah Maitland,Sally
Helen Westcott Lillian Pope
Jean Carson Paula Diedrich
Jeanette Nolan Rachel Simpson
Joan Hackett Esther Fortune
John Larch Sheriff Koch
Kevin Hagen Capt. James Webber,Pete Radcliff
Ludwig Donath Ernst Ganz
Mariette Hartley Sandra Horn
Martin Milner Paul Grinstead
Mary Munday Hildy Powell
Murray Matheson The Clown
Natalie Trundy Ellen Marshall
Nora Marlowe Margaret Phillips
Paul Comi Warren Marcusson
Robert Hogan Robert Blake
Ruta Lee Flora Gordon
Shelley Fabares Ellen Tillman
Simon Oakland Capt. Beecham
Steven Perry Henry
Sue Randall Millie
Trevor Bardette Col. Hawthorne
Walter Brooke Chad Cooper,Dr. Raymond Gordon
Warren Oates Cpl. Langsford
Adam Williams Woodward
Curt Conway The Stranger
David Macklin Bud Powell
David Opatoshu Dorn
David Sheiner Doc
Eileen Ryan Nora
Estelle Winwood Laurette Bowen
George Macready Dr. Bixler
Hugh Sanders Templeton
Ian Wolfe Schwimmer
James Callahan Doug Kirk
Jeff Morrow Kurt Meyers
Joan Marshall Wilma
Joe Hamilton Ticket Agent
Kim Hamilton Frances
Martine Bartlett Miss Finch
Michael Forest Steve
Muriel Landers Marge Moore
Paul Hartman Police Sergeant
Ralph Taeger Walter Holmes
Ray Galvin Policeman
Robert Bray Captain
Robert Cornthwaite Director
Roger Davis David Mitchell
Susan Harrison The Ballerina
Susan Oliver Teenya
Than Wyenn Johnson
Titus Moede Wesley Miller
Vaughn Taylor Mr. Maitland
Vladimir Sokoloff Gallegos
Bing Russell Ben Braden
Bob Kline Jesse James (actor)
Byron Morrow Martian #1
Cyril Delevanti Marvin the Butler
David White Brinkley
Denver Pyle Stu Tillman
Dody Heath Susanna Kittridge
Don Dubbins Peter Kirby
Edward Binns Gen. Walters
Greg Morris Lieutenant
Harry Swoger Sam
Howard Wright Hardy
J. Pat O'Malley Old Man
James Doohan Father
James Gavin Policeman
John Alonso Luis Gallegos
John Considine McClure
Jon Lormer Reverend
Kelton Garwood The Tramp
Marcel Hillaire Waiter
Marvin Miller Robot
Naomi Stevens Woman Attendant
Orville Sherman Tillman Miller
Paul Mazursky Frank
Philip Ober Mr. Henderson
Raymond Bailey Supervisor
Totty Ames Woman
Walter Burke Mizell
William Sargent Dr. Mel Avery
Bill Bixby O.O.D.
Charles Seel Rev. Wood
Don Durant Gregory Walker
Don Keefer Fred Danzinger
Douglas Lambert Albert
Eugene Borden Maitre D'
Fay Roope Judge
Ferris Taylor Husband
Hank Patterson Mr. Gentry
Henry Scott Thomas
Howard Caine Nick
John Lasell John Wilkes Booth
Marsha Hunt Mrs. Henderson
Paul Genge Mr. Canfield
Suzanne Cupito Girl
Vic Perrin Martian #2
William McLean Property Man
William Swan Technician

Technical Credits
Abner Biberman Director
Alan Crosland Director
Anton Leader Director
Bernard Girard Director
Christian Nyby Director
David Greene Director
David Orrick McDearmon Director
Don Siegel Director
Douglas Heyes Director
Elliot Silverstein Director
Harold D. Schuster Director
Jacques Tourneur Director
John Brahm Director
John Rich Director
Joseph Newman Director
Lamont Johnson Director
Mitchell Leisen Director
Montgomery Pittman Director
Perry Lafferty Director
Richard Donner Director
Robert Florey Director
Roger Kay Director
Ron Winston Director
Stuart Rosenberg Director
Ted Post Director
William F. Claxton Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Vol. 19
1. A Most Unusual Camera [10:18]
2. Photo Finish [13:56]
3. End Credits [:40]
1. The Jungle [10:31]
2. The Long Dark Night [13:44]
3. End Credits [:27]
1. The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms [14:24]
2. Custer's Last Stand [10:09]
3. End Credits [:31]
1. Uncle Simon [13:02]
2. Simon Says [11:29]
3. End Credits [:54]
Side #2 -- Vol. 20
1. Elegy [12:11]
2. Rest in Peace [11:52]
3. End Credits [:52]
1. The Thirty Fathom Grave [13:49]
2. Deep Sea Mystery [12:01]
3. The Haunting [10:59]
4. Deep Guilt [13:16]
5. End Credits [:47]
1. A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain [15:31]
2. Poetic Justice [9:00]
3. End Credits [:33]
Side #3 -- Vol. 21
1. Mirror Image [14:47]
2. Twin Counterpart [9:16]
3. End Credits [:49]
1. Dust [12:18]
2. True Magic [11:56]
3. End Credits [:53]
1. 5 Characters in Search of an Exit [14:35]
2. Trapped in Hell? [9:51]
3. End Credits [:37]
1. 90 Years Without Slumbering [11:53]
2. Taking Control of Time [12:39]
3. End Credits [:39]
Side #4 -- Vol. 22
1. A World of Difference [9:54]
2. Arthur Curtis Is Dead [14:05]
3. End Credits [:53]
1. Back There [12:26]
2. Lincoln Will Be Shot Tonight [11:49]
3. End Credits [:53]
1. One More Pallbearer [14:33]
2. Illusion or Fantasy [9:42]
3. End Credits [:40]
1. Ring-a-Ding Girl [13:35]
2. The Mystery of Bunny [10:56]
3. End Credits [:38]
Side #5 -- Vol. 23
1. Long Live Walter Jameson [9:29]
2. The Old Timer [14:43]
3. End Credits [:56]
1. Dead Man's Shoes [16:15]
2. The Messenger [7:52]
3. End Credits [:38]
1. You Drive [15:38]
2. Car Trouble [8:53]
3. End Credits [:37]
1. The Long Morrow [13:55]
2. True Love [10:34]
3. End Credits [:38]
Side #6 -- Vol. 24
1. People Are Alike All Over [11:29]
2. Just Like Us [12:52]
3. End Credits [:52]
1. Valley of the Shadow [13:23]
2. The Inquisition [8:37]
3. The Best Kept Secret [15:10]
4. Escape [12:56]
5. End Credits [:49]
1. Black Leather Jackets [14:24]
2. Operation Invasion [10:10]
3. End Credits [:39]
Side #7 -- Vol. 25
1. Execution [13:31]
2. Stranger in a Strange Land [10:43]
3. End Credits [:52]
1. The Hunt [13:53]
2. No Dogs Allowed [10:25]
3. End Credits [:42]
1. The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross [13:21]
2. An Even Trade [11:09]
3. End Credits [:37]
1. Number 12 Looks Just Like You [13:29]
2. Identity Crisis [11:03]
3. End Credits [:40]
Side #8 -- Vol. 26
1. The Big Tall Wish [12:29]
2. You Have to Believe in Magic [11:35]
3. End Credits [:51]
1. Showdown With Rance McGrew [11:38]
2. Setting a Bad Actor Straight [12:40]
3. End Credits [:39]
1. A Piano in the House [11:59]
2. Playing With Fire Can Burn You [12:15]
3. End Credits [:41]
1. Night Call [10:13]
2. Be Careful What You Say [14:21]
3. End Credits [:39]
Side #9 -- Vol. 27
1. He's Alive [19:58]
2. The Martyr [9:09]
3. The Rebuttal [11:39]
4. Made of Steel [9:18]
5. End Credits [:48]
1. From Agnes - With Love [13:23]
2. Femme Fatale [11:10]
3. End Credits [:40]
1. Spur of the Moment [12:40]
2. Disillusion [11:22]
3. End Credits [:40]

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Twilight Zone: Collection 3 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a youth, I was frightened by one the the takes. All I remember now is that a witch was riding next to the main caracter on a bus that crashed. The witch was thought to be dead but ended up living in some bushes around his house. Does any know the series of this tale? This was a long time ago as I am now 62.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago