United 93

United 93

DVD (Wide Screen / Subtitled / Dubbed)

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United 93

Bloody Sunday director Paul Greengrass marks the five-year anniversary on the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States with this speculative meditation on the events that took place onboard the fourth hijacked plane, and the actions of the passengers who gave their lives to ensure the safety of others. Told in real time and acted out by a cast of unknowns who were provided with detailed studies of their real-life counterparts, United 93 attempts to reconstruct the airborne tragedy from the view of the ground and flight controllers, the passengers, and their nervous families awaiting word on the fate of their loved ones. As the terrified travelers and crew gradually become aware of the historical events taking place on the ground so far beneath them, the 90 minutes in which a random collection of strangers realized their fate and came together to confront an unthinkable threat are re-created.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/05/2006
UPC: 0025192657023
Original Release: 2006
Rating: R
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Time: 1:51:00
Sales rank: 6,800

Special Features

Closed Caption; United 93: The Families and the Film - discover the real-life stories behind the brave passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93 through interviews with their families; Feature commentary with director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, Bloody Sunday); Memorial Pages - the passengers and crew of United Flight 93 are remembered with 40 written biographies

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
David Alan Basche Todd Beamer
Richard Bekins William Joseph Cashman
Susan Blommaert Jane Folger
Ray Charleson Joseph DeLuca
Christian Clemenson Thomas E. Burnett Jr.
Khalid Abdalla Ziad Jarrah
Lewis Alsamari Saeed al Ghamdi
Ben Sliney Ben Sliney
Major James Fox Major James Fox
Gregg Henry Colonel Robert Marr
Omar Berdouni Ahmed al Haznawi
Cheyenne Jackson Mark Bingham
Polly Adams Deborah Welsh, Flight Attendant
Chip Zien Mark Rothenberg
Starla Benford Wanda Anita Green, Flight Attendant
Opal Alladin Cee Cee Lyles
Liza Colon-Zayas Waleska Martinez
Lorna Dallas Linda Gronlund
Denny Dillon Colleen Fraser
Kate Jennings Grant Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas
Peter Hermann Jeremy Glick
Marceline Hugot Georgine Rose Corrigan
Joe Jamrog John Talignani
Corey Johnson Louis J. Nacke II
J.J. Johnson Captain Jason M. Dahl
Becky London Jean Hoadley Peterson
Peter Marinker Andrew Garcia
Nancy McDoniel Lorraine G. Bay
Libby Morris Hilda Marcin
Tom O'Rourke Donald Peterson
Simon Poland Alan Anthony Beaven
David Rasche Donald Freeman Greene
Chloe Sirene Honor Elizabeth Wainio
Michael J. Reynolds Patrick Driscoll
John Rothman Edward P. Felt
Daniel Sauli Richard Guadagno
Rebecca Schull Patricia Cushing
Olivia Thirlby Nicole Miller
Gary Commock First Officer Leroy Homer, Jr.
Trieste Dunn Deora Frances Bodley
Trish Gates Sandy Bradshaw
Tara Hugo Kristin White Gould
Masato Kamo Toshiya Kuge
Jodie Lynne McClintock Marion R. Britton
Erich Redman Christian Adams
Leigh Zimmerman Christine Snyder
Jamie Harding Ahmed al Nami

Technical Credits
Paul Greengrass Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Barry Ackroyd Cinematographer
Tim Bevan Producer
Michael Bronner Associate Producer
Chris Carreras Asst. Director
Liza Chasin Executive Producer
Dinah Collin Costumes/Costume Designer
Douglas Cooper Sound/Sound Designer
Sig De Miguel Casting
Clare Douglas Editor
Eric Fellner Producer
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond Casting
Alan Gilmore Art Director
Debra Hayward Executive Producer
John Hubbard Casting
Dan Hubbard Casting
Lloyd Levin Producer
Amanda Mackey Casting
Chris Munro Sound/Sound Designer
Richard Pearson Editor
John Powell Score Composer
Christopher Rouse Editor
Mike Prestwood Smith Sound/Sound Designer
Kate Solomon Associate Producer
Dominic Watkins Production Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- United 93
1. It's Time (Main Titles) [5:11]
2. Security Check [4:11]
3. Welcome Aboard [6:08]
4. Suspicious Transmission [4:34]
5. Real World Situation [5:35]
6. "Planes," Plural [3:45]
7. Cleared for Takeoff [5:51]
8. Target Lost [4:36]
9. Another Hijack [6:16]
10. No Clearance [4:59]
11. Rules of Engagement [4:13]
12. Preparing to Takeover [4:59]
13. He's Got a Bomb! [3:58]
14. In Control [6:30]
15. Communications Breakdown [4:09]
16. Pilots Are Down [4:59]
17. National Emergency [5:17]
18. Suicide Mission [9:15]
19. Final Moments [7:44]
20. End Titles [8:32]

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United 93 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Don't get me wrong, this movie tells a great story, however, I'm not sure why this movie is thought to be so good, I really didn't like it very much. First it makes our gov't not look prepared for anything, they really had no clue how to stop any of the tragedies from hijackings nor where they even prepared, second of all whats with all the huddles and phone calls on the plane? some would even sit straight up with phone in hand right in front of the hijackers, and nothing happened, that to me is pretty unrealistic. their seem to be many flaws in this film, or just some pretty bad acting. so my final thought on United 93 is it has a great plot, a story that must be told, somewhat bad acting, and kind of poorly presented. if it was presented better it would have probably held my interest more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though it has been over five years since the devastation of 9/11 the memory lives on, a day no one will ever forget - nor should we. This viewer waited until UNITED 93 was released on DVD to view it, thinking that watching the film in the security of the home might make it less threatening. But what Paul Greengrass has created in reconstructing those few hours in 2001 that changed the psyche of the world forever is an achievement in courage, in understatement, and in respect - as fine a memorial as any that has been planned. In using not easily recognizable but very fine actors in all of the roles, Greengrass allows his script to unfold gradually in the relaxed atmosphere of the usual air flight plans and minor delays, conversations heard by all of us as we await a take off of a plane. Concurrently he shows the four men, whose mission is to destroy 'the oppressors', prepare, pray, dress, and board. Then he moves into the planning rooms of air control, lets us feel the insidious progression of the hijacked planes, shows us the military response and paralysis, places us back in United 93, and unfolds the recognition by the crew and passengers of the danger in which they have been placed. The acts of heroism seem like natural permutations of human response all the way to the final abrupt dark screen when the plane goes down. The degree of tension Greengrass and his superlative cast and crew convey is almost intolerable: magnify that times infinity power and we have a glimpse of what it was like to be in United Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. The film is a remarkable achievement and is destined to become a hallmark for artistic representation of historic events. Highly Recommended on every level. Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
I watched quite a few thrillers and horror movies but this one took the cake. Well, unlike the other reviewer i don´t think you should be forced by law to watch any movie unless you are living the " Brave New World" but if you want a slight glimpse of what probably happened on that flight then this is the movie to watch. You don´t have any high paid actors or Matrix scenes what you get is, people and their families being scared to death and knowing their fate. Nevertheless they still have courage to sacrifice their lifes to save so many others. The only plane that didn´t crash where it was supposed to was UA 93. The passengers in that flight are your everyday heroes, who make America what it is, a Country that always stands United especially when things get tough. If you wanna see heroes who fight terrorist with beer cans, coke cans, with boiling tea water, who fight them with their bare hands, who don´t give a damn if they have a bomb on board, if you wanna see people who didn´t die without fighting back, then you need to watch this and see how it is to die on your feet and facing the ultimate looking into the eyes of terrorists and not letting go, Phoenix from the Ashes. Movies like that one, make you proud to be an american
Guest More than 1 year ago
Honestly this movie is only good because its based on real events. however the begining scene is very well done as well as the highjacking and the very last chapter. this movie's real power was waiting for the highjacking and how it gnawed at your bones that all these people were not going to survive.this movie reminds me of anther good movie, the Passion. The Passion however had a lot of short intresting flashbacks stories duing the main story. I think this movie might have benifited from that style in the storytelling. also: great cienematography!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This Was A great movie, it told the story of United Flight 93 (EWR-SFO). This story has been told hundreds of times but not like this where the have actors acting the passengers and crew.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This film captures September 11th with honor and respect. A true testament to those Americans who that day fought back with their lives and who's actions should never be forgotten.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In remembrance of that awful day I watched this DVD and its documentary "The Families and the Film" with tears in my eyes. This is one of the most riveting, powerful and heartbreaking films in motion picture history. As a testament to all those who sacraficed their lives on 9/11, I recommend watching this superlative movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
UNITED 93 is a harrowing, immediate, and sharply realized film that transcends the limits of mere "entertainment." What Paul Greengrass and Co. have accomplished within a framework of one hour and fifty-one minutes is a near alchemical exercise in what it means to live, and to die, as a human being (not as an American, a Muslim, a man, a woman, etc). What is captured in this film is nothing less than the human spirit, complete with its attributes as well as its flaws. There is no grandstanding, no pedantic speeches, no diversive tactics. You are plunged back to a day in recent history and find yourself responding as many did that day: with disbelief, horror, numbness, and, finally, a sobering respect for what it means to be truly alive. The film is terrifying, though in a way that shuns the traditional "thriller" narrative. It also avoids the traditional exposition given to characters, many of whose names are not disclosed during the film (but some whose identities you might glean given their stories in the media and press). What you are offered is a glimpse into what happens when ordinary human beings find themselves plunged into a veritable hell. Greengrass's camera is right there, observing and recording, though never in a sensationalistic, lurid manner. The film plays in "real time," which is just one of its strengths. The chaos, fear, and confusion felt by all -- the air traffic controllers, NORAD, the passengers, the terrorists -- unfurl first with mounting dread, and then with a dizzying tumult into the annals of history. The structure and dialogue are minimal, and work in that Greengrass stays as close to the facts as possible, going so far as to have the actual air traffic controllers and military personnel play themselves. As for the passengers, the actors playing them talked and met with the surviving family members of those who died on United Airlines Flight 93. The care and respect given the passengers who died on that clear, deceptively beautiful morning is readily evident in the film. There is a sense -- in regard to the minimalistic aspects of the story -- of Greengrass and Co. getting as close as they could to the facts of what happened. And while its intention does not seem to be about attempting to polarize the story, certain facts that have come to light are not ignored (i.e., the military's persistent attempts to get in touch with Bush and Cheney, who failed to return calls until it was too late) and are presented bluntly within the framework of those horrific morning hours. As for watching the final fifty-one minutes of the film, I do not think any film will ever be able to give me quite the same experience. While I do not take what happened during that near-hour as gospel, I also do not think -- given the phone calls made, the passengers' families' interviews, and those portion of the transcripts released to the public -- it stretches the limits of plausibility. It left me shaken, stunned, and humbled. Never once do Greengrass and Co. stoop to manipulative means to elicit such emotions (a rare feat considering a lot of what Hollywood "manufactures" these days), which makes the film all the more remarkable. In its closing moments, the film even manages to sidestep the expected cinematic myth of "history" and "heroes" and in their place gives you the blunt, inevitable truth that life's plans do not always resolve themselves as we would hope they would. As the film ended, I was more proud of being human -- of being able to feel, to have an opportunity to tell those around me that I love them, to have the pleasure of waiting in queue in a store, of being stopped at a traffic light, of going to sleep and waking up, of LIVING, warts and all -- than I was of anything else. And for those who say it is "too soon" for a film to deal with the events of September, 11, 2001, I've a question I'd like to pose: When, exactly, is
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're expecting a disaster movie,forget it.This is a powerful real-life human drama. Writer-director Paul Greengrass brilliantly evokes all the chaos and heroism of that ill-fated flight without resorting to sensationalism or cheap sentiment.The best thing about the movie is how he unfolds the events in real time.He also deliberately does not make any of the passengers the "hero" or main character.It works,as he draws excellent ensemble performances from a no-name cast and superb work from his entire crew.It all results in an absolutely haunting and unforgettable movie.Bravo!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is for those who want to see what the heroes of the plane 93 did for us. It is breathtaking and will leave you speechless. I recommend this movie for those who really want to know what happened in the plane 93 on september 11 2001, when there was a dissaster in the cithies of New York and Washington.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul Greengrass's tale of a group of terrorists on 9/11/01 taking over a commerical jet is the most moving picture and the hardest to sit through. Told in a documentary style fashion, the film lasts as long as the event itself. We see the heart-ache and suffering from everyone on that day. I've never seen a film where audience members walked out of the theater sobbing. The Film shows respect to the departed, honors the men and women that tried to help while Mr. Bush was reading a children's book.