Director: Ryuhei Kitamura Cast: Tak Sakaguchi, Hideo Sakaki, Chieko Misaka
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Evil Dead 2 meets Street Fighter by way of The Matrix in this wild and woolly zombie/yakuza/samurai/kung fu/splatter flick directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. Throughout the world there are 666 portals to the other side; the 444th is Japan and is called the Forest of Resurrection, where good has battled evil for time immemorial. The film opens with prisoner KSC2-303 (Tak Sakaguchi) and his fellow cellmate escaping a maximum-security prison and ending up in the forest where they are supposedly to be picked up by a band of gangsters in a shiny Mercedes and taken to a safer place. Instead, the gangsters try to use them and a female hostage (Chieko Misaka) as pawns in a larger power struggle. A gunfight ensues killing KSC2-303's colleague and the mob boss, but just as the standoff is about to yield more violence, an odd thing happens -- the dead get up and attack the living. In the chaos, KSC2-303 and girl disappear into the forest with a band of slickly coifed yakuza in hot pursuit. High-kicks, machine guns, and rampant disembowelments ensue. This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival.

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Release Date: 07/29/2003
UPC: 0631595030785
Original Release: 2000
Rating: R
Source: Tokyo Shock
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:58:00

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Prologue
2. Escape
3. Deadlocked
4. Man in Black
5. Bullets Knives Fists
6. Complications
7. Hunters
8. Power in Death
9. Destiny
10. Questions Answers Choices
11. Flashback
12. Resurrection
13. Showdown
14. Takedown
15. Versus
16. Departure
17. Epilogue

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Versus 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the funniest movie in a while, and it's not supposed to be. This proves the Japanese invented Acid for use with cameras. There is no plot of any kind or anything resembling a rational thought pattern involved. The writers should be institutionalised. By the way, it also proves that he with the trenchcoat wins, a truth only perverted in WWII movies. The movie, mathematically, is a combination of the following: {The Great Escape + Matrix + Great Teacher Onizuka + Mortal Kombat + 444('Immortal' Kombat) + Zombified Yakuza + Armed Undead + Three Stooges + Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid + Dubbing (No kidding) + Sixth Sense + Triad (if you remember that game) + Day of the Dead (NRA/Proctologists Union) + Blair Witch Project + Francis Asspick (do you go to Rutgers?) + Seven Samurai + Scooby Doo + Way too much Jolt Cola (2x Caffiene + 1x Sugar) + Dracula + Flatulence + But I'm a Cheerleader + [Parks Canada (Parcs Canada) / FBI]-(CIA+ Miami Vice) + Thundercats + Rosemary's Baby + Delta Delta Die + Reagan Admistration + a Colombo Monkey + Seventh Seal + (Mind/Matter) + Evil Dead (1+2) + Shawshank Redemption + Archdiocese of Boston + Con Edison + New Testament (Simplified Translated PRC Edition) + (I'll Bite Your Knees Off / Monty Python) + Barishinkow (Machine Gun) + Exorcist + Lego Swords + Count of Monte Cristo + Star Wars (Dark / Light, quantity Squared) + FIFA headkicking championships} -plot / Girl not worth it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a fan of horror and action movies, I've heard about this movie and wanted to see it. Then one day I find it at a blockbuster and rent it and start to watch. You have an unusual opening sequence, thus enters the story that starts out with two escaped prisoners who meet up with a gang holding a girl hostage while awaiting for the "boss" to arrive while fighting off advanced almost zombies in a creepy yet haunted forest. Good action sequences, humor and jump out moments ever. I recommend this to anyone into both genres as I am.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gore, Gore, Gore. Can you ask for more? This film is a little like Evil Dead but it has a little comedy to it. I was not happy with the dubbing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
So plottiness isn't a word. Deal. People looking for plot in this movie are like guys looking for intellectually stimulating conversation in a strip club. They're missing the point and the goodies. Sure, the plot is ridiculous. The characters range from often wooden (Tak Seguchi) to stereotypically over-the-top (Kenji Matsuda). The dialogue is absurd. The main love story is less interesing than watching the gay yakuza couple bicker silently during a zombie battle and make up after torturing one of their co-workers. Kitamura fails at Basic Storytelling 101. But the movie is way cool. Really way cool. This movie is like the favorite child of a sexy threesome between Evil Dead II, Highlander, and Dead or Alive. The zombies can use firearms, the hero saves the heroine because he's a self-proclaimed feminist, and the head bad guy is smooth even when he's munching down on a human heart. In short, loving this movie isn't a requirement to be a fun dude, but it sure doesn't hurt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago