Warner Bros. and the Homefront Collection

Warner Bros. and the Homefront Collection

Director: David Butler, Delmer Daves, Friz Freleng Cast: Mel Blanc
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Warner Bros. and the Homefront Collection

The West Coast's answer to Broadway's Stage Door Canteen, the Hollywood Canteen was created as a GI morale-booster by film stars Bette Davis and John Garfield. The Canteen was established so that Our Boys on leave in Tinseltown could have a good time with good food and good dancing -- and, as a bonus, rub shoulders with their favorite movie personalities, who functioned as waiters, chefs, busboys and dancing partners. Since the 1944 all-star flick Hollywood Canteen was produced by Warner Bros., it was only to be expected that the celebrities seen herein would consist mostly of Warner Bros. contract players. The frail plot concerns a soldier on medical leave (played by Robert Hutton) who falls in love with lovely leading lady Joan Leslie (played by Joan Leslie) while visiting the Canteen. Bette Davis and John Garfield are on hand to emcee the Canteen's variety acts, and to act as cupids for the Hutton/Leslie romance. The "supporting cast" includes the likes of The Andrews Sisters, Jack Benny, Joe E. Brown, Eddie Cantor, Sidney Greenstreet, Paul Henreid, Peter Lorre, Ida Lupino, Dennis Morgan, Roy Rogers, S.Z. Sakall, Barbara Stanwyck, and the Jimmy Dorsey and Carmen Cavallaro musical aggregations. Virtually everyone involved donated their salaries to the Canteen fund--even Jack Benny. As with most of these patriotic wartime star rallies, the results are a mixed bag: the best sequences include Benny's violin "duel" with Joseph Szigeti and Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers introducing Cole Porter's "Don't Fence Me In." Hollywood Canteen won three Oscar nominations, more for its good intentions than its inherent excellence. Still, don't pass up the opportunity when this "movie star salad" shows up on cable TV.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/11/2008
UPC: 0085391188247
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 6:16:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny,Actor
Eddie Cantor Himself
George Murphy Jerry Jones
Andrews Sisters Actor
Dinah Shore Herself
Joan Leslie Eileen Dibble,Herself,Pat Dixon
Robert Hutton Slim
Bette Davis Herself
Jack Benny Guest
Ronald Reagan Johnny Jones
Alan Hale Sgt. McGee
Humphrey Bogart Himself
George Tobias Maxie Stoloff
Julie Bishop Herself
Olivia de Havilland Herself
Charles Butterworth Eddie Dibble
Betty Brodel Actor
Edward Everett Horton Farnsworth
Julie Oshins Ollie Twardofsky
Dennis Morgan Tom Randolph
John Garfield Himself
Barbara Brown Mrs. Brodel
Sydney Greenstreet Himself

Technical Credits
David Butler Director
Delmer Daves Director
Friz Freleng Director
Michael Curtiz Director
Norm McCabe Director
Robert McKimson Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hollywood Canteen
1. Title Tune Credits [2:13]
2. Dreaming of Joan Leslie [3:28]
3. Hollywood Canteen [5:13]
4. King Porter Stomp [2:35]
5. Treating Slim Right [1:48]
6. What Are You Doin' The Rest of Your Life [3:02]
7. Leslie-ized [2:05]
8. The General Jumped at Dawn [1:52]
9. Sealed With a Kiss [3:55]
10. We're Having a Baby [5:35]
11. Cheeky With Cuddles [2:36]
12. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds [1:18]
13. Don't Fence Me In (1) [3:38]
14. Savoir Not-So-Faire [5:11]
15. Gettin' Corns For My Country [2:53]
16. Don't Fence Me In (2) [1:54]
17. Romantic Instincts [3:45]
18. You Can Always Tell A Yank [3:39]
19. Dead Ringer [3:44]
20. Leg To Stand On [1:56]
21. Farmers Market Passion [2:34]
22. Millionth Man [7:25]
23. Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart (1) [4:31]
24. Obstacle Course Date [6:32]
25. Headline News [4:14]
26. Ballet In Jive [6:19]
27. Meet the Leslies [2:49]
28. The Bee [1:30]
29. Foremost Violinist [3:51]
30. String Duet [2:46]
31. Talking Science [:05]
32. Voodoo Moon [2:05]
33. Voodoo Moon Dance [3:43]
34. Mutual Giving [3:14]
35. Sweetdreams Sweetheart (2) [2:47]
36. Our Hearts Go With You [3:58]
Disc #2 -- This Is The Army
1. Overture [8:19]
2. Credits [2:11]
3. For Your Country and My Country, My Sweetie [3:32]
4. New Recruits [5:32]
5. Poor Little Me [3:11]
6. We're On Our Way To France [4:19]
7. French Toast [4:00]
8. God Bless America [5:30]
9. What Does He Look Like? [4:46]
10. How Could You? [2:23]
11. No One On His Conscience [3:34]
12. Casting Call [6:57]
13. This Is The Army, Mr Jones [5:32]
14. Not a Good Day For Hunting [3:29]
15. I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep [3:13]
16. Mandy [4:21]
17. Maneuvers [6:01]
18. Ladies of the Chorus [4:32]
19. That's What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear [5:11]
20. How About a Cheer for the Navy [3:38]
21. Cross-Country Tour [1:58]
22. Reunion; Mr President [3:32]
23. I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen [10:06]
24. With My Head In the Clouds [2:15]
25. American Eagles [3:10]
26. Yip, Yip, Yaphank Vets [3:55]
27. Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning [2:22]
29. This Time [3:45]
28. Backstage Vows [1:39]
30. Exit Music [2:11]
Disc #3 -- "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
1. Credits [1:10]
2. Thank Your Lucky Stars [2:22]
3. Blues in the Night [3:06]
4. Ringer for Cantor [3:58]
5. Contract with Cantor [5:22]
6. Hotcha Cornia [2:52]
7. Selling Her Song [4:43]
8. I'm Ridin' For a Fall [2:36]
9. Not If I Can Help It [3:29]
10. We're Staying Home Tonight [2:49]
11. Star Mistreatment [3:35]
12. Rehearsal Reversal [3:49]
13. Goin' North [4:13]
14. Pals with the Doorman [2:03]
15. Love Isn't Born (It's Made) [4:29]
16. Sitting Not Very Pretty [3:03]
17. Imitation Cantor [3:04]
18. No You, No Me [2:38]
19. Bogart Brushoff [3:10]
20. Look at that Kisser [3:38]
21. The Dreamer (1) [4:14]
22. Indian Switcheroo [5:15]
23. Ice Cold Katy [5:24]
24. To the Dogs [2:35]
25. Great White Father [5:02]
26. How Sweet You Are [5:25]
27. That's What You Jolly Well Get [4:33]
28. Too Much Vibration [2:01]
29. They're Either Too Young or Too Old [6:32]
30. The Dreamer (2) [2:47]
31. Unsliced Ham [2:35]
32. Good Night, Good Neighbor: Song [2:54]
33. Good Night, Good Neighbor: Dance [2:52]
34. Seeing Double [2:56]
35. Finale [5:34]

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We have always enjoyed the vintage movies from the 30's up to some of the 60's. We're in our late '50s and remember many of the stars. Love the way you have to pay attention to what they are saying. Yes, it seems like fluff in the mist of a terrible time in our world history, but I would rather see hope than the hate or 'not my issue' attitude we have now. No potty humor or foul images are necessary for us. We're not prudes, but don't need the worse or vile in our face all time. Just good entertainment. We check out documentaries for thought provoking info. We wish you well!