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Western Movies

Western Movies


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Release Date:
Bfs Entertainment
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Cast profiles; Trivia

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Dale Robertson Parrish
Edward Cassidy Tom Prescott
Gene Autry Gene
Joel McCrea Older Pitcalin
John Bambury Actor
John Wayne Dare Rudd,John Brant,John Tobin,John Scott
Lex Barker Kent McIntire
Paul Ford Actor
Charles Becker Actor
Hank Bell Actor
Helen Westcott Winifred Lancester
Marie Gahua Actor
Marsha Hunt Judith Worstall
Mary Murphy Kathy
Sheila Terry Ruby
Smiley Burnette Frog
Steven Darrell Joe Cummings
Terry Wilson Actor
Billy Curtis Pat
Bob Burns Sheriff Parker
Don Henley Benji
George "Gabby" Hayes Dusty,Gabby Whittaker
J. Carrol Naish Chief Sitting Bull
Johnny Mack Brown Tom Fillmore
Kay Hughes Dixie
Kenne Duncan Brunnigan
Lon Chaney Chief Pontiac
Mary Kornman Anne
Robert Middleton Actor
Berry Kroeger Col. Von Weber
Charlie Dell Actor
Dale Evans Jill Delaney
Dan Kemp Vittorio
Earl Dwire Zanti
Hal Price Actor
Iron Eyes Cody Chief Crazy Horse
John Patterson Hardy
Little Billy Haines
Monte Blue Tavibo/Duval,Bart Hammond
Paul Fix Jim
Bob Denver Actor
Eddy Chandler Kansas Charlie
George Ministeri Actor
Hal Taliaferro Deputy Sheriff
Jody McCrea Pitcalin
John Litel Gen. Howell
Roy Roberts Maj. Gladwin
Yakima Canutt Joe
Carmen La Roux Juanita
Ivor Francis Actor
Jeannine Riley Actor
Lori Saunders Actor
Forrest Tucker Actor

Technical Credits
Armand Schaefer Director
Charles Barton Director
Felix E. Feist Director
Jack Arnold Director
Jack Starrett Director
James A. Sullivan Director
Joseph Kane Director
Robert North Bradbury Director
Sam Newfield Director
Sidney Salkow Director
William Witney Director
Cullin Lewis Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Bruce Bilson Director
Oscar Rudolph Director
Elroy Schwartz Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Western Movies: Classic American India Movies
2. The White Man Comes [15:56]
3. Red Rock Agency [17:03]
4. "Speak, Sitting Bull" [17:05]
5. "A Message to the President" [15:42]
6. A Change of Plans [20:44]
7. A Massacre [17:20]
2. A Hunt for Gold [10:09]
3. A Calling [12:53]
4. "You Devil!" [13:41]
5. Following the Trail [11:17]
6. Left Behind [14:31]
7. Revenge [15:47]
2. No Prisoners [11:06]
3. Planning a Rescue [10:33]
4. A Good Bride [13:01]
5. Visiting Authority [12:38]
6. White Man's Disease [9:40]
7. The Attack [14:04]
Disc #2 -- Western Movies: Great John Wayne Movies
2. Home Early [9:06]
3. To the Rescue [8:09]
4. The Sheriff Makes a Plan [9:18]
5. A Set-Up [18:11]
2. Joining a Fight [12:16]
3. Looking to Settle Down [12:11]
4. Nothing to Worry About [10:53]
5. A Game of Poker [16:53]
2. Running From the Law [13:25]
3. Leaving a Message [8:45]
4. Foiling a Holdup [13:05]
5. Trailing a Witness [16:38]
Disc #3 -- Western Movies: Great Wacky Western Comedies
2. On the Trail [15:05]
3. The Indian Camp [11:18]
4. Breaking a Horse [6:18]
5. A Fair Trail [15:18]
6. Dolly and Kitty [8:16]
7. The Rescue [29:56]
1. Today's Sermon [12:31]
2. A Good Deal [28:23]
3. A Gunfight [8:31]
4. An Ambush [15:30]
5. The Hidden Mine [10:34]
6. Shootin' Buzzards [7:38]
1. The Stage Is Set [5:50]
2. Cattle Rustlers [14:24]
3. A Foiled Attack [9:43]
4. A Picnic for Two [12:33]
5. Swingin' at the Saloon [11:57]
6. The Showdown [6:43]
Disc #4 -- Western Movies: Famous Western Gunfighters
1. The Desert Trail [52:18]
2. Ride Ranger, Ride [53:12]
3. Roll on Texas Moon [1:01:32]

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