When Will I Be Loved

When Will I Be Loved

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DVD (Wide Screen)

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When Will I Be Loved 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was one weird and rather pretentious movie, but it held my interest. It did feel like writer/director Toback forgot to write a third act. Neve Campbell plays a manipulative sexpot whose boyfriend (Fred Weller) prostitutes her to some rich older Italian guy (Dominic Chianese). The situation is pretty much ripped off from “Indecent Proposal.” Toback's film is interesting outside of the plot, especially in the introductory sequence, which cuts back and forth between Campbell and Weller without telling us how they're connected. Through out this film we have some odd cameos thrown in by real people not really playing themselves, including Mike Tyson, Lori Singer, rapper Damon Dash, let alone writer/director James Toback himself playing the name-dropping Professor Hassan al-Ibrahim ben Rabinowitz. I believe Neve Campbell could have done better than this soft-core porn. In this story her character seemed to have it all, but yet still wanted to rebel and test the boundaries, and she needed the million dollars like a hole in the head, since the doting parents were already giving her everything she needed. I won't say how it ended, but it could have been done differently instead of it ending abruptly and unsatisfactorily. I agree with the some reviewers who said that the music was overdone and too loud. I think that was probably done on purpose, to cover up all the lame scenes that would have been horrifically boring otherwise without some sort of distraction. The only really watchable scene that caught my interest was with her and Dominic Chianese. The dialogue and acting during their scene was really interesting. Of course, if you've heard about this movie at all – and most have not, I think – it's because of Neve's naked body. She did the sex thing, and even the lesbian thing, way back in “Wild Things.” That was just barely a step above pornography. The year before that, Neve worked with Robert Altman, in a project which she herself initiated. I guess with “When Will I Be Loved,” she decided that, now that she's becoming a respectful actress, she had to do an art movie where she gets naked and makes out with a girl. In reality, this is about a step and a half above porn. Other than that it’s an interesting little film that has a good performance by Campbell and while this is not exactly riveting in terms of drama it does give fans of Toback another chance to view his unique talent.