Where the Buffalo Roam

Where the Buffalo Roam

Director: Art Linson Cast: Peter Boyle, Bill Murray, Bruno Kirby
4.3 3


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Where the Buffalo Roam 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Gonzo84 More than 1 year ago
I watched this film for the first time years ago and heard good things about it. The one problem then was that I was more of a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas fan than anything and I think my expectations were so high that I didn't think that this would be a tad different than that feature. So I was sort of disappointed, then again, I was young and just a relatively new Gonzo fan. I eventually bought the DVD and viewed the film once more and this time, with years and many books to add to my Thompson collection, I think I was more ready to view it with the right state of mind and was blown away with hysterical laughter. Now Fear and Loathing is my all time favorite film and Depps interpretation of Hunter is so dead on that upon my first viewing of this film, I was expecting the same style, but Depp and Murray are two different actors. Murray did the same research of his role as Depp did and spent a lenthy amount of time at Thompsons home in Woody Creek, CO. He dug so deep into the character that when Murray went back to Saturday Night Live, he couldn't shake it off and acted in Thompsons ways which bothered a lot of his cast mates. In the Documentary "Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride," Murray discribes how he called Depp when he got the role for Fear and Loathing and gave him more of a warning than a congradulations and told him to beware of that when you tap into Thompson and transform yourself into his psyche, that you'll never be able to shake it off for the rest of your life. So with this film, I can see that transformation of Murray into Thompson. The beginning of the film is more of a commercial Thompson in my mind and doesn't portray him well, which I think is the cause of my not liking the film the first viewing. After the first 10min, the trip starts and you are about to go on a wild ride. By the middle of the film, when Thompson arrives at the Super Bowl, his portrayl is top notch and maybe better than Depps version, I can see how Depp maybe used this film to get into his role as well. Peter Boyle plays the gloriously crazy Chicano Lawyer Oscar Acosta and plays him well. Like I've said though, Fear and Loathing is my favorite movie and I think Del Toro's performance is intensely amazing. This film jumps all around with Thompsons material, from the Super Bowl to the 72 Campaign Trail. Now the amount of drug consumption is ridiculous. To myself, after reading Hunter's material and reading about his life especially around the late 70s and early 80s and how many pills he popped into his system, this film very much so touches that point. Theres a chapter in the beginning of the film with Acosta defending a large number of people on trial for marijuana and brings a real sentimental feeling to the feature that gives good points on how ridiculous the judicial system and law and order can truely be. All in all, this film is a wonderful under-rated comedy and even though there are points in the film that are a little over the top, it is a Hunter S. Thompson feature. This is definitely perfect for any Gonzo fanatic.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is a first look at Hunter S. Thompson, and gives a better protrait of who the 'gonzo ' jornalist is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago