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Winter Stallion

Winter Stallion

Director: Peter Edwards

Cast: Sian McLean, Daniel J. Travanti, Lynette Davies


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[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Horses of Europe:; Horses of Camargue - In a wild region in the south of France, get a rare glimpse of ancient Europe and the Camargue horses, said to be descendents of the ponies that roamed through ancient Gaul; The Lipizzaners - They are ambassadors of the Austrian Republic cheered around the world. Learn the history of the world-renowned Lipizzaner Stallions, and observe how these magnificent creatures are trained to deport themselves as the noble breed they are

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Winter Stallion
1. Family Loss [7:05]
2. New Arrival [8:53]
3. Not for Sale [4:49]
4. Country Club [8:00]
5. Newborn [10:59]
6. Power Outage [8:25]
7. Solicitors [8:16]
8. Bad Memories [5:18]
9. Big Race [8:00]
10. The Truth [5:21]
11. Final Offer [16:53]
12. Merry Christmas [2:25]

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