Wrong  Rut / Birthright

Wrong Rut / Birthright

Director: Elmer Clifton, Ida Lupino Cast: Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle


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Wrong Rut / Birthright

Two "birth of a baby" exploitation pictures (though neither started out that way) are paired up on yet another double-feature DVD release from Something Weird Video. The Wrong Rut is a reissue title tacked onto Not Wanted (aka Streets of Sin), a sensitive and well-crafted drama (directed in part by an uncredited Ida Lupino), while Birthright was originally an educational film designed to encourage public health screening in the rural South. Both had childbirth footage added to them after the fact and played on the exploitation circuit for years following, and those are the versions included on this disc. Both movies have been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and while neither print is anywhere near pristine, given their age and the amount of mileage the prints likely have on them, they look quite respectable, and the transfers themselves look sharp and strong. Both features are in English, and the monophonic audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Stereo across two tracks; no subtitles or multiple language options have been included. Bonus materials on this disc include trailers for five "sex hygiene" features (including The Wrong Rut), two short subjects (Life Begins and Life and Its Secrecies), a pitch reel for the book The Art of Love (a paperback sex manual typical of the type sold at screenings of "educational" exploitation features), a gallery of art from similar books accompanied by an audio-only pitch used for play at drive-in engagements, and a radio interview with "Mister E.J. Shaefer" (a "hygiene commentator" promoting the film Slightly Damaged) accompanied by another slide show of exploitation graphics. Anyone interested in this little-explored side street of exploitation cinema will enjoy this typically overstuffed release from Something Weird, and both features are a cut above the usual standards for this genre.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/16/2006
UPC: 0014381243628
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Time: 2:23:00

Special Features

Original blackout roadshow trailer for the Wrong Rut; Bonus roadshow trailers for the Naked Truth, the Story of Bob and Sally, Twisted Lives, and the Wondrous Story of Birth!; Learn the intimate secrets of the facts of life in the Wrong Rut's official roadshow square-up reel, Life Begins!; See the miracle of birth up close and in your face in the Wrong Rut's official roadshow co-feature: Life and Its Secrecies!; Get a dollar ready to have "your sex problems solved" with the roadshow book-pitch for the Art of Love!; Gallery of roadshow pitch-books with Facts of Life intermission lecture!; Gallery of roadshow exploitation art with radio interview with Slightly Damaged mondo traveling roadshow sex hygienist Mr. E.J. Shaefer!

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Wrong Rut/Birthright
1. How Did I Get Here? [3:51]
2. Hit It [6:06]
3. Nice Kid [4:52]
4. Getting Serious [5:45]
5. Bad Idea [7:04]
6. Following Her Heart [3:42]
7. Miserably Ever After [9:16]
8. New Job [5:09]
9. Drawn to Drew [6:59]
10. With Child [4:50]
11. A New Home [4:04]
12. Surprise Visit [7:15]
13. Cesarian Section [2:02]
14. Cesarian Delivery (In Color) [3:26]
15. Tough Decision [4:43]
16. A Change of Heart [13:44]
1. Family Squabble [2:02]
2. Opening Titles [2:53]
3. Jake's Cafe [3:01]
4. One-Night Stand [2:15]
5. Complications [6:56]
6. Free Health Test Now! [5:19]
7. Bad News [5:59]
8. Everybody Makes Mistakes [4:44]
9. Time to Deliver [3:06]
10. Breech Birth [6:32]
11. Healthy Baby [1:59]
12. Premature Trip [4:57]

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