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Xena Warrior Princess: Season 3

Xena Warrior Princess: Season 3

4.8 16
Director: Andrew Merrifield, Charles Siebert, David Warry-Smith

Cast: Bruce Campbell

The complete third season of the cult fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess comes to DVD in this mammoth Collector's Edition set from Anchor Bay Entertainment. This boxed set contains all 22 episodes from season three (1997-1998), along with tons of bonus material. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround


The complete third season of the cult fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess comes to DVD in this mammoth Collector's Edition set from Anchor Bay Entertainment. This boxed set contains all 22 episodes from season three (1997-1998), along with tons of bonus material. Each episode is presented with a standard full-frame transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Each episode also has accompanying interview segments with some of the show's writers, producers, editors, set designers, and actors. The episodes "The Furies, "The Debt, "One Against an Army, and "The Bitter Suite" have accompanying audio and video commentaries from Elizabeth Friedman, Lucy Lawless, Hudson Leick, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Steven L. Sears, R.J. Stewart, and Robert Tapert. The final disc in the set contains the two-part season finale episode Sacrifice, along with alternate scenes, a retrospective, documentary, and blooper reel. Also contains special CD-ROM material with bios, trivia, production designs, and director's notes. Recommended for Xenites everywhere.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This enormously popular fantasy series really hit its stride in the third season (1997-98) with a string of neatly written, emotion-packed episodes in which the bond between Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her companion, Gabrielle (Renée O'Connor), was stretched almost to the breaking point. "The Furies" gets the third year off to a rousing start, with Xena's recurring adversary, the god Ares (Kevin Smith), arranging for her to be driven insane. Later, episodes such as "King of Assassins," a showcase for the secondary character Joxer (Ted Raimi), retained the lighthearted aspect that initially endeared Xena to fans. So, too, does "Been There, Done That" -- the show's well-received version of Groundhog Day. Still, it is the seven-installment arc that has Gabrielle on an emotional roller coaster that largely distinguishes this season from earlier ones. Over the course of this extended story line, Gabrielle gives birth to a baby girl, the "Daughter of Darkness," whom Xena sees as a child of disaster. The relationship between the two women is edgy during this period, but eventually it strengthens as a result of the tests they face together. Season 3 also contains one of the show's most popular episodes, "The Bitter Suite," in which star Lawless shows off her sensational singing voice. Although the action content is not neglected, the ’97-'98 shows are more noteworthy for their development of the leading characters, and many Xena devotees believe this group represents the high point of the series.

Product Details

Release Date:
Starz / Anchor Bay
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Video and audio commentaries from actors Lucy Lawless, Hudson Leick, Renee O'Connor, and Ted Raimi, executive producer/writer Steven L. Sears, executive producer/writer R.J. Stewart, and creator/executive producer Robert Tapert, and producer Elizabeth Friedman; cast-and-crew interviews including Lawless, Leick, O'Connor, Raimi; Tapert; Stewart, Sears cinematographer Donald Duncan, set designer Robert Gillies, and director Oley Sassone; 30-minute retrospective featurette on the episode "Sacrifice - Part I & II"; blooper reel; photo gallery of favorite Xena characters, beasts and demons; ; a library of never-before-seen footage including deleted, alternate and recently discovered scenes; CD-ROM features including actor, director, and writer biographies, series trivia, character guidebook, interactive games, original production designs and sketches, plus director's notes and storyboards.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucy Lawless Xena,Meg,Leah
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle,Hope
Bruce Campbell Autolycus,Auolycus
Hudson Leick Callisto
Darien Takle Cyrene
Douglas Kamo Dorian
Gina Torres Cleopatra
Jacqueline Kim Lao Ma
Jon Brazier Tarsus
Karl Urban Julius Caesar
Kevin Smith Ares
Peter Feeney Caswallawn
Ted Raimi Joxer
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite
Charles Mesure Darnelle
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Boadicea
John O'Leary Adar
Mark Clare Eochaid
Marton Csokas Borias,Khrafstar
Matthew Chamberlain Crassus
Nick Kemplen Phiddipides
Patrick Fabian Rafe
Asa Lindh Alceto
Cameron Rhodes Eldon
Grant McFarland Ming Tzu
Jeremy Callaghan Pompey
Katrina Hobbs Glaphyra
Robert Harte Goewin

Technical Credits
Andrew Merrifield Director
Bruce Campbell Director
Charles Siebert Director
David Warry-Smith Director
Gilbert M. Shilton Director
Janet Greek Director
John Laing Director
Oley Sassone Director
Paul Lynch Director
Rick Jacobson Director
Robert Ginty Director
Robert Tapert Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. I Didn't Mean to Do That [7:27]
2. Appalled by Her Crime [6:25]
3. I Killed Xena's Father [6:04]
4. The Avenging Party [12:01]
5. Stronger Than Before [11:22]
1. Rise & Shine Everyone [6:37]
2. Casca!!! [9:51]
3. Maybe It's the Rooster [8:22]
4. Never in Time [7:30]
5. Seize the Day [9:57]
1. Chances Are You'll Die [4:20]
2. I'm Gonna Kill Her [8:44]
3. Your Plan Fails [9:42]
4. Agathon Offered Cash [7:38]
5. Not Bad Odds [12:54]
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. I'm Going With You [6:32]
2. Not a Total Loss [10:18]
3. One More Thing [8:05]
4. Innocence Lost [10:09]
5. Everything's Changed [9:15]
1. The Chosen One [6:22]
2. What's Going On? [8:51]
3. Child of Darkness [8:37]
4. We've Got Trouble [8:28]
5. Please... Be Good [11:00]
1. The One I'm Gonna Kill [5:39]
2. That's My Piece of Meat [16:01]
3. Family Values [8:26]
4. A Remarkable Woman [5:04]
5. I'm Sorry Xena [8:46]
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. This One's Mine [3:49]
2. Her Powers Were Real [10:50]
3. The Sentence Is Death [7:52]
4. That's the Debt [12:14]
5. I Made Him Small Again [9:31]
1. Count On It [4:25]
2. A Dumb Plan [10:28]
3. Getting Back on Track [11:03]
4. All Part of the Plan [5:48]
5. Same Ol' Same Ol' [11:35]
1. This Is Almost Too Good [7:43]
2. Do I Capture Her Essence? [8:05]
3. Who Can You Trust [8:31]
4. Onward Virgin Soldiers [8:55]
5. You Told Them Not to Swallow!! [10:04]
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Gabrielle Awoke With a Jerk [7:48]
2. Wipeout [8:32]
3. To the Caves [11:44]
4. Is That the Sign? [6:44]
5. Writing Action [8:59]
1. A Brighter Future [4:17]
2. Fayla [7:35]
3. She's Not Working Alone [7:14]
4. The Safest Place There Is [9:21]
5. Because of You [15:51]
1. Where's Gabrielle? [6:40]
2. Vengeance!!! [5:14]
3. Peace-War [11:15]
4. It's Your Fault [8:26]
5. I'll Always Love You [12:37]
Side #5 -- Disc 5
1. Wrong Foot [4:21]
2. Fight or Take Refuge [7:44]
3. How 'Bout That Armory [10:06]
4. Until the Other Side [11:24]
5. Go Home [8:44]
1. The Urn of Apollo [7:07]
2. You Don't Trust Me! [6:39]
3. I Sleep Next to Xena [9:36]
4. Charades [10:44]
5. You Are Forgiven [9:40]
1. Mr. Lucky [6:49]
2. Let's Roll [10:30]
3. Poor Guy [8:03]
4. A Little Inside Help [6:49]
5. You're the King [12:04]
Side #6 -- Disc 6
1. Front Row Seat [6:58]
2. Divide & Conquer [6:12]
3. Roman Finery [9:37]
4. One Obsession [6:45]
5. The Imperial Ring [14:46]
1. The Temple of Mnemosyne [5:20]
2. The River of Wailing [9:09]
3. River of Woe [8:54]
4. There to Help [9:30]
5. Welcome Home [9:53]
1. We're Going Fishing [5:59]
2. Fighting Fish [10:06]
3. A Little Peace & Quiet [10:05]
4. You're Beautiful When You're Angry [7:39]
5. That's a Promise [9:27]
Side #7 -- Disc 7
1. Palm Reader's Prediction [4:52]
2. We've Changed Course [7:30]
3. We're Going Down [8:28]
4. How Do You Vote? [10:07]
5. Just Another Average Day [13:16]
1. Pax Is Gone [5:54]
2. Myopia the Fence [8:19]
3. The Former King of Thieves [11:33]
4. His Way [6:57]
5. Second Best [10:04]
1. That's My Friend [5:39]
2. It's About Hope [7:41]
3. Nightey-Night [14:49]
4. Gabrielle's Burden [9:09]
5. Rebirth of the Goddess [5:59]
Side #8 -- Disc 8
1. Speaking From Experience [7:43]
2. Not Like Your Mother [8:42]
3. Here's Your Chance [8:26]
4. Congratulations, Grandma [6:37]
5. No More Living for You [12:53]

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4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
During the third season, 'Xena' became a lot darker and is remembered as one of the best seasons because of it. Heart-wrenching moments such as Gabrielle's rape, the death of xena's beloved son Solon and the infamous 'Gab-drag' sequence are all factors in the popularity of the season. This boxset puts together the entirity of the season with a plethora of special features including video commentaries with the stars; Lucy Lawless, Reneé o'connor and Hudson Leick to name but a few; featurettes on the gripping season finale 'Sacrifice,' Photo Galleries, a poignant tribute to the late Kevin Smith who portrayed the war god Ares are but some of the huge multitude of features, previously unavailable. Whether you are a hardcore Xena fan or simply a casual viewer, this set is an essential part of any collection. Beautifully displayed and brimming with special features this is easily the best collection of Xena episodes ever!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season Three, a third of which was devoted to the controversial 'Rift' episodes, may have caused the most debate in fan circles. For some(like myself), these were the shows that turned mere fans into serious nutballs. Visually, the jewels of this set have to be the two-part 'The Debt' and the musical 'Bitter Suite'-- both directed by Oley Sassone. As for writing, it was the freelancers who shone this season: Hilary Bader providing what might be the funniest comedy, 'Been There, Done That,' as well as one of the best clip shows, 'Forget Me Not'; Gene O'Neill & Noreen Tobin giving us 'One Against An Army'--the post-Rift reaffirmation of Xena & Gabrielle's friendship. Fine acting by the two leads: Renee O'Connor's Gabrielle grows up the hard way, emerging-- quite movingly-- towards season's end as an equal to her hero; Lucy Lawless gets to show off her versatility, while Xena moves through some truly humbling & tragic experiences. Amid fine performances by the regular guest stars, Kevin Smith gave some of his best performances as Ares, notably in 'The Furies' and 'Forget Me Not'. Sadly, there was no guest apperance of Salmoneus this season. Aside from the bonus material-- and there's an abundance-- one advantage of an entire season on DVD, is not having to wait an entire week to see the second part of the various paired episodes. So they'd better hurry with the Season Four set (subtle spoiler for the Season Three finale)...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season Three is a particular favorite of mine. If you want seriousness and a plot here it is, if you want comedy and a plot here it is. The stories range from comedic antics of Xena being driven insane (The Furies), to Xena recruiting a gang of misfits to regain control of inpenetrable armor (Dirty Half Dozen), to the emergence of the dreaded Hope, Dajok's daughter (Gabrielle's Hope). This is definitely one of the most action packed sets; it includes episodes where Hope and Solan meet (Maternal Instinct), Callisto returns as well as a major production of singing and dancing (the Bitter Suite). The episode titles are as follows:

#:Xena: Warrior Princess - The Furies

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Dirty Half Dozen

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Deliverer

# Xena: Warrior Princess - Gabrielle's Hope

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Debt, Part 1

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Debt, Part 2

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The King of Assassins

# Xena: Warrior Princess - Warrior...Priestess...Tramp

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Quill Is Mightier...

# Xena: Warrior Princess - The Bitter Suite # Xena: Warrior Princess - One Against an Army

# Xena: Warrior Princess - King Con

# Xena: Warrior Princess - When in Rome...

# Xena: Warrior Princess - Vanishing Act

# Xena: Warrior Princess - Sacrifice, Part 1

# Xena: Warrior Princess - Sacrifice, Part 2

Guest More than 1 year ago
An evil daughter, musicals and comedy galore, and a brief visit to China. These are just some of the things you will experience in the episodes of what just might be the best season of Xena yet. If you love Xena, you owe it to yourself to check out this box set. Haven't watched a single episode? Well, now is a great place to start.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just love it! It is the coolest show I've ever seen!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hello to all who are intersted in the mighty warrior princess. Season three was a very dark season,it begins with a very horrible trick to get Xena back into his arms with ares in the epsiode:The Furies. It also brings forth the child birth of Gabrielle and her little girl hope, the child of Dahak.Xena travels to many lands in this season many known to us. The great land of Egypt where she meets Cleopatra and back to Rome where Caesar just can't stop his rampage. Which brings us closer to the pivotal musical in the Bitter Suite. Where xena and Gabrielle have to learn to forgive each other for past mistakes. It even has a little humor mixed in with all the mayhem can you say the quill is mightier....The season finale gets deeper as to where Hope is back and causing more trouble then before, what will the Warrior Princess do. Find out next in Season three of Xena the Warrior Princess.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Passion, jealousy, love, hatred, strengths, weaknesses, persistence, devotion, understanding, joy, sadness, longing, innocence, and betrayal¿ these are some words that describe the characters and the events that took place in this not-to-be-missed season 3 of Xena. In this season of ¿Xena: Warrior Princess¿ the audience journeys with the heroic adventures of Xena and her trusted friend, Gabrielle, as they battle the forces of evil and triumphed with their strength, understanding, and love for each other. The betrayal of the two heroines presented conflict in their relationship, but they were able to work through their differences and join force to battle and defeat gods and demigods to protect the innocent and fight for peace in ancient Greece. This season also revealed the mystery of Gabrielle¿s unborn child, which brought an answer to the viewers¿ question and concern. Simply put, these classic and adventurous 22 episodes of the third season certainly satisfied all Xena fans worldwide! Starting out this season with ¿The Furies¿, the viewers examine Xena¿s paternity and issue concerns and questions. We also see Xena¿s comedic side as she is driven crazy by the Furies and acts most unbecoming of her. She has great comedic timing, which we can appreciate in further episodes such as ¿Warrior¿Priestess¿Tramp¿ in which Lucy plays three different look-alike characters. Included in this season was also ¿The Bitter Suite¿, which is a musical journey that explores the pain and healing after the death of Xena¿s son and her betrayal by Gabrielle. I truly enjoyed this episode because of its uniqueness and that it showcases Lucy amazing singing voice. I also enjoyed ¿The Debt¿ and ¿The Debt II¿ because of its complex, yet collective fighting sequence. As for the dramatic season finale episodes ¿Sacrifice¿ and ¿Sacrifice II¿, I was overwhelmed with excitement and thrill. The end brings to a tragic end with the death of Gabrielle, but the viewer has to wonder whether this was the end of her character or not. Once again, we are kept on the edge of our seats wanting even more! The season three DVD of Xena has been claimed as the most exclusive yet and loaded with bonus features. It includes interviews with the Actresses/Actors, Producers, Editors, Writers, and Set Designers: Donald Duncan, Robert Gillies, Lucy Lawless, Hudson Leick, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi; Oley Sassone, Steven L. Sears, R.J. Stewart, and Alexandra Tydings. I love this feature simply because it was very informative and even funny, at times. It is very interesting to see the actors talk about their roles and the storylines. Also, the various producers and directors comments give excellent and insightful background on what were the intentions behind an episode, the complexities and challenges involved in getting it done, and their perception on whether or not the attempted vision was successful or not. This excellent DVD box set even includes never before seen footage of deleted, alternate, and recently discovered scenes! These features are also the most enjoyable and most watched for any fans of a show. They present several perspectives of how the story could have developed and they intrigue the viewers. Similarly, the blooper reels are hilarious and so worth watching. They show the ¿human side¿ of these ¿supernatural¿ actors/actresses and I love it so much. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the photo gallery, which shows a beautiful retrospective of the characters of Xena. Overall, season three was probably the most controversial year of the show, especially for fans of sidekick Gabrielle. Gradually through seven loosely-related episodes: ¿The Deliverer¿, ¿Gabrielle¿s Hope¿, ¿Maternal Instincts¿, and a pair of two-parters, ¿The Debt¿ and ¿Sacrifice¿, the writers of the show put this character through just about every form of extreme pain imaginable. It was physical, emotional, mental, and moral anguish. The character was fully
Guest More than 1 year ago
Can you believe it!!! 9 dvds in one single set! Some of the most beloved episodes like 'been there done that', 'deliverer', and 'The debt part 1 and 2'. Action Packed, Drama Filled! What more can you ask for! But wait they do give you more! Commentary, bloopers, deleted scenes! Getr while you can!
Guest More than 1 year ago
On February 10, 2004 the 3rd season of Xena is being released on DVD: pre-order the DVD NOW (online or off) Even though you are reaching for the change page button, STOP!!!!!! In your heart of hearts, you know you love the show. Whereas you don't have to announce it to the world, everyone is entitled to secrets after all. Besides, what's not to love: scantily clad ladies, bare chested hunks, leather, fighting, drinking, animals, drama, comedy, romance, even some horror. This series has it all. Plus kids can even watch it. And besides, what goes on in the comfort of your own home -- who besides you has to know, plus it isn't even illegal. The third season of Xena combines all of these elements, plus the series had worked out most of the kinks by now and ran smooth. As always drama and laughs abound, got some special surprises too. Come on, set yourself free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Own Xena on DVD. You can start enjoying life again..............yep, help fill the void the finale left in all of us..........best of all you can get a fix almost anytime you want...as long as your DVD/TV are working. A season not to be missed or you may receive a jab, you know the one 'I've just cut off the blood flow to your brain, you will be dead soon, so' better get Xena on DVD quick.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi everyone the Xena season 3 on DVD was realeased on 10th Feb. The 3rd season is the most memorable and best crafted, including: the season opener, The Furies, wherein Xena's recurring foil, the god Ares, has her driven insane; Been There, Done That. The video details are crisp and the colors vivid. All things considered, this is probably as good of a transfer as Xena will ever get, sharper and easier on the eyes than most action TV programs, and, for that matter, looking better than it originally appeared during on television. The sound is on Dolby 5.1. Season three also has more than nine hours of new material. Each of the 22 episodes has an Interview segment with comments from writers, producers, actors and sometimes all three. Several standout programs -- including The Furies, The Debt, One Against An Army and The Bitter Suite -- also have full-blown voice-over commentary following throughout the episode.There is also a documentary which includes a short tribute to the late Kevin Smith, who played Ares. There's more than enough in this set to please everyone who cares about the show . Just go and get your copy before they disappears from the shelf. Believe me it¿s worth the money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Xena rocks along with everyone else in this season. But all the seasons are great. Get them all on DVD!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Show was a favorite and the weapons looked cool especially Xena's circle Chakram throwing sharp knife looking weapon.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Best Bonus' of any dvd out there - commentary on each disk - Entertainment Value was Excellent - The best part of the movie was the commentary plus 8 minute reviews on every episode by cast and crew - great idea - Fabulous price - would pay $100 or more - Season One didn't have commentary but I understand it was recorded by the actors, producers and directors - I hope they can offer the Season One commentary on a future set - I can't wait for season 4 to come out
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would have to say Xena Warrior Princess Season 3 is about the best season ever. Season 3 has some emmy award winning, fan favorite episodes such as, 'Maternal Instincts,' 'The Debt' and 'Bitter Suite,' which keeps fans and first timers watching again and again. This season takes Xena Warrior Princess to a whole new level. In this season the mystery of Gabrielle's unborn child is revealed, betrayal between the two heros causes havoc in their relationship, and together Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle battle barbarians, overcome oppressors and defeat demigods to protect the innocent and fight for peace in ancient Greece. Xena Warrior Princess is being released in stores on February 10th, 2004. I'm telling you this season isn't a season you would won't to miss.
Guest More than 1 year ago
And again and again thanks to this superb dvd set..Season 3 is definitely not to be missed tons of extras including deleted scenes, more cast interviews including the beautiful Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor also Ted Raimi...Crew interviews including the sensational Steven Sears...A too funny blooper reel, photo gallery, direct access screen you name it this great 9 disc dvd set has it..the most surprising thing no matter how many extras are included the price never goes up..this is a blast from the past not to be missed!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago