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Xena: Warrior Princess: the Complete Series

Xena: Warrior Princess: the Complete Series

Bruce Campbell
Director: Allison Liddi, Andrew Merrifield, Anson Williams
Cast: Bruce Campbell
Allison Liddi, Andrew Merrifield, Anson Williams,
Xena: Warrior Princess: the Complete Series

Xena: Warrior Princess: the Complete Series

Bruce Campbell
Director: Allison Liddi, Andrew Merrifield, Anson Williams
Cast: Bruce Campbell
Allison Liddi, Andrew Merrifield, Anson Williams,


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Created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert, the New Zealand-filmed Xena: Warrior Princess was a spin-off of the tongue-in-cheek "sword and sorcery" series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. As introduced on Hercules, Xena (Lucy Lawless) was a fierce and formidable villainess, the leader of a vast army bent on destruction and devastation. There was some justification for this: As a child, Xena had witnessed the destruction of her home village and the brutal murder of her brother at the hands of a despotic warlord. At first forming her army to protect other peasants like herself, she became consumed with a lust for power and was soon conquering for the sake of being the conqueror. But through her association with the virtuous Hercules, Xena experienced an epiphany, casting off her former evil ways and devoting the rest of her life to making amends to her victims and protecting the innocent -- a task complicated by the many enemies she had made during her Warrior Princess years, who neither forgave nor forgot, and by the unsavory alliances she had forged during those same years. No sooner had Xena "seen the light" than she rescued the citizens of a village besieged by yet another evil warlord. Among those saved was young and beautiful Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), an aspiring "bard" (writer and artist) who became Xena's constant companion, first because she idolized the former warrior princess and was eager to experience adventure first-hand, but ultimately because she was Xena's devoted friend and confidant. In the course of the series' six seasons, Xena and Gabrielle journeyed through Greece, Italy, Scandanavia, Africa, India, and China, with side trips to the Underworld -- ruled by Xena's erstwhile crony Hades -- and to the future, in which the two heroines found themselves in reincarnated form. Predicated on the theory that anything is possible in a fantasy series, both Xena and Gabrielle were "killed" and "resurrected" on several occasions, and both bore children who grew up to become their nemeses: Xena's daughter Eve (Adrienne Wilkinson) reached adulthood as the much-feared warrior queen Livia, the lover of war god Ares (Kevin Smith), while Gabrielle's offspring Hope (Amy Morrison), whose father was "force of darkness" Dahak, would have to be killed at her mother's hand in order to save Mankind (Xena also had reason to despise Hope; it was she who killed Xena's long-estranged son, Solon). In one memorable instance, Xena briefly assumed the form of another woman -- a metamorphosis necessitated by a real-life accident which sidelined Lucy Lawless for several weeks. Lest this all sound a bit grim and morbid, it must be noted that the series, like its predecessor, Hercules, had a healthy, irreverent sense of humor, as encapsulated by the light-hearted "disclaimers" which appeared at the end of each episode. There was also time to spoof such modern-day phenomena as beauty contests, spaghetti Westerns, Danny Kaye films, theme parks, pro wrestling, Broadway musicals, and even such TV shows as You Are There and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There was also a cheerily contemptuous disregard for the time line of "real" history, with Xena and Gabrielle crossing the paths of Julius Caesar, Ulysses, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, David and Goliath, Brunnhilde, and many other past "celebrities," both genuine and imaginary. Generally, the series' jocular treatment of Myth, Mysticism, Religion, and Reality was accepted in the spirit in which it was intended; but on one occasion, an angry protest from a Hindu extremist group obliged the producers to remove the fourth season episode "The Way" from the series' rerun package. Of Xena's many recurring characters, the best known and most often seen included Xena and Gabrielle's clumsy, wannabe warrior friend Joxer (Ted Raimi); Xena's mortal enemy, the blonde female warrior Callisto (Hudson Leick); troublesome traveling salesman Salmoneus (Robert Trebor); self-proclaimed king of thieves Autolycus (Bruce Campbell); Amazon princess Ephiny (Danielle Cormack), who enabled Gabrielle to join her all-female tribe; teenaged Amazon Amarice (Jennifer Sky), who became to Gabrielle what Gabrielle was to Xena; healer and shaman Eli (Timothy Omundson), Gabrielle's spiritual mentor; and an impressive array of "immortals," including the aforementioned Ares and Hades, goddess of love Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings), sea deity Poseidon (Charles Siebert, who also directed several episodes), and the puckish Cupid (Karl Urban, who also played Julius Caesar). And, of course, the star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Kevin Sorbo, made a few courtesy calls on Xena. Syndicated in the U.S. beginning September 15, 1995, Xena: Warrior Princess was subsequently telecast in practically every English-speaking country in the world, then went on to virtually every other country where television existed.

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Release Date: 05/17/2016
UPC: 0025192346651
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Sales rank: 19,524

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucy Lawless Xena,Meg,Melinda Papus,Princess Diana,Annie,Leah
Hudson Leick Xena,Callisto
Michael Hurst Nevil,Iolaus
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle,Janice Covington,Hope,Dr. Mattie Merrill
Bruce Campbell Autolycus,Auolycus
Ted Raimi Joxer,Jacques S'Er (aka Jack Kleinman),Hagar,Jace
Aaron Devitt Lyceus
Adrienne Wilkinson Eve,Eve/Livia
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite
Alison Bruce Kahina,Melosa
Bobby Hosea Marcus
Brittney Powell Brunnhilda
Claire Stansfield Alti,Alexis Los Alamos
Danielle Cormack Ephiny,Samsara
Darien Takle Cyrene
David Ackroyd Anteus
David de Lautour Lief,Icus
David Taylor Solan
Dean O'Gorman Orion
Douglas Kamo Dorian,Sullus
Ebonie Smith M'Lila
Galyn Gorg Helen
George Henare Hidsim
Gina Torres Cleopatra
Iain Rea Philemon
Jacqueline Kim Lao Ma
Jay Lagai'aia Draco
Jennifer Sky Amarice
Jennifer Ward-Lealand Zehra,Boadicea
Jenya Lano Mavican
Jeremy Callaghan Palaemon,Pompey
Jeremy Roberts Aidan,Thersites
Joe Berryman Senticles
John D'Aquino Ulysses
Jon Bennett Marc Antony
Jon Brazier Tarsus
Joseph Kell Toris
Karen Dior Miss Artiphys
Karl Urban Julius Caesar,Cupid,Maell
Kate Hodge Celesta
Kathryn Morris Najara
Katrina Browne Thalassa
Kevin Smith Ares
Kevin Sorbo Hercules
Mark Rafferty Hyperion,Arkel
Marton Csokas Borias,Lord Belach,Khrafstar
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Pandora
Melinda Clarke Velasca
Murray Keane Hower
Nathaniel Lee Manus
Nick Kokotakis Darius
Paris Jefferson Athena
Paul Glover Menticles
Peter Feeney Caswallawn
Ray Woolf Marmax
Robert Trebor Salmoneus
Selma Blair Utma
Shiri Appleby Tara
Tim Omundson Eli
Tim Thomerson Meleagor,Meleagor the Mighty
Todd Rippon Goliath,Macon
Tom Atkins Atrius
Tsianina Joelson Varia
Vicky Pratt Cyane
William Gregory Lee Virgil
Alex Reekers Maya
Alexander Campbell Miklan
Alexandra Rydings Aphrodite
Alison Wall Minya
Amanda Tollemache Thea
Amy Morrison Hope
Anthony Starr David
Beth Allen Vanesa/Pilee
Bill Johnson Benitar
Campbell Cooley Euraylus,Licinus
Charles Keating Zeus
Charles Mesure Darnelle,Mercer
Charles Siebert Sisyphus
Charmaine Guest Greba
Chris Bailey Apex
Craig Muller Pasicus
Craig Parker Bellerophon
Daren Takle Cyrene
David Aston Tyldus
David Franklin Brutus
Desmond Kelly Elkton
Edward Newborn King Gregor
Erik Thomson Hades
Graham Moore Polonius
Ian Harcourt Rubio
Jeffrey Thomas Cycnus
John O'Leary Adar
Joseph Murray Neron
Katie Stuart Genia
Kevin J. Wilson Xerxes
Marie Matiko Pao Ssu,Pao Tsu,K'ao Hsin
Mark Clare Eochaid
Matthew Chamberlain Crassus,Orpheus
Mervyn Smith Dorus,Gar
Mfundo Morrison Arman
Michael Lawrence Cortese
Michelle Ang Akemi
Monica McSwain Olan
Nick Kemplen Phiddipides
Nigel Harbrow Basculis,Koulos
Norman Forsey King Lias
Patrick Fabian Rafe
Paul Willis Atyminius
Peter Daube Petracles
Peter McCauley Talmadeus
Peter Muller Dustinus Hoofmanus
Peter Vere-Jones King Silvus
Rachel Blakely Penelope
Rajiv Varma Krishna
Rawiri Paratene Tazere
Ray Henwood Sisyphus
Renato Bartolomei Beowulf
Robert Harte Maphias,Goewin
Rose McIver Daphne
Roy Snow Dach
Sandy Winton Prince Morloch
Scott Garrison Perdicas
Shelley Edwards Cyane
Stephen Lovatt Phlanagus,Kirilus
Stephen Tozer Mezentius,Thadeus
Tharini Mudaliar Naiyima
Tony Blackett Judge Arbus
Willa O'Neill Lila
William Kircher Captain
Ajay Vasisht Acklin
Alan Palmer Pharis
Alex Mendoza Lucifer
Alexander Petersons Odin
Alisha Wall Clea
Andrew Thurtell Twickenham
Anthony Ray Parker Bacchus,Mephistopholes
Asa Lindh Alceto
Brett Coutts Micah
Calvin Tuteao Dagan
Cameron Rhodes Deophobus,Eldon
Christopher Mayer Peranis
Christopher Ryan Zantara
Colin Moy Galantis
Craig Ancill Milo
David Te Rare Marat
Deverick Williams Tybelius
Donogh Rees Chi'ah
Edward Campbell Crius
Gillian Iliana Waters Amoria
Grant Bridger Sinteres
Grant McFarland Ming Tzu
Jake McKinnon Hanuman
Jan Hellriegel Priestess of Mnemosyne
John Freeman Promethus
John Sumner Lord Claron
John Wielemaker Djindar Alpha Male
Jon Gadsby Lachrymose
Jonathan Hendry Ness
Katrina Hobbs Glaphyra
Ken McGregor Akteon
Kirstie O'Sullivan Gwyn-Tier
Lawrence Makoare Maecenus
Leslie Wing Karas
Mac Jeffrey Ong Kenji
Mark Warren Octavius Caesar
Meighan Desmond Discord
Merva Smith Head Villager
Monroe Reimers Vikram
Morgan Reese Fairhead Eris
Natalie Duggan Artemis' Priestess Tira
Nathaniel Lees Nicklio
Nicola Cliff Jana
Noel Coutts Gasgar
Owen Black Korah
Paul Gittins Kaleipus
Sela Apera Queen Marga
Sheri Booth Melana
Simon Farthing Democritus
Simon Prast Nemos
Stephen Hall Hector
Stephen Papps See'er
Stuart Turner Sphaerus
Syd Jackson Storekeeper,Vidalus
Tamati Rice Garel
Tanea Heke Ersina
Taungaroa Emile Frankus
Timothy Lee Acestus
Tom Raby Meticles
Tony Todd Cecrops
William B. Davis Malik
Willy De Wit Zagreas

Technical Credits
Allison Liddi Director
Andrew Merrifield Director
Anson Williams Director
Bruce Campbell Director
Bruce Seth Green Director
Charles Siebert Director
Charlie Haskell Director
Chris Martin-Jones Director
Christopher Graves Director
David Warry-Smith Director
Doug Lefler Director
Eric Brevig Director
Garth Maxwell Director
Gary Jones Director
Gilbert M. Shilton Director
Harley Cokeliss Director
Jace Alexander Director
Janet Greek Director
John Cameron Director
John Fawcett Director
John Laing Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Josh Becker Director
Ken Girotti Director
Marina Sargenti Director
Mario di Leo Director
Mark Beesley Director
Michael Hurst Director
Michael Levine Director
Oley Sassone Director
Patrick Norris Director
Paul Grinder Director
Paul Lynch Director
Philip J. Sgriccia Director
Renee O'Connor Director
Rick Jacobson Director
Robert Ginty Director
Robert Tapert Director
Stephen L. Posey Director
Stewart Main Director
T.J. Scott Director

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